The John Lewis Christmas Advert Is Here |
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The Coca Cola truck of the modern age, John Lewis’ Christmas advert officially signals the start of the festive season each year – and 2017’s has just been released. Months in the making, shrouded in secrecy and now available for your viewing pleasure, here’s everything you wanted to know…

What’s the advert about?

Filmed by Oscar-winning director Michel Gondry (the genius behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) the two-minute ad tells the story of a little boy called Joe who discovers a noisy monster living under his bed. He's pretty miffed at first, but he soon befriends the 7ft imaginary beast, called Moz The Monster. The only problem is their late night sessions keep Joe up all night and he can't stop falling asleep during the day.  We won’t spoil the end of the advert for you but, in typical John Lewis style, it’s pretty touching and a bit of a tear jerker.

The song in the advert sounds familiar…

The tune playing in the advert is a cover of The Beatles classic Golden Slumbers, by British rock band Elbow. Expect to see it climbing the charts.

Can you buy Moz The Monster?

You certainly can. John Lewis has just launched a whole range of Moz The Monster products for little ones – including plush soft toys, fun books, Christmas pyjamas and some truly spectacular slippers. They’ve also created an online Monster Maker, where you can play with Moz The Monster, take selfies with him and create artistic ‘Monster Masterpieces’.

Will you be able to meet him?

You can meet Moz The Monster at John Lewis Oxford Street – aka Moz The Monster’s house – so be sure to head down there to find his secret hiding places…

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