7 Expert Tips For Growing Out Damaged Hair

There are many factors which can affect the length and condition of your hair – from diet and stress, to excessive heat styling and colouring. But there’s no reason to lose hope. Here, celebrity hair stylist and Charles Worthington ambassador, Ken O’Rourke explains how to rescue frazzled hair and encourage healthy growth…

Be Gentle With Wet Hair

Brushing your hair when its wet, and the strands most fragile, will cause breakage and splitting. Try combing a conditioner through your hair immediately after you’ve washed it. This will bind products right into the hair shaft for maximum benefits, plus, the smoothness of the formula will mean you’re less likely to pull or snag. Look for products containing proteins, as these will strengthen the hair from the root, in turn promoting growth. The same goes for drying your hair after washing it. Avoid any vigorous towel-drying as this can cause extra damage to the cuticle. Instead, loosely wrap your hair in a towel and leave it to dry, naturally. 

Use Coconut Oil Wisely 

Dry, parched hair is not good for natural regrowth. To counteract brittle strands, invest in coconut oil. It’s incredibly nourishing, working like a secret weapon to repair damage and conceal split ends. You can use it wet, or dry, but it will help with dry texture almost immediately. Try slathering it on from root to tip, and then twist your hair into a bun. This way, you’ll be conditioning your hair for hours, with chic bonus points, too. I would advise those with finer hair use it sparingly – it’s very rich and can make hair limp.

Don’t Rely On Haircuts

A common misconception about hair growth is that regular trimming makes it grow faster – it doesn’t. While haircuts are essential and will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, they work from the bottom, and growth begins at the top, in the follicles in your scalp. That’s why hair treatments are essential when it comes to to strengthening and lengthening, so find a good conditioning routine and stick to it. 

Take The Right Supplements

They’re not the only solution, but the right supplements will help to strengthen the follicle, in turn, promoting healthier hair and growth. Look to those that contain biotin (vitamin B7), a key component that’s proven to maintain your hair’s growth cycle over time. 

Keep Heat Styling To A Minimum

Heat causes damage, unfortunately, and there’s no way around that. Excessive styling can cause significant trauma to the hair, with some tools causing dehydration, rapid water loss and protein damage – all of which prevent growth. That doesn’t mean you should avoid it at all costs, but you should limit usage as much as possible. If you’re using tools, make sure you always spritz on a heat protective product first as this will significantly prevent damage – some even block heat up to 235°C. 

Invest In Targeted Treatments 

Heavy-duty conditioners are a worthy investment if you’re looking to grow out damaged hair. Look for leave-in formulas which are incredibly restorative and will protect hair from further damage, reinforcing hair fibres and leave it intensely nourished. 

Finally, Try A Texturiser 

Growing out hair, damaged or not, is a lengthy process. A great tip for concealing any brittleness as you go is to try a texturiser. They’re a great way of concealing dry strands as they coat the hair to give it a ‘lived-in’ look, therefore hiding any obvious signs of breakage. Sadly, they’re not a lasting solution, so make sure you’re maintaining a good haircare regime daily for long-term results. 

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