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From relationship to career goals, keep scrolling to find out what’s in store for you this month with astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions...

Aries 21 March – 20 April

When seeking the truth in any situation, you rarely miss a trick… But too much detective work early on could make some people feel they’re under scrutiny. You may need to keep your impatience in check, and a little negotiation will help a fantasy become reality by the 14th. Making headway at work can be elusive at times, yet even by exploring vaguer ideas, your objectives will start to crystallise. And during this party season you’ll definitely bask in all the attention, but try not to overestimate one flirtation. Before Christmas takes off you must check the small print in offers to ensure they deliver. Money matters can be confusing, but guidance is at hand: after the holidays you may consider changing bank or how you handle shared assets. The spirit of enterprise also involves lots of fun – a romantic adventure or a risqué scheme perhaps?

Taurus 21 April – 21 May

You’re ready for a little speculation from the 4th; knowing how far to go will create stronger ties with loved ones. Now personal happiness is a serious pursuit and if some career dreams once seemed unobtainable, a ‘guardian angel’ will help throughout December. By the 16th enthusiasm makes you invincible, but hold back a little during the last-minute rush to avoid rash choices. Seasonal occasions add fun and glamour to existing relationships, and if you allow yourself to explore you can expect hot developments elsewhere... After Christmas a promotion may be within reach, although it pays to agree terms quickly before anyone can withdraw their offer. Anticipate new moneymaking options too, yet a headstrong friend will make some unwise suggestions. Opportunities will truly deliver if you’re brave enough to break the mould.

Gemini 22 May – 21 June

A strategic approach pays off and your new sense of ambition is apparent to all. Some ideas are both brilliant and radical, but try to be tolerant of those who play it safer than you. From the 11th you’ll fire on all cylinders with most arrangements involving work or fun, yet someone may try to overrule you. Midmonth’s turnaround promises prestige and/or cash later on. Career goals and the pull of personal feelings all jostle for control, and Christmas will produce new opportunities... attracting admiration is child’s play for you. By the 23rd steamy action blows former cynicism away and grand gestures will give cause for celebration. Also, despite the party mood, a sobering lesson directs you towards tangible gains as well as new knowledge. Your finances have made stop-start progress, but in late December a green light will appear on the horizon.

Cancer 22 June – 22 July

Embrace a breakthrough in special relationships and, if you’re single, some unusually mature admirers. You’ll receive new incentives both in your career and personal life from early December – by the 8th you’ll already be seeking greater job satisfaction and meaning too. This encourages new outlets for originality, so don’t run shy of change. Your options expand, and despite heart-stopping leaps forward, you’ll land softly. Before the 25th expect a one-off opportunity which could shake up the routine. Some schemes seem daunting yet will reap substantial rewards and lasting connections. However, aim to control your finances until obstacles are overcome – you’ll uncover hidden treasures at the same time. Energy you’ve devoted to your work may make someone’s mood dangerous… yet romantic secrets will be told with one or two pleasant surprises.

Leo 23 July – 23 August

When thinking on your feet you’ll be magnificent, but try not to be hasty. From the 4th a sixth sense at work helps you mark out new territory, plus colleagues will support you. Being inventive gets results so encourage risk when at all possible. Otherwise unplanned changes may just occur anyway. Ironically relationship frictions will strengthen commitment and a slow burning passion has real depth. The desire for excitement is strong, but you can create much of this for yourself without expecting miracles from others... Your patience pays on the 16th as loved-ones clarify their own feelings. This is a major turning point. By the 23rd you may feel the pressure but the rewards will follow. Stay vigilant despite being in a carefree mood and then a shift of fortunes will start to emerge. One gift costs priceless wisdom rather than hard cash.

Virgo 24 August – 22 September

Seeds you sew in early December will bear fruit for months to come. Being a rebel takes courage, yet may in fact be necessary now. If some of your goals lack lustre, a rethink is due, perhaps meaning job applications or pursuing interests that were on the backburner. Adventure calls and experiments add spark to your ambitions. Before the holidays begin you may also realise that one breathtaking offer is purely hot air. Over Christmas it’s wise to reflect on your recent progress, as a little speculation has huge potential. Now's the time for putting your money where your mouth is and you’ll succeed in style with some old-fashioned hard work. Relationships will take an original turn, so don’t allow yourself to be restricted. Someone is on form, making you feel a million dollars. Some soul-searching into what you want is essential, however hectic life gets.

