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From relationship to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with Astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
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Aries 21 March - 20 April

With spring in the air, now is the time to make sure you don’t miss out on the fabulous opportunities coming your way. As early as the 2nd you should feel confident enough to just go for it (whatever this might mean to you personally). Your intuition is your most powerful ally and will help you tune into the issues closest to your heart. By midmonth you will be on course to work miracles. However, whatever else transpires, make sure you give yourself every chance of success at work too. From around the 21st you will definitely be in your element, so can put into practice some of the schemes you have been mulling over in private. As an added bonus this will have an amazing – possibly dramatic – impact on a very special relationship. 

Taurus 21 April - 21 May

This March many of the people in your life will come up trumps for you. A significant conversation amongst friends will produce some dynamic ideas, and this should automatically give you a solid head start. However, you may need to make a few tricky choices between your sense of duty and an inspirational venture; and right now it is vital to beware of an overly short term view. Think through the key issues very carefully in order to decide the most effective way to invest your time, your energy and of course your passion. After the 23rd other people’s words may well be music to your ears, but you are the one who is the most likely to weave pure magic. This will definitely be your cue to express your most inspired and creative self.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

With a whole array of planets lined up in your favour, believe me when I say this really is the time for you to play to win. By the 5th you will know exactly how to speak to someone with power and influence, and this may well have an impact on your future earnings. However, this is by no means a solo mission and teamwork will prove essential, so never underestimate people-power. At the same time you will understand exactly how to make a particular person appreciate your considerable talents. After the 21st you will have your chance to spread the net more widely and engage with entirely new people on the scene, both for business and for pleasure… You’ll soon sort out the wheat from the chaff and make your own distinctive impact.

Cancer 22 June - 22 July

March is the month to forge your way ahead, and to have no fear of being as ambitious as you like. At the same time you will need to avoid getting entangled in any unnecessary domestic dramas. By around the 10th you should start feeling revitalised and will be able to use your high energy levels to your own and other people’s advantage. Without any doubt this is the time to show you mean business. From the 18th you will be poised to set your sights higher whether at work or personally, so do your best not to succumb to anyone’s attempts at manipulation. After the 26th it may well be time to book that holiday you’ve been yearning for. A loved-one is in a carefree mood but concrete plans must be thrashed out in all seriousness too. 

Leo 23 July - 23 August

Spring 2020 is the season to take off on a priority mission, which should largely be about your own happiness and personal well-being. Meanwhile, developments at work could lead to figuring out how to earn more cash. This will require plenty of concentration and effort, so be sure to remember never to under-sell yourself. Yet at all times be absolutely certain that you really want whatever it is you are aiming for…as you have definitely got what it takes to achieve it. After the 16th your long-term view will become a whole lot clearer, and the spirit of adventure moves things on. It will no longer seem like such a tall order to improve your professional prospects. Pay attention to the details and then some great results will be yours.

Virgo 24 August - 22 September

You like to believe your word is your bond, and now is the time to demonstrate this in a number of different arenas. From early this March an insightful friend will motivate you to speak openly and frankly with someone you must deal with closely. You really won’t regret taking the plunge. This is not the time to shy away from taking risks. Maturity, and a strong sense of self, will have wild and wonderful repercussions for your love life, too. However, after the 22nd you will need to look more deeply into the reasons for someone else’s behaviour, and getting to grips with this could revolutionise a very important relationship.  After the 26th another person’s offer will prove to be a gift, so don’t be too shy to accept it.

Libra 23 September - 23 October

Your diplomatic skills and ability to play the peacemaker will definitely come into their own this March. On numerous levels relationships, or partnerships in all their forms, will be allowed to flourish. Just make sure you don’t let anyone undermine you, especially at work. Around midmonth your clever solutions to problems will earn brownie points, so it would be a shame to get distracted by a more personality-driven drama, which will only prove to be a storm in a teacup anyway. After the 21st you’ll start to see how collaborations, involving both friends and colleagues, truly can be gold-dust. Other people are promoting your interests and clearly want your input into theirs. Before long a loved-one’s feelings will become much clearer too.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

From early spring you will be poised to lay crucial foundations for future projects, which will include career-related schemes. Take heart from this, and be prepared for action when it comes to your most highly valued plans, visions, and - equally importantly - desires. At the same time don’t underestimate some witty banter on the 12th… flirtatious words are far more than just light-hearted fun, as you’ll realise someone has insight into your dreams for the future. After the 24th you should feel equipped to get stuck in and tackle more practical implications, as they are bound to arise. Establishing order at this point in the year will pave the way to future success, and it may well prove to be a major boost for your love life too.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

As the days grow longer and lighter, of course you’ll be in the mood to play. There is nothing to stop you, as long as you recognise the scene is also set to raise on-going financial issues with family and/or housemates. You will discover that sound solutions are closer to hand than you had previously realised. Having courage in your convictions, in all areas of life, will no doubt gain you plenty of kudos with an authority figure too. By the 20th you will most definitely deserve some fun and entertainment, so be sure to maximise your opportunities. Soon enough you will be bowled over by how highly you are viewed in another person’s eyes. In one way or another you will be an absolute heroine if you can avoid glossing over reality.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

You may be holding back from making certain moves at work, but a trusted colleague or friend will spur you on to pursue potentially ground-breaking ideas. No one should be allowed to make you feel compromised. Just be sure you don’t miss your big moment when it comes early in the month. You have got what it takes to convince anyone of pretty much anything, if you are prepared to confront and overcome old fears. From around the 21st the spotlight will fall more specifically on domestic issues, and you are very definitely expected to have an input. This will create positive repercussions all-round. Draw on your stamina and resolve in order to make important changes, but you may need to convince someone you love. 

Aquarius 21 January - 18 February

There was never a better time for taking chances and being prepared to speculate. Although, obviously, it’s wise to do some homework first in order to calculate some of the risks involved. Throwing yourself into a kind of re-organisation drive will work wonders for your self-esteem too, and a brand new moneymaking idea may well also emerge from this. After the 14th it’s time to use your original mind to its full effect, as you will receive various propositions that you should not miss out on. By late March you will be in no doubt about someone else’s strong views concerning your ideas and approach, but there is no need for this to throw you off course. Believe fully in the fact that it truly is time for you to seize the day.

Pisces 19 February - 20 March

How you express yourself, at work and socially, will inspire a huge amount of respect and admiration. And you can’t ignore the fact that some erotic interactions will put a definite spring in your step. However, someone you look up to will adopt a hard-line approach if you go too far when it comes to social excess... Dangers may well lie in getting too carried away. By the 19th you will be poised to focus on your genuine priorities, whether these are emotional and/or practical. If you feel at all confused, a genuine friend’s influence and advice will prove absolutely invaluable. During late March it seems as if you can talk your way into and out of anything, so make the most of it. Just be especially determined to turn words into positive action.

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