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The first of a brand new SL series, #AskUsAnything invites our readers to ask us, quite literally, anything – anonymously or not. We then put their questions to the experts, who share their advice right here. This week, there’s relationship help for a woman rocked by a cheating scandal at a stag do and fashion tips for a cautious cowboy boots fan, plus career advice for an Australian on a UK job hunt and two entrepreneurs looking to take their T-shirt brand to the next level…
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“My boyfriend went on a stag do last weekend and I found videos of the groom having a threesome. I feel so bad for the beautiful bride. What would other people do? I don’t want to go to the wedding next week. Secondly, I have no proof of my boyfriend cheating but how can I believe him? I’m absolutely in pieces over this one, any help would be appreciated.” – Anonymous

Answered by broadcaster & psychotherapist Lucy Beresford

“There are two problems to be addressed: the information you discovered about the groom, and your lack of trust about your boyfriend.

“I'm taking a guess here, that you found the videos on your boyfriend's phone or laptop which makes me wonder, why did you go looking? Have you had suspicions about your boyfriend before now? You ask me how to believe your boyfriend but if you trusted him, you would believe him. Maybe this is the first time your relationship has been tested in which case, talk to him, explain your fears and see what he says.

“If it's not the first time, then you must consider whether you want to be with someone you don't trust.

“As for the engaged couple, you might not know what kind of relationship they have or what they agreed could happen on the stag (I know! But we never know what other relationships are really like). You could always let the groom know what you know, and encourage him to do the decent thing and come clean.
But mainly, I urge you to concentrate on your own relationship and make sure you're in a relationship with someone you trust."


“When it comes to finding a job in London as an Australian, I’m wondering if it’s best to go through an agency or apply directly to companies? What would you guys prefer an applicant do if they were wanting to work at SheerLuxe?” – Anonymous

Answered by Georgina Hamilton, HR manager at ProCoal...

“The choice is very much dependant on the individual job. If a company opts to pay for an agency, they expect the agency to sift through all the applicants to find the best and most suitable ones. On the other hand, it can help to directly communicate with the employer, as this will allow you to express your interest and why you would be great for the role without it being expressed through someone else’s voice or email.

“We have actually employed someone who first added us individually on LinkedIn and sent us a direct message. However, in general I wouldn’t recommend this path as it felt a little personal and could be perceived by others as a nuisance.

"If a job is advertised through an agency, it’s best to use them initially, but if you don’t hear back after a set period of time, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the company and request to find out more details. But whatever avenue you chose, always remember to include a cover letter, even if they don't ask for one.”


"We started a T-shirt business 18 months ago and have used Instagram as our main marketing tool. We believe in our product and are now ready for the next stage: we’re keen to sell to boutiques. Any advice or suggestions on how we do this would be very much appreciated." – Elizabeth & Nicky, @TWseven.co.uk

Answered by Sophie Mitchell, Founder of resort wear brand  Neeve & Noor

“I would suggest starting with small boutiques: boutiques that suit their clientele and sell items that match their product (so ideally selling jeans, womenswear and accessories). Personally contacting and calling the boutiques and asking to speak to the buyers or owners will be your best bet.

“You’ll also need to provide a look book, line sheets and any additional information about the brand – most new stockists will want flexibility with terms so trying to provide this really helps getting ones foot through the door for future business.”


“How do I wear the Autumn/Winter cowboy boots trend without looking like I’m about to hop on a horse and go to barn dance?!” – @eleanorrose192

Answered by Erna Leon, Founder of style destination MERCER7

“When it comes to cowboy boots I think the low ones (the ones that hit just above the ankle) look more contemporary and are easier to style. Wear with everything from cropped jeans and a leather biker jacket, to midi skirts and chunky knits for winter.

“I also love teaming them up with feminine silky dresses, which give the edit a bit of a boho chic vibe.”

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