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It’s estimated that, as a country, we spend £442 million a year on supplements in a quest to boost our health. But how do you know which ones are actually worth taking? We caught up with the UK’s top wellness practitioners to discover the vitamins, supplements, herbs and powders they rely on.
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Victoria Health Mega Probiotic ND, £19.50

“Did you know over 80% of your immunity lies in your gut? And that there are more bacteria in the human body than cells? A good-quality probiotic is a must, helping to keep inflammation at bay, support the immune system and ease gastric discomfort. But it pays to take the right one – the stomach is highly acidic and will destroy the vast majority of bacteria you ingest. This probiotic supplement contains eight strains of bacteria that have a special coating to prevent them from being broken down in the gut. It’s also dairy free, which is great for those sensitive to dairy products.” – Shabir Daya, MRPharmS, co-founder of Victoria Health

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Solgar Astragalus Root Extract, £21.25

“Astragalus is considered one of the most important herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It is an adaptogen super herb that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cellular regeneration powers, helping to bring the body back into balance. It also stimulates the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid, controlling signs of skin ageing, and has been shown to bring relief from symptoms of seasonal allergies.” – Dr John Tsagaris, acupuncturist and Chinese medical expert

Available at Victoria Health


The Organic Pharmacy Colon Cleanse & Gut Repair Capsules, £32

“Concentrated with cleansing burdock root, barley grass, chlorella, alfalfa and psyllium husks, these clever capsules support rejuvenation at a cellular level. Helping to gradually and gently cleanse the body, they will support the liver and kidneys, as well as kick-start the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. Expect better digestion, glowing skin, more energy and enhanced mental clarity.” – Adam Kielbasa, head of education at The Organic Pharmacy

Available at The Organic Pharmacy


Zenflore, £40

“Studies carried out with this new-gen probiotic – frequently referred to as a ‘psychobiotic’ – suggest taking it for four weeks can significantly reduce stress responses, fatigue and anxiety. Psychobiotics are probiotics which can improve your mental health – they contain unique cultures proven to increase activity in the areas of your brain associated with emotions, learning and memory.” – Dr Michael Mosley

Available at PrecisionBiotics


Hello Day Brain & Heart Maintain, £24

“With veganism on the rise, nutrients from animal products such as omega 3 need to be accounted for – our bodies cannot make these fats, therefore they are essential within the diet. Omega-3s support brain function, vision and cardiovascular health, although plant-based sources of omega-3 tend to be in a form that’s not bioavailable. Algae oil, however, is a sustainable, vegan source of high-quality omega-3 fats – not many brands sell it, but Hello Day’s version is my top choice.” – Lily Soutter, nutritionist 

Available at HelloDay


Biona Apple Cider Vinegar, £3.29

“Optimal digestion is key – if you aren’t absorbing your food properly then you’ll be missing out on key nutrients too. A broad spectrum digestive enzyme can help but I recommend starting with some apple cider vinegar, which is a more affordable alternative. Like other fermented foods, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar contains healthy bacteria, which keep your digestive system working properly. Apple cider vinegar can also neutralise stomach acid, tackling problems like indigestion and heartburn.” – Rebecca Pilkington, nutritional therapist 

Available at Biona


Solgar Super Cod Liver Oil Complex, £12.99

“Supplements are only part of the picture when comes to health, but they can be a great way to get in high concentrations of vitamins and minerals to quickly address any imbalances. If you are suffering with your skin – primarily with acne and breakouts – it could be worth taking vitamin A, a nutrient that plays a key role in cell repair. Cod liver oil is a great way to up your levels of vitamin A without overdoing it.” – Rebecca Pilkington

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BetterYou Vitamin D Spray, £8.45

“Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and is essential for bone health. It is also thought to play a role with immune regulation and conditions such as SAD. In the UK, we don’t obtain sufficient sunlight over the winter months, which is why you should supplement with 10mcg per day between October and April. Plus, there are very few foods that provide vitamin D – egg yolks, salmon, mackerel and sardines are the best sources. If you are over the age of 65, have darker skin, are housebound or regularly cover up when outdoors, you should consider supplementing year-round.” – Lily Soutter

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Patrick Holford ImmuneC, £20.64

“I take this year-round and recommend it to all my clients. It’s a potent antioxidant complex with vitamin C and zinc, both vital to support the body’s natural defences. It also contains plant extracts of black elderberry and ginger, which also bolster the immune system and provide all-round antioxidant support.” – Amanda Griggs, nutritionist at the Khera-Griggs Cleanse Clinic at Urban Retreat

Available at Patrick Holford


Wild Nutrition Food Grown Selenium, £15.50

“Selenium is a key nutrient important for supporting our antioxidant system, helping to buffer and balance our bodies’ defence against all perceived and physical stress. While I believe in a food first approach to achieving healthy levels of vitamins and minerals, the average UK intake of selenium has been shown to be below dietary recommendations, most likely due to low levels in our soil, which then impacts everything from breads to meat and fish.” – Gideon Remfry, wellness director at KX and KXU

Available at Wild Nutrition

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