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Often referred to as a ‘Brazilian blow-dry,’ keratin hair treatments are for people that want straight, silky, frizz-free hair everyday without spending hours blow-drying. But how does it work? How long do results really last? And will it ruin your hair in the long-run? Here, we explain all…
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Keratin Is A Chemical Treatment 

The key ingredient that gets that super slick look is Formaldehyde, and it’s definitely something to be aware of pre-treatment. While it has a bad rap for being a carcinogen, most places will ensure that you’re sat close to a door and in a well-ventilated room during the keratin process so as you’re not heavily exposed to the chemicals. You’ll also likely be given protective glasses to prevent any watering and irritation to your eyes, so you should feel well protected.

It’s Not As Bad For Your Hair As You Think

Experts are divided on just how safe keratin treatments are. It’s worth noting that it’s definitely not for everyone, and generally speaking is more appropriate for those with frizzy, coarse hair instead of those with a finer, thin texture. Due to keratin being a natural ingredient of human hair, it can be a good option for those with colour treated strands as it makes them stronger and appear thicker, too. That being said, every time you have a treatment, hair does become more brittle and prone to some breakage, so save having a  treatment before a special occasion or when you feel you need it the most. Try and limit yourself to no more than three a year. 

Results Last Up To Three Months

Once you’ve had a treatment, you won’t see curls or any frizz appear for at least ten weeks which is the big appeal of keratin treatments. Similar to waxing, the more you have it done, the better the results will be long-term. So, in this instance, if you’re opting for keratin treatments up to three times a year (no more than this is recommended) you’re actually training your hair to stay straighter over time. 

It’s A Lengthy Process

If you’re one of those people that gets fidgety after five minutes at the hairdressers, this is definitely not for you. The treatment itself can take up two hours (possibly longer depending on your hair type). It begins with a thorough shampooing to get rid of any product build-up and strip the hair clean. You’ll then have the keratin applied section by section, which resurfaces your natural curl pattern and forces it to unkink. Next up is the actual blow-dry part, and once your hair is completely dry, your hair then gets straightened with heat to lock the keratin into the hair. 

You Need To Wait To Wash Your Hair

Post-treatment you need to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair to ensure the treatment has taken properly – same goes for heat styling. You should also use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner as sulphate itself foams and can take the keratin out of your hair much faster. 

Here are five keratin treatments SL recommends:

1. Gravity, Notting Hill, GravityHair.co.uk, prices from £40

2. Zoltan Hair, Mayfair, Zoltan-Hair.com, prices from £200

3. Lockonego London, Kings Road, Lockonego.com, prices from £150

4. Edward James London, Putney High Street, EdwardJamesLondon.com, prices from £168 

5. Salon House, Holborn, SalonHouse.co.uk, prices from £150

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