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If you’re considering trying out body art, 2018 could be the time to do it – supermodels and fashion influencers have popularised trends for multiple ear piercings and minimal tattoos in recent years, and now the industry’s most Instagrammable piercers and tattoo artists are finding more and more ways to suit jewellery and inkings to a client’s personal style…


Skin Tone-Flattering Jewellery
Sought-after piercing jewellery designer Maria Tash – whose designs are stocked in the UK in Liberty – encourages her clients to consider their skin tone as well as their personal taste when picking out a design. According to Tash, skin tones with pink undertones should consider rose gold jewellery, and those with blue eyes really suit silver, while olive and warmer skin tones are most flattered by yellow-toned gold.

But if your ears are sensitive to certain metals, this doesn’t mean you’re limited either. “We can use a gold post to secure the cuff so you can wear the jewellery that flatters you without the fear of an allergic reaction,” Tash revealed to Vogue

Feature-Enhancing Placement
“Piercings are great because they can be used to draw attention away from certain ‘flaws’ or accentuate well-balanced features,” says Tash. “Those who have a folded ear, for example, can opt for a dazzling stud or hoop on their helix, while those with big ear lobes have space to play around with different jewellery.”

Beauty expert and luxury piercer Nichola Joss even helps clients contour their face shape through careful ear piercing placement. According to Joss, the right placement can give the optical illusion of lifted cheekbones and a slimmer jawline. “If you want to lift the cheek area, draw an imaginary line from the cheekbone with your finger towards the ear. Place your ear piercing slightly higher than where the line ends on the outer rim of the ear,” she says.

Covering your ear with sparkly diamonds also draws the eye out, making the cheekbone seem more lifted. And to soften a heavy jawline, keep any outer piercings about 3mm lower than the middle point of the ear, just at the top of the lobe.


‘Soul Tattoos’
Fusing the minimal tattoo trend with our modern-day obsession with astrology (one of the top wellness trend predictions for 2018), tattoo artist Ashley Glynn, aka Wadulisi Woman, creates super-personal ‘soul tattoos’ for clients. She begins her private sessions with sage smudging and intention setting, before performing a tarot card reading. Then, she’ll envision a tattoo based on the cards and draw it up right then and there.

Glynn’s work has been featured in publications like Refinery 29 and the Sunday Times Style, with journalists praising the artist for her personal touches and positive, spiritual approach. “Being with her felt like floating on water. I left a new woman,” Refinery 29 beauty writer Deenie Hartzog-Mislock wrote.
Personal Placement
Celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy – a favourite among Insta-famous models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin – claims more and more clients are asking for tattoos that suit their own lifestyles. A popular request is for small, simple tattoos placed in spots that can be both easily hidden and shown off, with hip tattoos often the go-to.

He says the inner arms, the side of the ribs, the back of the neck, and behind the ear are also “beautiful, elegant spots” for minimalist tattoos. And as for the designs, a single meaningful word or numbers representing their birth year are big hits with his fashion crowd clients.


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