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Simple and effective, we’ve long been told body brushing promotes good health and better skin. But like most things, the wrong technique can end up negating the benefits. Here, three experts explain why a daily scrub is so important, and how to use this time to brush up on your technique…
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The Time Commitment Is Minimal

“Body brushing is an often neglected step in people’s routines, yet it’s also one of those incredibly simple things that carries huge benefits,” says skincare expert and founder of Legology, Kate Shapland. “Just a couple of minutes a day, before you take a bath or shower will stimulate your lymph flow, helping your body metabolise toxins more efficiently. It also discourages fluid retention and cellulite (which are related) as well as softens and tones the skin. The benefits are pretty quick and long-lasting, too.”

The Benefits Are Abundant 

“As well as increasing lymph flow and metabolising toxins more efficiently, body brushing is also brilliant for toning the skin,” says Kate. “After a period, you’ll see softness and tone because of the extra exfoliation. Even gentle brushing brings nutrient-rich, freshly oxygenated blood to the surface, which gives skin better tone and elasticity. This is especially true for areas like thighs and buttocks, which can feel cold to touch because circulation is slow. If you’re brushing to see results in body shape, you need to do it as part of an integrated plan that includes diet and exercise, and remember, results aren’t always immediate.” 

There Is A Correct Way To Do It

“Try to use brush strokes in light upward motions that follow your blood flow, towards the heart,” advises Elemis co-founder, Noella. “Brush from the soles of the feet up the body, paying particular attention to dry areas. A brush with a long handle is great for the back and/or reaching down to the lower legs. Keep motions going in quick flicks, rather than long strokes. Doing this daily will boost energy levels, immunity and personal rejuvenation.” 

Choosing The Brush Is Important

“Forget about plastic nodules on a body brush – this technique isn’t about crunching fat, and you’ll never see a therapist use a brush like this to bash cellulite,” says Kate. “Instead keep it simple and invest in a natural, bristle brush. Some people prefer to use gloves to reach certain body parts, but for me, these are best kept as an exfoliative treatment as they don’t allow you to do the quick flick action a body brush does, which is what's needed to activate the lymphatic system. Even hard-to-reach areas like behind your knees, where there is a density of lymph nodes, only needs a few repeated flicks of brush bristles.”

You Can Use Two At Once 

“Using two brushes at once can speed up the process and work on the total area more effectively,” adds training development manager at Clarins, Ally Monaco. “To get the best effects, try using two first thing in the morning before a shower – it will really get your blood circulation going.” 

There Are Ways To Maximise Results

“Key ingredients, like caffeine and Himalayan pink salts, are excellent components in skincare because of their diuretic effect – which enhances the lymphatic system and reduces swelling,” says Kate. “Look out for body products that contain these ingredients to notice a real difference when combining them with your brush. Try: Legology’s Air-Lite Daily Lift For LegsFrank Body Original Coffee ScrubMauli Reawaken Himalayan Hand & Body Scrub.” Ally agrees: “Following regular body brushing, try mixing your body lotion with a nourishing oil like Clarins’ Contour Body Treatment. It will help to reduce water retention, eliminate toxins and slim line the body.” 

Brushes Need To Be Replaced

“A body brush will not last a lifetime and needs to be replaced once a year,” says Noella. “Try to use the brush dry, otherwise you’ll find it begins to soften and shed, which will reduce its effect.”

Beware Of Sunburn

“Applying too much pressure can sensitise the skin and open you up to more UV exposure,” says Kate. “Keep it incredibly light and speedy – never scrub or over-massage the skin.”


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