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Whether you’re just getting started in the gym or a workout junkie, we all struggle to stay motivated from time to time. To help you along the way, we caught up with some of the capital’s hottest fitness gurus for their words of wisdom. From structuring your gym session to why it’s okay to take a rest day, take note of these expert tips…
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“Stop comparing yourself to others – your fitness journey is about finding what makes you tick and what will keep you interested along the way. If you struggle to stay motivated, try creating a mood board – cut out bits from papers and magazines that inspire you, such as quotes, travel destinations, clothes and bodies – and spend a couple of minutes every morning looking at it. Take the time to channel your thoughts into how you’re going to achieve what you want and how you might overcome any hurdles that come your way. Spending 30-60 minutes exercising every day is a great way to get into this positive mindset.” – Charlie King, Personal Trainer


“While it’s all well and good having a physical goal such as a wedding or a holiday when it comes to fitness, try to put your vanity aside and think about the health benefits of working out. Set yourself health goals such as lowering your resting heart rate, bringing your blood pressure down and increasing your Vo2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use in one minute) instead.” – Niko Algieri, Personal Trainer & Co-Founder of We Are Equilibrium


“It may sound obvious, but making a playlist packed full of your favourite songs that you know will get you going is one of my top tips to stay motivated. If I am ever struggling to get going in the morning or before a class, I try to visualise how great I will feel about myself as well as how great I will feel mentally and physically when I finish my workout. Remember – you never regret a workout.” – Hilary Rowland, Co-Founder of Boom Cycle 


“If you’re just getting started in the gym or coming back after a break, the most important thing you can do is ease yourself in. One of the most common things I see is beginners pushing themselves too hard and ending up with DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness), which leads to frustration and often puts beginners off getting back into the gym. My top tip? Ease in – your body will thank you for it.” – Niko Algieri


“My fitness motto is 'just keep moving'. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll be more inclined to keep doing it. Remember, you don't have to be constrained to the gym – think tennis with friends, learning to skateboard or swimming in one of the London’s lidos. As long as it gets you out there and moving your body then that’s all that matters. Enjoy the process and try not to make it a chore.” – Heloise Nangle, Fresh Fitness Food athlete and Chief Operating Officer at Core Collective


“Often when you lack motivation it can be because your body is actually telling you to rest. Remember it's not always what happens in the gym that gets results. Resting is just as important as working out because it’s an equal part of the total process required to build strength, endurance and muscle. Rest days allow your muscles, nerves, bones and connective tissue time to rebuild.” – Naomi White, Health & Wellness Communications Specialist


“Constantly teaching your body something new is a great way to stay motivated. Take calisthenics (body weight exercises using little-to-no equipment), where you’re constantly striving to reach a specific goal, whether it’s a push up or something more advanced, such as perfecting a pull-up. That sense of achievement when you get to a certain goal is what keeps you going and wanting to progress.” - Heloise Nangle


“There's no better way to get - and stay - motivated than by using your own happy chemicals. You have a never-ending supply and they are totally free. Serotonin, the main happiness chemical, plays a key role in getting you in the zone for a class. One of the best ways to get serotonin flowing is to remember a prior significant achievement, like your last personal best. Studies have shown serotonin increases motivation by reducing the perceived cost of effort. Similarly, endorphins, aka, the ‘runner’s high’, are a real thing – that surge of euphoria you feel during and after vigorous exercise is your body helping you alleviate pain, self-motivate and push harder. Lastly, think about dopamine – that post-workout surge that’ll increase your future motivation.” – Sandy Macaskill, Master Trainer and Co-Owner of Barry’s London


“In my opinion, people don’t get bored of training – they get demotivated by not seeing results. Most people are either doing the same routine over and over again, are trying to out-train a poor diet and lifestyle or are thinking of exercise as a quick fix to weight loss rather than a lifestyle choice. The best way to stay motivated is make sure you plan out what you do in the gym, nutritionally, and with sleep and lifestyle. Set targets on all of these and prepare to see real results.” – Andy Vincent, Third Space Elite Trainer


“Nothing makes you feel better than catching a glimpse of yourself in the gym mirror with a new set of kit on. Whether it’s a new pair of trainers or a new pair of leggings, investing in gym kit you genuinely love and feel good in can make all the difference. It’s so much more appealing to work out when you feel good and are proud of what you look like.” – Charlotte Cox, Founder & Head Trainer at FLY LDN


“Having a plan for what to do when you’re in the gym will make all the difference. Taking the time to plan your workouts will mean you’re less likely to skip a workout as this will hinder your progression. Group fitness classes like F45 can also help to take the thought and planning out of a workout, as it’s all done for you. You simply need to turn up and get it done.” – Hayden Elliot, Co-Owner & Head Trainer at F45 Oxford Circus


“If you favour training alone, it can be difficult to motivate yourself. To combat this, perhaps try to find someone with a similar goal to you, or someone who has the same motivations in the gym. Having someone else there pushing you and encouraging you can go a long way, helping you to stay motivated and committed. Also, a little friendly competition never hurt anybody, even if you’re not an overly competitive person.” – David Wiener, Training Specialist at Freeletics


“While social media can be overwhelming at times, it can also be a good motivational tool, helping you to reach and exceed your goals. A 2015 study proved that healthy social competition and support on social media platforms can help to motivate you to exercise more. Using social media to hold yourself accountable will help you to stay on track, and the added support it can provide can also be beneficial.” - David Wiener


“For me, keeping motivation is all about being good during the week and enjoying the weekends. Knowing that I can enjoy things more freely on the weekends definitely helps me stay on track throughout the week and also means I appreciate the weekend treats so much more. I also recommend working out first thing in the morning Monday to Friday – this will help you to feel more productive throughout the day and will help you make healthier food choices. It’s all about balance.” – Louenna Edwards, Trainer at Core Collective

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