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From relationship to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with Astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
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Aries 21 March - 20 April

The challenges we all face are likely to make any Aries feel especially restricted and confined. This May, your most inspired response is to pursue long-term prospects, as a meaningful vision of the future will take you far. Your fiery spirit sparks into life when you aim at targets and embrace adventure. From midmonth, clever lateral thinking may lead to good news for your bank balance, too. Surprising opportunities will arise after the 14th, although you could lose sight of a true gem because of someone else’s distracting influence. From the 20th, you’ll glimpse an attractive possibility that suits you perfectly, and this is all about knowing where your true strengths lie. Self-knowledge will guide you towards the results you really need.

Taurus 21 April - 21 May

You have all the tools, and the talent, to improve your state of mind and to be a positive influence for your loved-ones. This May you are certainly being asked to draw on your amazing inner resources, and on legendary Taurus stamina. Striking out to make a difference will involve a fair amount of problem-solving from midmonth, but take heart that you are superbly equipped for the tasks ahead. Someone with authority has a tendency to create confusion, yet with patience you’ll easily head this off. By drawing on your staying power, you’ll be on a roll by the 25th and will soon have others eating out of your hand. This is your time to make bold plans for later in 2020 and to enjoy the admiration and respect you so obviously deserve.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

Your quicksilver brain will work its usual miracles, and even if your Gemini wings feel clipped at this time, you’ll find you are especially inventive when exploring all kinds of ideas as they arise. Your communication skills are second to none, so make the most of this. Numerous dreams and schemes may be running through your mind, so be sure to investigate them. It’s also essential for your well-being that you maintain contact with your loved-ones and get as creative as possible in your interactions, however remotely. After the 16th your imagination is in full flight and you’ll surprise yourself. Soon enough you will be approached with an intriguing offer, so examine all its repercussions – an aspiration that seemed out of reach is now a very real possibility. 

Cancer 22 June - 22 July

However demanding life is, you are wise to focus on self-care and allow yourself to be pampered. You especially, as a Cancerian, can actively benefit from being at home; and solitude is ideal for soul-searching, too. Meanwhile, it’s increasingly important to stay closely in touch with loved-ones, albeit from afar. True friends will prove their weight in gold, so don’t miss out on the ways they are reaching out to you. Surprises, and blasts from the past too, are also on the agenda. However, news you receive around the 18th may be a little deceptive, and tempt you to over-commit. Aim to keep things simple where possible, as in this way you will succeed. Meanwhile an on-going – if distant – romantic dilemma poses a racy riddle to keep you on your toes.

Leo 23 July - 23 August

This is a complex and testing time for you on multiple levels. Yet it also presents unique chances for personal empowerment, whether obvious or not. In forms you can’t imagine, charmed opportunities will come your way this May. You really can pursue future career goals now, not to mention personal desires. And in your typical Leo way, you’ll shine bright at the centre of it all. So never lose sight of the fact that you are a stunning creative force of nature. After midmonth remain focused, as you must not allow a well-meaning fantasist to lead you astray. If you are willing to check the facts, you’ll find your moves can be truly inspired. Yet from the 28th, knowing that you are able to make dreams come true could tempt you to over-promise occasionally.

Virgo 24 August - 22 September

More than ever, it’s essential for you to avoid getting hung up on minor details. The bigger picture is definitely the one you need to focus on, and when you succeed with this you are bound to feel good; plus you’ll soon start reaping the benefits. From midmonth, some favourite plans will start shaping up and this means discussing them with those you may have been keeping in the dark. By the 20th, the smart way to make an impact is simply to allow uncertainty to disturb your Virgo attachment to routine. During this period, an element of chaos could be miraculously productive. On the 22nd someone gives you an extraordinary ego boost, and the sort of sparks you enjoy will fly! Now you’ll know how unique a particular relationship really is.

Libra 23 September - 23 October  

With apparently unlimited time on your hands, and space for reflection, your challenge is to ask some searching questions. This takes courage, but some rewards may be instant. From the 6th, you’ll already be on track towards a more optimistic mind-set, and should have confidence in your dreams for the future. Soon you’ll be giving a friend food for thought, too. Various developments will be astonishing, and with an open mind you’ll relish it all. But beware of flirtatious moves online that are a touch too slick and calculated. After the 21st you’ll enjoy a true, and fun, connection, so recognise how a unique individual is in fact a godsend – every Libran deserves fair and balanced relations. You’ll make the most of dramatic shifts in outgrown attitudes and beliefs.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

Digging deep and turning discoveries – that may seem mundane – into treasure is your Scorpio birth-right. This May you are set to maximise your powers of transformation. You’ll soon see how this boosts your self-esteem, well-being and even your sense of excitement. However, try to avoid unnecessary dramas. Fresh insight into an intriguing relationship is yours, and by midmonth you’ll decide how you fit into this, and what you actually want. However, from the 19th, someone close to your heart could cloud the issue with their own vivid ideas. It’s vital not to be swayed by this. Late May will reveal quite clearly how someone adores you, so be prepared to take a chance, although it may be at a distance. A breath-taking experience is around the corner.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

The desire to broaden your horizons is as strong as usual. This month is no time for mindless risk-taking, but you can enjoy more subtle, yet thrilling, speculation. You’ll thrive by exploring new possibilities, on-line courses, and reading about subjects that excite you. A fresh injection of culture is bound to elevate your spirits. Inspiration of all sorts is at your fingertips, and being Sagittarius, you simply must pursue it. Big ideas that come up will require time and attention yet this is the perfect distraction from existential anxiety. You’ll gain tools to maximise your future opportunities; the goal is to balance your priorities as your talents assume new dimensions. By the 25th a generous gesture adds colour to everyday life, and you’ll discover the true beauty of simplicity.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

However solitary life can seem, and however determined you are to do things the right, i.e. Capricorn, way, you are also poised to unlock the secret to another person’s heart. Someone special will work sheer magic when it comes to your self-confidence, and you can allow yourself, within reason, to fall under their spell. It’s clear that this unexpected attention has the power to lift your heart, yet knowing how to appreciate yourself and your gifts is the key to the greatest self-fulfilment. The main drawback this month is spending time and energy on irrelevant worries and concerns that simply sap energy. You will excel if you are confident of your right to express yourself, as well as enjoying being the object of someone else’s admiration.

Aquarius 21 January - 18 February

Of course your loved-ones take prime position this month, and they will need to be your focus much of the time. Yet, from the 8th, their real impact comes as a revelation, so be sure to enjoy it. At the same time never underestimate the Aquarian instinct to demonstrate your strong social conscience. You, more than anyone, can gain so much by making a wider contribution. This may be the time to express yourself as a political animal, in big ways or small. After midmonth people you may have under-estimated will show their true colours, which provides maximum stimulation and fun. Magic is in the air when it comes to all your communications. At an intimate level, you’ll soon discover who truly loves you, and there can be no doubt as to how much you’ll value this. 

Pisces 19 February - 20 March

Compassion and empathy are among your most sublime Piscean gifts. Without any doubt they are priceless qualities to possess right now. Never underestimate how much of a sense of purpose and self-fulfilment using your talents will give you. Meanwhile, by midmonth, some of your new plans for the future have the potential to make your fortune too - don’t be tempted to dismiss them because they seem self-serving. Never forget to look after yourself as well as others. It’s also wise to ignore silly speculation that is flying around online... a figure in the background is adept (quite harmlessly) at trying to confuse you. Simply breathe and choose to ignore this kind of ‘noise’. By staying focused on what matters most, you will attract all the love and support you need.

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