Small Wardrobe Changes For A Big Impact |
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The new year is the perfect time to brave the dreaded wardrobe detox. But if you can’t face a total clear out, there are a few small changes you can make to your closet to upgrade its look, feel and functionality…

Add Lights

Many of us are guilty of harbouring messy, hidden shelves and clothes that fall victim to the back of the wardrobe. Whether it’s a dressing room or rail, adding extra lighting to your space will instantly elevate its aesthetic, as well as exposing those black hole nooks and crannies. Try stringing fairy lights or exposed bulbs for an eclectic feel.


Get Labelling

It’s easy to resolve to keep everything in its rightful place, but actually sticking to it can be a challenge. Labelling everything from your denim section to your accessories drawer will help you stay organised, and avoid stray clothes rocking up in a foreign spot.


Invest In Good Storage

From drawer dividers to box containers, having orderly storage can make a big difference to your organisation. Make small changes, like separating all jewellery, keeping thick knits in boxes, and storing pairs of shoes separately to safe guard things and make them easier to find.


Spend On Matching Hangers

A bit of uniformity does wonders to an aesthetic, so ditch the shop freebies and especially the dry cleaner donations (which kill your clothes), and invest in covered hangers to protect your clothes and clean up your wardrobe’s appearance.


Try Colour Coding

If you’re guilty of a disordered space, piecing clothes together according to their colours can add some easy structure to your wardrobe.


Try Non-Conventional Storage

Short of space? Turn to Pinterest for ideas on unusual storage solutions – from displaying your accessories to curating a shoe wall, there are ways to work around that overflowing cupboard.


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