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Last year, one of the most popular beauty-related searches on Google included “How to apply foundation” – suggesting many of us are still unsure about what constitutes the best technique. To take out any guesswork, we spoke to vegan and cruelty-free make-up artist, Em-J, to get her tips for flawless application every time. Whether it’s always creating a smooth base, or spending a little more time buffing in the product, consider this your ultimate cheat sheet.
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Create A Glowing Base

People always skip the prep, but its key to a flawless finish. Foundation applied to dry skin quickly looks flaky and chalky. Start by applying an appropriate moisturiser for your skin, and let it sink in for five minutes before you go in with any other products – this will prevent a patchy finish and any pilling, while the cream itself will lend dewiness and luminosity. 

Prime As Needed 

Primer isn’t always necessary, but it’s good for skin which absorbs make-up fast. Not only will it help to even out skin tone and provide a silky-smooth canvas for your base, it’ll make sure your foundation doesn’t slide down your face by 4pm. The key is applying it in the right way. Use it on hotspots like the forehead, hairline and each side of your nose to knock down grease, and make sure you use your fingers for application – this will help to push product into the skin, and not leave it sitting on the surface. 

Apply Only Where Needed 

Only apply your base make-up where it’s really necessary to ensure you achieve the most natural coverage. Start in the centre of the face and slowly blend out, targeting key areas like the nose, chin and cheeks. It’s also worth using a little around the mouth - an area prone to yellowing and shadows. Try not to cake it on over your nose – especially if you have freckles. 

Don’t Paint, Buff

Technique is paramount to making sure your foundation is flawless, as are the right tools. You want your base to melt into the skin, rather than just sweeping it on top – the latter will just result in it sitting on the surface. Instead, look to brushes that have a flat base and fluffy hairs to really buff the formula into the skin. Use a dabbing motion that pushes the product down, rather than wiping it on and off in the same movement. If brushes aren’t for you, oversized beauty blenders are just as effective, and can help to take off excess as you go. Above all, if you see creases form, keep working your formula in, and be sure to buff around the jaw and hairline to avoid tidemarks. 

Blot & Set In Place

To soak up any excess oils, use blotting papers gently over your skin. Then, look to a lightweight, translucent powder to seal everything in place. You only need the tiniest amount to prevent unwanted sheen, and make sure you use a fan brush to keep application light. Only brush it over areas that get shiny and cause make-up to slip, like the T-zone. To ensure you’re not depositing too much, tap the brush onto the back of your hand so you only get a dusting of product. 

Never Forget Natural Light

Finally, always ensure you’re putting on make-up in as much natural light as possible. Step out of your bathroom and head to the nearest window when it comes to applying your foundation. It also goes without saying that you should be using a good, clean mirror. If it comes with lights, even better. It’s the only way to get everything looking even and ensuring you have properly blended make-up. If you don’t have good lighting at home, it’s worth investing – even if it’s just a portable ring light.

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