Libra 23 September – 23 October

Where networking is concerned you’ll blaze the trail but try to avoid those who want to take too much control. Changes at work after the 6th should feel good and new tactics of your own are a masterstroke. With a little discipline dreams will come true, so banish negative thinking and give yourself a chance. A victory around midmonth will encourage you to have fun in ways that need not impact on the new, more focused you. Events you decide to go to, and also some unexpected encounters, will have a definite intensity… mostly you will shine in your own right, wherever the action is. Your enthusiasm may tempt you to take on too much, yet stay alert and you’ll see how your special talents are much admired by someone influential. Even during the festive season being strategic could open doors to promotion or a raise.

Scorpio 24 October – 22 November

You’re in the mood for embracing life and taking risks. By the 12th you’ll reach targets at work more easily and aiming high actually helps you stay grounded. Being prepared to ask for help will also be effective, but beware of allowing a dilemma to get too personal. In the run up to Christmas family life has an impact on other areas, yet you’ll find your efforts are more focused too. Success comes from who you know far more than what during this festive season. You’ll work hard, with long-term gains, while also having a ball. Aim to be sensible and creative with your cash too, and if someone else overreaches, you’ll help keep them on track… You’ll be more seductive than you realise, although a romance may not be quite what it first seems. Love is all around you and this injects a new lease of life in relationships of every kind.

Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December

Aim to spend energy wisely early this month and you’ll resist temptations you know you can do without. Efforts from earlier in the year will reap rewards now. A confidence boost at work around the 8th means you will truly enjoy what you're doing. Plus you won’t have a problem fighting your corner when you need to. Financial rewards rarely appear overnight, so patience clearly is a virtue when you find yourself playing the long game. Anyone who can’t handle your strengths is no fair match and if you’re wary of expressing your feelings to someone new, it’s wise to hold back for now. Recognise that one of your best assets is your creative talent, no matter what job you do, and suddenly you’ll understand your true direction. After the 27th courageous gestures will be a sound investment in your future, and it is obvious that someone adores you.

Capricorn 22 December – 20 January

Self-confidence will make headway as soon as the 5th, but intolerance is definitely a drawback to be avoided... Maximise some positive and open exchanges as you can expect financial and creative gains. From midmonth former setbacks will be overcome and you can aim at bigger goals; it’s a chance to reveal your networking genius. A no-nonsense attitude speeds things along if you avoid ruffling feathers at work. From the start of the party season this will have a knock-on effect in your romantic life too. However, someone may feel threatened by all the attention you’re attracting. Moments of truth in late December will reveal how you can create the stability you crave. New and ambitious ideas show great promise too. Every step of the way you’ll demonstrate your personal charisma, yet conserving some resources is wise in order to build on your assets.

Aquarius 21 January – 18 February

This is your time to embark on a personal adventure. You’ll be a smooth operator throughout December, yet your equally cutting-edge approach may surprise some people. If you’ve felt restricted recently, now’s the time to trust in your right to success. In fact the battle is already half-won and allies will spur you on. The 15th promises golden opportunities, so remain open to some wise advice. A breakthrough before the holidays may be demanding at times, but will demonstrate your strengths. Courage and patience are a potent and effective mix… Money matters will need to be taken seriously, and even if progress takes time the results will be solid. Meanwhile you’ll show your winning hand in the art of seduction, so be sure to have fun on the social scene. New conquests offer thrills, while a playful approach will boost an existing relationship.

Pisces 19 February – 20 March

Positive thinking raises your game during December’s activities, so embrace the social whirl. You’re ready to take charge both at work and at play. An upbeat attitude also helps you discover what career fulfilment really means to you. Your efforts will start paying off and you’ll be on target after the 14th. Before you know it you’ll realise just how much you love this. Strong feelings at this demanding time of year make waves, yet will also enrich your relationships. You’ll find yourself on a mission in love, and have the chance to overcome old relationship patterns. However, jealousy may rear its head too. All areas of life are full-on but you will juggle everything brilliantly by the 21st. If you steer clear of overspending, it will become apparent that you can manage your cash effectively. A lucky windfall may be just around the corner too.



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