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When it comes to a quick bite out, Wagamama is always top of our list. For fast food boasting fresh ingredients and made-to-order dishes, if you're on the hunt for a tasty meal it doesn't get much better. It might be Japanese but that doesn't mean it's always healthy – if you're someone who likes to know about the nutrition and calories, we spoke to Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert for expert analysis of the best bites on offer...
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Bao Mixed Mushroom & Panko Aubergine Hirata Steamed Buns

What It Is: Two small, fluffy asian buns stuffed with mixed mushrooms and panko aubergine, served with coriander and mayonnaise.

Calories: 382

Verdict: An ok option for a vegan but lacking in protein and essential fats. It’s low in calories but the steamed buns are made from gluten do again not the best choice if you are gluten free or have digestive complaints. There are more varied dishes on the menu which are more nutrient dense.

Chilli Chicken Ramen

What It Is: Noodles in a spicy chicken broth topped with grilled chicken, red onion, spring onions, beansprouts, chilli, coriander and fresh lime.

Calories: 590

Verdict: Despite this dish containing good amounts of protein - 43.3g it is very high in refined carbohydrates (the noodles). For anyone looking to feel light and energised after a meal this is not your dish! The total amount of carbs is 76.5 of which sugar 16.4g PLUS it contains a whooping 6g of salt while the RDA is 3.75g per day.

Chicken & Prawn Cha Han Donburi

What It Is: Stir-fried brown rice with chicken and prawns, egg, mushrooms, mangetout, sweetcorn and spring onions.
Calories: 788
Verdict: With a complex carbohydrate of brown rice as a base, this dish will provide an array of vitamins and minerals as opposed to refined carbohydrate white rice and the prawns provide a healthy source of vitamin D. Unfortunately, it is very high in sugar, with 8g per serving.

Chicken Katsu Curry

What It Is: Chicken coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs, covered in a curry sauce, served with sticky rice and a side salad.
Calories: 1,147
Verdict: High in saturated fat, sugar and salt, this popular dish is very indulgent. With 8.7g of sugar and 2.4g of salt per serving, swap the white rice for brown and enjoy this dish sparingly.

Chicken Steamed Gyoza

What It Is: Five steamed gyoza bites filled with chicken and served with dipping sauce.
Calories: 223 per serving
Verdict: With just 1.1g of sugar per serving and 9g of protein, this is a great sharing starter which will fill you up. However, be wary not to enjoy any more than one portion given they are grilled with oil after being steamed, which significantly increases the sodium content. Despite its light sounding title, it can be considered quite a heavy dish.

Duck Lettuce Wraps

What It Is: Shredded crispy duck served with cucumber and spring onions, served in lettuce wraps with tamari sauce.
Calories: 339
Verdict: Order this side dish with a portion of brown rice for a light yet filling meal. High in protein, low in carbs and with little sugar, this is a good option on its own but a lack of fibre may not fill you up – adding complex carbs will do the trick.

Firecracker Chicken

What It Is: A mix of chicken, mangetout, red peppers, onions and hot chillies, served with steamed rice.
Calories: 1,223
Verdict: Given its enormous portion size, this is potentially the unhealthiest dish on the Wagamama menu. With 37g of sugar (equivalent to nine teaspoons of sugar), it’s one to avoid.

Grilled Tuna

What It Is: Seared tuna steak on a bed of quinoa, kale, red peppers, red onion and edamame beans.
Calories: 600
Verdict: Tuna is a lean source of protein, and also provides important healthy fatty acids.  With quinoa offering a complete protein profile and nutrient-rich kale along with red peppers, red onion and edamame beans, this dish is very nutritious. It is high in protein and healthy fats, low in sugary carbohydrates and is one of the lowest salt rich dishes on the menu.

Ginger and Lemongrass Chicken Harusame Glass Noodle Salad

What It Is: Glass noodles mixed with ginger + lemongrass chicken, kale, edamame, adzuki beans, mangetout, blackened carrots and pea shoots. topped with fresh mint, crispy fried shallots and dressed with a spicy vinegar.

Calories: 441

Verdict: Definitely a better option since glass noodles are made from rice rather than wheat which is gluten free so if you react to gluten or if it gives you digestive complaints then a better option for you. Plus in contains excellent amounts of protein, fibre and adzuki beans which are packed with B vitamins which give you energy.

Wagamama Ramen

What It Is: Grilled chicken, pork, prawns and mussels on a bed of noodles in a miso, ginger and chicken broth; topped with an egg.
Calories: 706
Verdict: Ramen can be nutritious but this is an excessive portion. With 45g of protein and 11g fibre in one bowl, it will be a challenge to finish. While the miso broth is rich in bioactive compounds, the dish has over 6g of salt, which exceeds your daily allowance.

Yaki Udon

What It Is: Udon noodles in curry oil with chicken, prawns, chikuwa, egg, leeks, mushrooms and peppers.
Calories: 705
Verdict: Be wary of the portion size – with 7g of salt per serving, this will exceed your daily allowance – as well as the chikuwa (a Japanese processed food made from fish paste and high in salt, sugar and starch), which offers no pure form of protein. The dish is also cooked in curry oil, which isn’t the healthiest.

Chicken and Prawn Yaki Soba

What It Is: Soba noodles with chicken + prawn, egg, peppers, beansprouts, white and spring onions. garnished with fried shallots, pickled ginger and sesame seeds.

Calories: 715

Verdict: Although good amounts of fibre and some vegetables this dish contains 715kcal in total which is slighter high for one meal. The daily intake for women each day is 2000kcal so if you are looking to maintain your weight this might not be the best option.

Yasai Itame

What It Is: Rice noodles in a spicy coconut and lemongrass soup topped with tofu and mixed vegetables.
Calories: 817
Verdict: One of the few gluten-free options on the menu, this dish is made from rice noodles and has no additives. It can be considered a balanced meal with a good source of vegetarian protein in tofu, which also offers a complete essential amino acid profile. The coconut provides healthy fats and the accompanying vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals. However, with 12.5g of sugar, this dish should not be consumed regularly.

Overall winner:  For a healthy option that will fill you up, the Grilled Tuna is the dish to get – it offers a wide variety of nutrition in a well-sized portion.

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