Post-Party Fatigue: How To Survive The Most Gruelling Season Of The Year |
For grown-ups, Christmas is all about food, friends and enjoying a tipple or two. But how do you avoid burning out before the season’s over? SL beauty contributor Emma Strenner gives her ultimate tips for self-care over the festive period.
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‘Tis the season to be jolly, again, and again, and then again and again and again. At no other point in the year do we put ourselves under this much pressure, finishing off work as we charge towards the finish line of 2018, repeatedly heading out night after night to every party, sipping on bubbles and eating canapes in high heels with little time for recovery. The run up to Christmas can be gruelling on every part of the body: skin, hair, liver, digestion, waistline – you name it, we’re all feeling the impact of indulgence.
Unlike the summer where the rosé wine flows freely, there is no added benefit of sunshine and warmth luring us outdoors to shake off any excess from the night before. So how do we survive all this socialising without burning out as we head into Christmas? A little #selfcare is just the antidote.
The idea of self-care has gained huge momentum this year. With the hashtag on Instagram rallying 10.3 million, 2018 has been the year of self-awareness when it comes to our wellness and health. Unlike the 90s and early noughties where a morning after would be met with a bolstering hair of the dog (aka, a bloody Mary), it’s far more sensible to take a few pre-emptive measures. So here are my party survival tips to see you into Christmas without burning out.
1. Workout Before You Head Out
A little circuit or two of squats, push ups and burpees will give your metabolism a little boost for the night, meaning you’ll process alcohol a little easier and it will leave you feeling a little less worse for wear the next day.
2. Plan Your Recovery Nights
Put these in your diary and stick to them. Early to bed to get back the hours of lost sleep. Turn off your tech at least 45 minutes before your put your head down and get a proper night’s sleep.
3. Survival Supplements
Stock up on magnesium B6 to help your body recover overnight. Take milk thistle to help your liver cope with the onslaught of prosecco; vitamin C and green tea extract to bolster the antioxidant levels, and echinacea to stave off any bugs that might be creeping up on you. Oh, and a good vitamin D supplement will see you through the cold, dark winter months.
4. Don’t Be Afraid To Say No
It’s OK not to be at every single party. And when you do decide to decline an invitation, don’t look back – embrace the decision and enjoy a night to yourself.
5. Skin Survival
There are two must-haves during this time: antioxidants and hydration. Pack on vitamin C products to fight off the effects of drinking – Drunk Elephant’s C Firma Day Serum is excellent and kind to sensitive skin. Slather on the hyaluronic acid to keep hydration levels up. If you remember to at the end of the night, opt for a moisturising overnight mask. Aurelia’s Cell Repair Night Oil is great for plumping and replenishing the skin.
6. Detox The Hair
At least one night a week, get a good clarifying shampoo. Redken’s Clean Maniac range is brilliant for clearing away all the debris of styling products and build up.
7. Look After The Gut
Invest in a good probiotic to help you process alcohol and rich foods throughout the holiday season, and to protect your stomach. Try Biocare’s Acidophilus.
8. Book In For A Massage
Treat yourself to a pampering massage – 90-minute treatments are the ideal. Manicures and pedicures are not the same; you need to lie down and switch off, fall asleep if you need to. But even this moment will give you some well needed moments of recovery.
Emma Strenner has been a beauty journalist for over fifteen years. She has written for VOGUE, Sunday Times Style, ELLE, PORTER Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller and more. She has been the Beauty Director at PORTER, ELLE UK, VOGUE Australia, Tatler and Stylist. Emma's career has taken her to beauty launches across the globe, laboratories and clinics, backstage at the shows and directing beauty shoots everywhere from Tulum to the Meatpacking District in New York. 

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