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Studies show 9.3 million face wipes are flushed daily, contributing to 93% of sewer blockages. But cleansing doesn’t have to be so wasteful – sales of reusable cotton pads and facial cloths are on the rise, and not just because they’re kinder to the planet. Because you can use them more than 500 times, they're bound to save you money. Here are some of the best, as well as how to use them…
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Face Halo Make-Up Remover, £17.95

These small pads were an instant hit when they first launched, and continue to be one of the most popular options on the market. Double-sided, they’re soft and fluffy for a gentle cleanse, and only require water to work – though a drop of cleanser will yield better results, especially when it comes to stubborn eye make-up. Pop them into the washing machine, or use a cleanser and water to give them a quick clean. Lasting up to 500 uses (that's roughly a year’s worth), you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. 

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Green & Blue Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads, £12.99

Made from bamboo, these make-up remover pads have been designed with sustainability in mind. Soft and fluffy, they work with water, make-up remover or micellars to melt away mascara and foundation. Once you’ve exhausted each one, they can be recycled, along with the laundry bag, so you’re never throwing anything away.

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Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Make-Up Remover, £19.99

An Amazon best-seller, this reusable option feels just like a self-tanning mitt. Made with a towelling material, it’s gentle on all skin types and can be lathered up with both water and a gentle soap. It will last you up to two years and can either be cleaned in your washing machine, or with your regular cleanser, before being left to air dry. You’ll find it makes light work of waterproof formulas and mascara, too. 

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Lcdolida Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads, £8.79

Larger in size than other pads, these will cover a wide surface area for a full cleanse. Made from cotton and bamboo, expect minimal smears or leftover streaks. Use them with just water, or with a blob of cleanser. They also come with a large bag so you can wash them all together for ease – just be sure not to tumble dry them to avoid shrinkage. 

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Primark The Come Clean Cloth, £2.50

Beauty journalist Nadine Baggott alerted us to these affordable, yet highly effective cloths. Super soft, they work with any cleanser and water to break down make-up without ever irritating or stripping the skin. Just like others on this list, rinse in the washing machine afterwards, or clean with soap for a quick fix. You won’t be disappointed. 

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Vanderohe Sasawashi Exfolating Face Cloth, £12

Single cloths are just as effective as towels and pads. This one from Vanderohe is made from an all-natural fabric, combining Japanese paper and bamboo for added antibacterial benefits. It works to exfoliate, cleanse and absorb excess oil in one sweep, while simultaneously boosting circulation. Use it for three days before putting it into the wash. A multi-tasking staple. 
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Tabitha Eve Make-Up Reusable Pads, £6

These small pads can be used to remove make-up, nail varnish or to apply toners for maximum absorption. Soft in texture, they have just the right amount of friction to latch onto any oil or make-up. What’s more, they’re made from biodegradable fabric, so you can chuck them in with your compost when you’re done. 

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The MakeUp Eraser Make-Up Remover Cloth, £15.67

There’s a reason this cult classic continues to get five-star ratings. A super soft towel that removes every single trace of make-up, it can be thrown in the wash ready for its next use. Simply run it under warm water, wring out excess moisture, hold it over your skin for 30-45 seconds and gently move it around to shift all make-up. Reviewers claim it lasts for at least three years, given how easy it is to clean. 

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