How To Enhance Your Highlights – Without Using Dye

According to statistics, we spend over £50k in our lifetime colouring our hair. With that huge number in mind, we asked four experts how to extend the life of your highlights with the latest enhancers on the shelves. From the importance of nourishing masks to why you should invest in a gloss, adopt these simple hacks to prolong your colour and reduce your haircare costs.

Try To Wash Your Hair Less

“Extending the life of your highlights starts in the shower. Over-washing your hair will, A. get rid of your natural oils and B. wash your tone out quicker – in short, the longer you can get away with not washing your hair, the better,” advises HARI’s creative colourist Francesca Dixon. “Likewise, using a clarifying shampoo or a cheap, shop-owned brand will wash your colour out a lot quicker as they often strip the hair, so be savvy with your choice.” 

Look To Glossing Treatments 

“Glossing products are on the increase, and for good reason,” explains top colourist Josh Wood. “They work to add shine to your hair, which in turn boosts your colour in between salon appointments. What’s so great about them is they liven up dullness and hit refresh easily with minimal fuss. Think of them like a coloured conditioner, so they care for your hair while adding toner and uplifting your hue – they are a bit of a one-stop shop.” 

Always Use Heat Protectors

“It sounds simple but it’s essential,” says Headmasters creative ambassador Jonathan Soons. “This is important at all times, but especially after the first week of colouring your hair. Hot tools – like hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs – speed up the process of fading, whereas a heat protector will add a good barrier, meaning less chance of your colour evaporating. Also, shampoos and conditioners with in-built tints will keep colour going for both redheads and brunettes.” 

Clean Your Hair Before You Dye It

“This may sound like an odd one, but long-term it really makes the difference,” says Francesca. “You should always use a clarifying shampoo pre-appointment to remove any build up and/or make sure you remove any product at your root, so it doesn’t act as a barrier for your colour or dye. Doing this will make a huge difference to how long your tone lasts after your appointment – trust me. On top of this, if you’re a blonde, using a silver shampoo at home once every few weeks will make a huge difference to your colour, while keeping yellow tones at bay for longer.” 

Check The Ingredients List

“The ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner make a big difference to how long your colour will last,” warns Josh. “It’s key to avoid any products that include parabens and sulphates as these strip the hair. Instead, you want nourishing formulas and products that promise to prolong and enhance your colour so that you’re maintaining your highlights and the radiance of your hair. Always check the ingredients label before you go ahead and purchase anything.” 

Invest In The Right Dry Shampoo

“As mentioned, glosses are great for enhancing tone, but if you’re on a budget, a tinted dry shampoo is just as effective at disguising roots, and boosting colour too,” adds Francesca. “The Colour Wow Palette is one of my favourite products to blend and even out your tone, while lending a bit of volume at the root, which is essential for disguising any colour that’s growing out.” 

Do Use Nourishing Masks & Treatments

“Hair treatments and masks, with or without pigment, will keep your hair healthy overall, and in turn this will lock your pigment inside the hair shaft for longer,” recommends Rahua co-founder Fabian Lliguin. “I also recommend skipping shampoo every time you wash. Just use a plant-oil based conditioner, which will coat each strand of the hair and protect the colour that’s sat there.” Josh agrees: “I would always advise focusing on conditioning and hydrating the hair – the better the condition of yours at the beginning of your colour, the longer-lasting any result will be. Use a mask at least once a week, like my Colour Everything formula. It locks colour in, prevents fade and maintains condition.” 


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