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From relationship to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with Astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
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You will realise you are more appreciated than you knew when you approach all activities, and other people involved, with an open-minded ‘can-do’ attitude. However, it’s sometimes hard to handle a perfectionist’s attitude at work… Around the 6th compromise is your most effective ploy, and will be well worth it, no matter how much you want to win an argument.  After midmonth praise you receive from unexpected quarters will be sweet indeed. Your social life is changing in positive ways too. There is nothing to stop you from being a summer party animal, but a friend may be hell-bent on leading you astray. This August brings mind-blowing insights into how to balance love and friendship, and this paves the way for strokes of luck in your career too.


Some surprising truths will be revealed over the coming weeks, so it’s wise to keep your eye on the ball as much as possible. It’s becoming clear that you are both respected and adored by someone special. This is likely to involve tough love - get set for a rollercoaster ride. However, perhaps as early as the 10th, you’ll see why events could turn into a ‘happily ever after’ story. Of course, you deserve to enjoy this summer’s pleasures, but try not to let personal desires distract you from career goals, as right now they are within reach. Feeling torn between public and private life reaches a climax, and confessions will be made. August’s star treatment may provoke the green-eyed monster in someone else, but also involves an exotic adventure.


Domestic improvements, both on a practical and on a well-being level, will be long-lasting. This is more exciting than it sounds... With major groundwork achieved in early August, home really can be where the heart is. It’s important to show another person just how much you care, as the stability you crave is in your sights. By the 15th you are wise to keep discussions about future plans as realistic and civilised as possible – it’s tempting to get swept away by someone’s over-enthusiasm. This summer will bring amazing revelations that even have the power to change some core beliefs and opinions… It may be all action on the domestic front; however, a confrontation can be positively transformative. Your chances of success increase dramatically!


Many people have faith in you and your talents so don’t hold back from making plans, however ambitious some might be. This is not the time to be put off by anyone else’s insecurities, or your own unfounded fears regarding risk. A little tough talk around the 12th will go a long way if you express yourself constructively and of course with empathy. Your sensitivity to others will be a major strength. After midmonth you’ll know whether a grand scheme is likely to work out. On the 20th the spotlight falls on finances and you may need to navigate another person’s careless attitude in order to keep things on track. When it comes to assets of all kinds, you’ll reap what you have sewn, and at the same time really can speculate to accumulate… 


This is your month for expansion and self-expression of all kinds. In a sense this means getting set to live the dream. Yet however energetic and optimistic you feel; it will also pay to adopt a cautious approach when handling cash and other resources. If you steer clear of what could be a rude awakening, you’ll avoid wasting precious time; this is the last thing you need just now. Some of this month’s invitations and encounters may well have the power to tempt you into the realm of fantasy, so only go with this as far as feels right for you. By the 22nd romantic secrets will be revealed and emotions are likely to run high. However, at last you’ll know for sure what you are dealing with. Seeing someone’s true colours may well be surprisingly erotic too.


You are in a stronger position than you might imagine in many areas of life. So be sure to stand your ground, even if some people around you find this hard to take for reasons of their own... Don’t give anyone a chance to sabotage your efforts. This month’s emotional moments need not upset the balance at work or at play, as plenty of personal fun and entertainment is on the agenda. Feeling good boosts your sex appeal too and someone very special is likely to respond on cue. Fighting your corner if, or when, you are provoked may well ignite sparks, and yet you can be confident of winning most of your battles. You deserve to feel great about this. After the 21st you are the person with most of the answers, and everyone is all ears.


Throughout August a favourite fantasy is alive and well, so any of your secret fears and inhibitions shouldn’t hold you back right now. By midmonth you can overcome a self-esteem challenge, and lap up the limelight on the social scene. Just beware of encouraging any pointless power games – this is a waste of energy with nothing to gain. After the 16th a romantic declaration will mean so much more than you might think at first. Events as they unfold will expose a few undercover schemes, and you may well be stunned by what you unlock in your heart. It seems as if everyone needs your attention, so you will be very wise to pace yourself. More than ever your close relationships are likely to thrive on the healing powers of change.


The most demanding of friendships will come up trumps this month. Out of the blue a complicated person is likely to provide sober, yet brilliant, advice. This may be hard to take at first but will be worth its weight in gold.  Around the 14th you will be feeling ambitious and can’t let anyone get in the way when you are playing for high stakes. Yet a twist in the plot will bring moments of truth for your grander schemes and your more personal concerns. But you will navigate this brilliantly. When a few more hidden factors emerge, you’ll know exactly how to proceed. From the 29th all the energy you have dedicated to other people, including some inspired networking, will shake things up creatively, so don’t let anything overwhelm you.


You should be delighted to know that fresh victories are on the horizon, and are there to be savoured. From as early as the 5th an ambitious prize is well worth aiming for, yet meanwhile be prepared for some unexpected conflict too. You may well feel tested at various stages of the month, but the long-term rewards will be fabulous, and will speak for themselves soon enough. Seize your moment when it comes around the 19th. However, later this August you’ll need to make sure that a seductive, but unreliable, notion doesn’t get in the way. Events on the 27th will involve revelations affecting both the present and the future. You’ll now be poised to do whatever it takes to pursue your dreams, and you will be an unstoppable force.


A favourite vision for the future will have extra special meaning from early August. However, you’ll need to play a long game to achieve the results you have set your heart on. Take extra care not to gloss over awkward facts. It is time to prove to all and sundry that you can carve out your own path. In the meantime, around the 14th, a somewhat confusing and obscure financial arrangement needs looking at in the cold light of day. Later this month you will start to earn dividends from earlier investments of energy or cash, so make time to enjoy it. Some developments will be an eye-opener at the very least. You may also discover that a so-called friend’s values are misleading. Then from the 28th sheer self-belief will keep you firmly on track.


Self-discovery is your most precious gift now, however vague that may sound. Try not to over-rationalise this - which of course you will be tempted to do... It’s time for a leap of faith. Your usual determination will secure stunning results from the 13th. If you focus on your real needs, the rewards that follow will more than justify all your earlier efforts. Your significant relationships will be nourished by your compassion and a dose of intuition too. However, on the 24th beware of misleading a doting admirer. Your greatest achievements now will involve following your true direction. As you pursue this, you will feel differently about yourself and your priorities. The secret to success is being true to yourself and never ever losing your grip on reality.


Make the most of all the amazing and diverse people around you; you’ll soon find out how they can be an inspiration in so many different areas of life. In early August a relationship may pose new challenges and this is likely to be a ‘no pain no gain’ scenario, especially when commitment issues are raised. Stay alert around the 16th and you’ll be able to appreciate someone’s subtle charm and genuine intelligence. At the same time, you may sense that hidden motives are affecting other routine matters, but this is beyond your control for now... Just try to go with the flow. From the 27th bold ideas are especially effective and hot liaisons could well take an incredible turn. Just beware of letting personal disputes undermine your great work.

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