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Living in the fast lane often means we have minimal time to spend on ourselves, but that shouldn’t mean our beauty routine has to suffer. Try these time-saving beauty tricks and cheat your way to gorgeousness.
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2 in 1 

Putting your face on using ten different products is a big no-no for anyone that’s time-poor. It’s time to de-clutter and cull your daily make-up by using multi-purpose products for quick and easy application. Here at SheerLuxe, we love Stila's Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Crème – it’s easy to use and you don’t need a brush, so perfect for women on the go. Simply, pat with your fingertips on the apples of the cheeks and press onto the lips for an instant pop of freshness. Don’t stop there. Try using your highlighter as an eyeshadow – just one quick sweep and you have the perfect daytime eye.

Spray and Go

Forget the wash-and-go of yesterday, it’s now all about freshening up your hair with a dry shampoo. Once you’ve used a dry shampoo, you won’t look back; it will clean your hair instantly so you can space out the number of times you wash your hair and give your hair a volume boost too. Our all-time favourite is Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo – it’s a must-have.

Consider a Low-Maintenance Hair Cut

If you’re spending more than five minutes in the morning blow-drying your hair, straightening your fringe or using curlers, stop right now (and if you're not already cutting your blow-dry time in half with Aveda's new spray, get to it). Be smart about your hair. Choose a style that is easy to manage and quick to style. Your aim is to brush and go. If you want to jazz up your hair for the following day, consider sleeping in plaits. This will give your hair some va-va-voom that requires nothing but a finger-comb and a spritz of hairspray.

Liquid Assets

We admit it, moisturising our bodies is not top of our priority list. Who has time to wait for a body lotion to absorb into skin before getting dressed? So a great time saver is to use an oil in the shower (just be careful not to slip). While skin is still wet, apply the oil over your body and simply pat yourself dry. The oil will help lock in moisture and there's no drying time necessary. Try Dove DermaSpa Goodness Body Oil for a spa-like sheen.

Mask Crusader

When you’re busy, tired and stressed it will show on your face. No time to get a facial? Use an overnight treatment that will overhaul your complexion whilst you sleep. If your skin is particularly dry and looking dull and lacklustre, then reach for a vitamin-enriched mask such as Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Masque. Apply a thick layer over your face overnight and then wash off the following morning. This will hydrate your skin and give your complexion a boost too.

Winging It – Literally

Let us introduce you to our number one game-changer for eyes. Ciate London Stamp and Drag Liner is a unique double-ended eye pen that will give you a fool-proof winged eye in seconds and a feline flick that even the shakiest hand can control. Simply stamp the outer corner of your eye then drag the pen to the inner corner for perfectly symmetrical wings. Voila!

The Lash Effect

The quickest way to look wide-eyed and youthful is with a sweep of mascara. Instead of dressing up your eyes every day, save yourself some time by booking yourself a lash tint and curl treatment. Not only will this wipe minutes off your daily routine but it forces you to sit down and relax while your beautician works her magic on your eyes. With results lasting up to six weeks, we guarantee this will be the beginning of a new treatment romance. Or try Max Factor's latest mascara, a volume-boosting formula with added lash serum to lengthen over time.

Wipe Clean

We’re not big advocates of facial wipes. However, when you have kids to get to school, a train to catch and the need to look half decent in record time, Neal’s Yard Organic Facial Wipes will come to the rescue. They will freshen your skin and sweep away impurities in one swift move with the added calming benefits of aloe vera. And let’s face, it we all need a bit more calm in our lives.

Glow Getter

The days of lying on a sun lounger have probably become a hazy dream, yet our pasty skin can get us down. Cheat your way to a head-to-toe glow using a gradual tan with just a hint of colour. Don’t waste time faffing with fake tans and drying time, instead pop a few drops of TAN-LUXE Self-Tanning Drops into your regular face and/or body moisturiser. It’ll give your skin a warm glow with the faintest hint of shimmer. You’ll look like a glowier version of yourself in no time.

Nail It!

Who has the time to sit and wait for polish to dry? Not us. Seche Vite is the world's best selling top coat for a reason. Your nails will dry so fast with it that even a spare five minutes before a meeting can be put to good use and if you need to do your nails last thing at night, no problem, they won't crease in bed.

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