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Stuck in a fitness rut? Hybrid workouts are mixing things up in the wellness world right now – fusing different disciplines together to please cardio junkies and devoted yogis alike. We did some sweating to find the top ten classes in the capital…

Another Space Mash-Ups

Where? AnotherSpace, Covent Garden

Exercises? HIIT & Cycle, Cycle & Yoga or HIIT & Yoga

What... Put your fitness to the test with a killer 90-minute session at Another_Space – whether you opt for a HIIT and cycle session, cycle and yoga or HIIT and yoga, you’ll continue to burn calories for hours post-class to help you achieve a leaner, more toned frame.

Visit AnotherSpace.London


Barrecore Stretch

Where? Barrecore studios nationwide

Exercises? Stretching and foam rolling

What... While working up a sweat is still high on the agenda, thrashing yourself day-in, day-out is not. If tight hamstrings and tense shoulders are hindering your HIIT, try Barrecore’s bliss-inducing Stretch session, which will leave you feeling lithe and limber once again.



Glow Yoga

Where? Good Vibes, Covent Garden

Exercises? Yoga meets wellbeing

What... Boost winter wellbeing with a Glow Yoga class at the recently relaunched Good Vibes. With the studio heated by infrared, with SAD lighting to improve mood, you’ll leave with a spring in your step and a lit-from-within glow.



Hip-Hop Hot Yoga

Where? ONE LDN, Tower Hill

Exercises? Cardio meets yoga for non-yogis

What... The UK’s first ever hip-hop yoga class, this 50-minute session is the ultimate mix of music, heat (infrared heat is used to warm the studios to 35 degrees to maximise flexibility) and vinyasa flow to tone and strengthen every muscle.




Where? Form Studios, Notting Hill

Exercises? Pilates, Barre, dance, TRX and kettlebells rolled into one.

What... The signature METcore is a full-body workout – part TRX, part circuits and part reformer Pilates – and you’ll do the whole thing standing on one leg on what looks like a foam roller. It’ll take a strong core to keep you upright but after a few sessions, your balance will be better and your bum noticeably perter.



Paola’s Body Barre

Where? Various locations

Exercises? Ballet, yoga and Pilates

What... A non-stop ballet-inspired class with a cult celeb following, Paola’s Body Barre incorporates Pilates moves to help elongate, isolate and target specific muscles for lean legs, toned arms and killer abs.



Signature Hybrid

Where? PHIIT London, Fulham

Exercises? Pilates and HIIT

What... New kid on the block PHIIT specialises in HIIT-inspired Pilates to strengthen the entire body and tone muscles you didn’t even know you had. Try its signature Hybrid class, which combines cardio with resistance training.




Where? Heartcore Notting Hill

Exercises? Spinning and yoga

What... For a cardio and mindfulness hit, this hybrid class has you covered. Combining 30 minutes of hardcore spin to boost endorphins, followed by 30 minutes of strengthening and stretching yoga, this is an ideal class for those who struggle not to clock watch during hour-long sessions of one discipline.



Sweat X

Where? Third Space

Exercises? HIIT interval training and treadmill sprints

What... Prepare to work up a sweat with the aptly named Sweat X, Third Space’s latest offering which incorporates treadmill sprints, resistance work and hill running with battle ropes, kettlebells and step machines for a full-body workout. Expect to burn up to 1,000 calories per session.

Visit ThirdSpace.London



Where? Various locations

Exercises? HIIT meets aqua aerobics

What... An aquatic riff on the world-famous Insanity workout, SwimSanity proves HIIT doesn’t have to be land-based. The drag of the water will add resistance to already challenging cardio moves, whittling the body into a lithe powerhouse.



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