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Whether you’re a newbie member or have been getting the group chat lit for years, there are a few unspoken rules your friends, family or colleagues will all thank you for remembering. From our stance on memes to how to use the mute function, here’s SL’s Whatsapp etiquette guide…
1. DON’T: Start having long one-to-one chats in a big group. Just take it to a personal chat instead.

2. DO: Answer people’s questions – even when you can’t be bothered. It still counts as ignoring your friends, even in a group chat.

3. DON’T: Be that person and send a million videos that use up everyone’s Whatsapp storage.

4. DO: Keep it civil. Yes, your friend’s just said something that’s sent you into a blind rage, but message them personally instead of airing your grievances in front of everyone else.

5. DON’T: Work out the logistics of a meeting if not everyone in the group chat is attending – those people don’t need to know you’re stuck on the bus and running approximately seven minutes late.

6. DO: Make sure you’re in the right chat. It’s always awkward sending messages meant for someone else.

7. DON’T: Send unsolicited daily photos of your pets/dinner/washing. No one cares (sorry, but we have our own pets/dinner/washing to attend to).

8. DO: Share memes. What else is a group chat for?

9. DON’T: Screenshot the chat and start bad mouthing a member on another thread. It’s mean and may just get back to them.

10. DO: Use the reply function so your replies don’t get lost in a big chat. To use it, just swipe right on the message you want to reply to, and start typing.

11. DON’T: Send ten one-line messages when one longer one will suffice, especially in a large group chat. When everyone’s doing this, it can get pretty overwhelming (no one wants 382 new message notifications in the space of 20 minutes).

12. DO: Do use the mute function if you need some space (swipe right on the chat in your ‘Chats’ list, click on ‘More’ and press ‘Mute’). Abruptly leaving a chat is the equivalent of storming off or hanging up on someone.

13. DON’T: Overshare. Some things are better said in person or on a phone call, and Whatsapp – however great – is no substitution.

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