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Larry King has built his reputation on legendary cuts and an impressive clientele. Who better to share their haircare rules? From the importance of mousse to treating curls differently, Larry thinks everyone should follow these seven steps…
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Rule #1: Change The Way You Think About Mousse 

It’s one of the most forgotten products in the haircare world, but I use it on nearly all my clients. It works for almost every hair type and is the perfect base to blow-dry with. It’s one of the easiest products to use and definitely the most versatile. It can now fight humidity, give hair shine, definition and texture, and some even provide heat defence. My favourite is Redken’s Full Effect formula, but there are so many to play with for individual hair types and needs. 

Rule #2: Invest In The Right Tools 

Everyone should be investing in intelligent hot tools. They’re the easiest way to protect your hair in the long run. So many styling brands now have built-in heat sensors, minerals and keratins to keep hair strong and healthy, but one of my favourites is the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. I get asked about it all the time and whether it’s worth the money – I couldn’t recommend it enough. An in-built thermometer means it stops heating over 150ºC. That’s the optimum temperature, but anything over that and hair gets irreversibly damaged. When it comes to blow-dryers, look for the right nozzle for your hair type. It makes all the difference. You can now find ones for smoothing and conditioning, ones for curls, and brands like Dyson, T3 and GHD have ones for sensitive scalps.

Rule #3: Do Your Research To Find A Stylist

It sounds obvious, but so many people still don’t do this. Your hair type is individual and unique to you, so you should research stylists that have experience with similar types. We’re super lucky nowadays as nearly all hairdressers have an Instagram page that shows off their work. Look at stylists who are great working with texture similar to yours. Curls, for example, aren’t always taught as part of standard hair training programmes, so it’s key to find someone who is going to give you a haircut you can wash and dry at home to achieve the same look. Your hair should look good the whole time, not just when you walk out the salon door.

Rule #4: Be Realistic With Your Colour

As great as social media is, it can give us unrealistic colour goals. Find a good colourist and listen to what they tell you. If you want your hair lightening, talk to them about what is achievable and how many sessions it will take to get there, as well as how much it will cost and what the upkeep will be. Be prepared and know what you’re doing when it comes to colour. This is really something worth investing in. Personally, I would avoid at-home colour like the plague. That’s not just because I am a stylist myself – you never get the same results. 

Rule #5: Don’t Be Afraid Of Styling Products 

There’s become a real fear around styling products. I think people just use them wrong and then give up. But stylists and industry experts use them for good reason: they make a huge difference, often without any need for extra heat. Keep it soft and movable – solid hair is unattractive. Embrace volumising mists, texture clays and sprays. Even hairspray is a great tool for teasing strands and giving them some effortless style. On my @larrykinghaircare Instagram page, I’ve created how-tos for using different stylers for the best effects. Generally speaking, you can’t go too wrong, especially when you keep the amount you use to a minimum. 

Rule #6: Understand Your Individual Needs & Hair Type

Knowing your own hair type is one of my most important rules to live by. It sounds boring, but I truly believe the biggest mistake people make is not embracing or understanding their natural texture. So many people go against their grain – straightening curls, overusing heat tools to add waves and volume – but your hair always looks its best when you enhance what you’ve got naturally. Whether that’s with your fingers, pinching strands to create texture, or with texturising products and masks for nourishment and added sleekness. 

Rule #7: Remember That Curly Hair Requires Different Treatment

Curls were a totally forgotten texture until a couple of years ago. It’s a hair type that requires its own particular cut, blow-dry technique and styling products. The hair is often coily and springs a lot, so you also want to make sure you’re not taking too much off. Try to wash it less regularly – one of my top tricks for styling curly hair is to avoid heavy shampoo. Instead, just wet hair, add some mousse and curl cream, then tip your head upside down before drying on a low-speed setting. Let the curls set and allow the dryer to do all the work. If you touch it, you’ll just create more static. Once dry, shake out the curls and finish with a good cream like my new Social Life For Your Hair formula.

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