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With wedding season in full swing and holidays to look forward to, summer is the time when we want our skin to look and feel its best. But shifts in humidity, air-conditioning and pollution all play a part in skin flair ups. So, we’ve asked Aurelia Probiotic Skincare for their top tricks to ensure you maintain a natural, healthy glow this summer. From reversing UV damage with probiotics to the importance of nourishing oils, we’ve got you covered…
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1. Invest In Probiotic Skincare

You should be treating your skin with a comprehensive routine all year round, but it’s important in the summer to ensure you’re giving your skin the tools it needs to repair itself. Start with Aurelia’s 3-Step Probiotic Routine and one to three drops of their Probiotic Concentrate to boost your complexion and get the ultimate radiance boost. You should also make sure you always apply your SPF over the top of your skincare products for the best results and to reduce excess clogging.  

2. Slough Away Dead Skin

To get your body looking its best this summer, we recommend you buff skin daily with a body brush. Regular brushing firms and smooths by increasing lymphatic drainage, aiding in the removal of toxins from the body. This in turn helps to minimise cellulite and any uneven skin tone. The key is to brush in quick flicks rather than long, tedious strokes, and always brush in upward motions towards your heart and lymph nodes – that includes behind the knees and under your arms. Follow up your brushing with a nourishing oil, like Aurelia’s Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil for smooth, radiant and supple skin.

3. Get An All-Over Glow

If you’re on a constant quest for a glow this summer then look no further than Aurelia’s brand-new Balance & Glow Day Oil. Their first ever facial oil – which has been designed for use in the morning with a lightweight texture that hydrates – rebalances and nourishes all skin types with a non-greasy texture. Pat it on during the day to keep dehydration at bay, or use a few pumps on your skin pre-makeup for the perfect, luminous, natural base.

4. Keep Your Skin Feeling Fresh

While not technically a glowing skin trick, having a deodorant you can rely on in the sticky summer months is key to looking and feeling your best. This summer sees the launch of Aurelia’s brand new Citrus Botanical Cream Deodorant, a fresh, summery take on their original and bestselling natural wellbeing revelation. Just as effective as the award-winning original formulation, this aluminium-free, cream-to-powder deodorant contains a new blend of Mandarin, Rosemary, Grapefruit and Lavender to deodorise with an uplifting citrus fragrance while keeping underarms dry all day.

5. Stop Sunburn In Its Tracks  

Soothe and hydrate parched, sun-exposed skin with Aurelia’s Firm & Replenish Body Serum – it’s an essential after sun buy. The lightweight yet deeply nourishing texture sinks into the skin easily, with a wonderfully pleasant cooling sensation and uplifting blend of essential oils.

6. Ditch Your Heavy Skincare 

Come summer, it’s really important to lighten up on your skincare. So, trade your richer moisturisers for featherlight lotions and heavy-duty cleansers for something more lightweight. Having said that, it’s still important to ensure you are cleansing the skin effectively before bed, especially in the warmer months – this is because a build-up of make-up, SPF and daily grime can wreak havoc on pores overnight, so make sure you’re opting for something that’s light but effective. Try Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser with a bamboo muslin to cleanse properly without drying the skin. Its creamy formulation glides on and removes all make-up and impurities without any pulling, leaving behind a glowing complexion that’s soft and feels revitalised.  

7. Look To Skin-Brightening Oils

In need of treating sun-exposed skin? Aurelia’s Cell Repair Night Oil is the perfect remedy. It works with the skin’s nightly repair mode to diminish the damage caused by UV exposure with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts and oils. The soothing blend of essential oils will help you to fully relax and unwind before bed too, nourishing your skin overnight for extra luminosity.

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