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From relationship to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with Astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
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Aries 21 March - 20 April

September is the ideal time for reviewing your approach to health and well-being. So, don’t associate this with that ‘back to school’, end of summer feeling; it really is the tonic you need to re-energise, and you’ll find you have more than enough energy for fun too. By the 13th this may mean taking on board an unusual suggestion that comes from an unexpected source. You are also on course for intriguing new developments in relationships, and an attraction could prove to be simply irresistible... Just this alone will make all the goals you’ve taken on less daunting. Make the most of a surprise offer from an old friend too. Just try to resist making over-the-top promises, and after the 23rd day-to-day affairs will start running much more smoothly.

Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Love, friendship and connections of all kinds will provide inspiration time and time again this month. You may feel like resisting the speculative mood other people are in, but this will work in your favour when a shift in your financial prospects turns out to be an unexpected bonus. Around the 11th your own fresh insights will prove to be a stroke of genius; and this may have huge repercussions for someone else’s money too. At the same time, just try not to take on too much at once. After the 22nd be aware of potential complications at work; the secret to success will be renewed self-confidence and belief in your top talents. From late September there can be no doubt in other people’s minds that your ideas deserve plenty of airtime. 

Gemini 22 May - 21 June 

Feeling preoccupied with security is somewhat unusual for you, so it’s wise to examine exactly why this is happening now. The truth you’ll uncover shows that a sense of belonging takes pride of place for you this month, and your most intimate connections will be a goldmine both psychologically and practically. After the 12th this may result in the urge to trace your ancestral past, and most definitely to establish deeper bonds in ongoing relationships. However, try not to find yourself feeling torn between fantasy and reality. Late September’s social whirl may well be especially romantic, and you’ll reap unique rewards via a little inspired mindreading. At the same time circumstances at home will start to become more settled.

Cancer 22 June - 22 July

The biggest, and apparently most farfetched, ideas will succeed if you attend to the details at the same time. And around the 8th thinking on your feet can’t fail to impress all and sundry. However, you’ll need to watch out for someone else’s exceptionally quick temper... From midmonth a few diplomatic tactics will pay off at home, especially as it turns out that loved-ones and family feel like indulging you... As a result, a calmer atmosphere will make it easier for you to focus on doing your own thing and forging ahead in style. Yet be aware that a financial dilemma could be rather tricky to solve later this month. After the 24th you’ll be able to make progress with a whole array of schemes and it definitely seems as if almost anything is possible.

Leo 23 July - 23 August 

Money may have been a hot topic during recent times, but now you will find that the wider concern of self-worth is the truly burning issue for you. Get to grips with this, and a hot romance will have the power to rock your world in a positive sense. Around the 14th this may require some radical moves which impact on life both at work and personally. However, some truly honest communication concerning the more nitty-gritty areas will go a very long way if you make sure that scenes don’t take an ugly turn...  From the 21st a laid-back attitude will be a huge advantage, and soon all your earlier efforts will translate into practical solutions to various ongoing issues. At the same time, you may have to take a partner’s erratic moves in your stride.

Virgo 24 Agust - 22 September 

From the beginning of September, you will have every reason to feel optimistic, despite those secret insecurities that tend to bug you from time to time... This month’s revamp at home is part and parcel of you achieving success on your own terms. Soon you’ll see how the power of words can earn you the respect you deserve, plus you’ll get to the heart of an increasingly perplexing misunderstanding. You will deserve to celebrate the sense of liberation this brings. On the 20th you may be taken unawares by a familiar and fiery scenario; yet someone’s shock tactics must not throw you off course. There will be advantages when you realise that history is somehow repeating itself. Roll with this for now and a financial headache will also be cured.

Libra 23 September - 23 October 

Opportunities for breathing space, and time to reflect, will arise throughout the month. However, it will be up to you to carve out this precious me-time and make the most of it. The major benefits to be gained from this cannot be overestimated. After the 15th you’ll discover that someone special is still capable of delivering romantic surprises, but do you really need to revisit a chaotic scenario at the same time? However, you decide to proceed from here, it’s only human to enjoy feeling irresistible. You will demonstrate real star quality when you need to. After the 24th an ongoing confusion will start to resolve itself. Take a close look at your true intentions and steer clear of asking a little too much of family and loved-ones.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November 

It goes against the grain for you to spread yourself too thinly, but in fact being something of a social butterfly has a positive purpose this September. Around the 11th you will spot a scheme that has significant financial potential, and some of your ideas will help various people around you too. It may well be time for you to recycle one of your fine - if recently overlooked - assets. Just be a tad cautious when it comes to over-facing yourself during more stressful moments. You will hit on some familiar tensions at home, despite believing they had been resolved, so a concerted effort will be called for here as well. However, this will not even get close to spoiling your dazzling progress and will simply reveal your genius at people management.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December 

Some brand new goals and aspirations will have the power to transform your life. It’s time to reassess your key priorities. Most of all this month’s original thinking will carry a lot of weight, so never ever doubt your amazing personal power. It will become clear that you can afford to aim high, so make the most of an increased, sometimes urgent, sense of purpose. However, if your day-to-day juggling act gets too fast and furious you may be in danger of dropping an important ball... After the 19th it’s time to reconsider an old and offbeat scheme, but beware of doing too much too soon. What you manage to accomplish now will be more popular with others than you may have imagined possible. This autumn is all about putting theories into practice.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January 

Your personal charisma will achieve fabulous results at work and at play throughout the month. At times, however, a nagging sense of doubt may threaten to hold you back - so it is especially important to have faith. Your uncertainty simply contains seeds of wisdom, and will ultimately inspire magnificent moves, now that you have really thought them through. From after midmonth you will become aware of all sorts of new developments, and as a result you’ll feel able to make some positive financial decisions. You can expect some stunning outcomes. You can’t fail to gain support when it counts, and after the 21st it really will be lift-off time for you… So, don’t ever forget, there is absolutely no point in being too hard on yourself.

Aquarius 21 January - 18 February 

Now you can steam ahead with the projects that matter most to you, yet you will be expected to consider someone else’s deeply buried issues too. The beauty of this is that your self-understanding will also grow in leaps and bounds. Your real friends will have the power to help you transform your life. After the 18th a few adjustments to your expectations will prove both realistic and healthy. You are entering a phase when long-term schemes could produce pure magic, if you keep your eye on the ball. After the 24th your shrewd thinking will get to the nub of personal issues too, either emotional or financial. You’ll know exactly how to make the most of things now, especially if you stay away from rather pointless squabbles over cash.

Pisces 19 February - 20 March 

A close ally promises all kinds of things that will have an impact at work and at home. This should lead to developments you will love, so try not to feel as if you must always be the one who is on a mission to save the world. However, fingers will get burnt if you appear to be taking any of the good stuff for granted. Around the 16th discussions may well be full on, and someone with authority is bound to pose challenges… this is not the time to dismiss strong opinions. However, you’ll demonstrate some truly inspired creativity when it comes to maximising your own resources. By late September any agreements or deals you have been considering can be sealed with confidence. This is the month to make a real difference to your world.

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