The Best Strengthening Treatments For Your Nails

If you suffer from brittle nails, you’ll know how irritating is it when you grow them out, only for them to break. Thankfully, there are several affordable remedies on the market designed to strengthen, condition and maintain your nails. From hardening varnishes to daily hydrators, these are some of the best treatments and tips to know.

The Hardening Oil: Nails Inc Superfood Repair Oil, £12 (was £15)

There are so many cuticle oils available these days, but Nails Inc’s vegan, cruelty-free formula is our go-to. Brimming with argan, sweet almond and rosehip oils, it strengthens and prevents breakage – and it’s especially effective once your gels are off. Added vitamin A means nails get an added layer of protection too from daily aggressors, like UV and pollution. Expect your nails to feel healthy and much stronger. 
Top Tip: “It’s no secret cuticle oil is beneficial for your nails,” says manicurist and expert Loui-Marie Ebanks. “If you don’t already have one, make it the one thing you order for your nails throughout the cooler months. Use it all over the nail, right down and around to the cuticles. Regular use will keep the whole area nourished and prevent dryness. This Nails Inc formula is especially good for penetrating deep down into the nail bed.” 

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The Does-It-All Basecoat: Jessica Critical Care For Soft Nails, £12.60

Dubbed ‘intensive care’ for weak or soft nails, experts swear by this bottle and the clever ingredients inside. Keratin, soy and wheat protein boost flexibility, while stimulating the nail for enhanced growth, too. When used on a regular basis, it bonds the layers of your nail together to prevent peeling, chipping or splitting. You can apply one or two coats – either way you’ll get a high-shine finish. 

Top Tip: “Don’t believed that ‘nails need to breathe,’” adds Jessica’s resident nail expert, Georgina Walker. “Unless you’re regularly applying gels, your nails don’t need a break from polish. So, keep them covered with a solid, strengthening base coat. It works like a shield to prevent breakage or splitting. An easy addition to make to your beauty routine while giving your nails the TLC they need.” 

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The Speedy Treatment: Nail HQ Strengthener, £6.71

With coconut oil, keratin proteins and exfoliating acids, this well-loved strengthener will bring even the weakest nails back to life. A great option for those seeking speedy results, it offers results within two to three days, with a shiny, healthier finish to boot. It’s easy to apply, too, with a wide brush that covers the entire surface area, seamlessly. Just bear in mind it needs using regularly – as soon as you stop, dryness and flaking will reoccur. 

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The High-Street Option: Cutex All-In-One Nail Strengthener Treatment, £4.99

Great for those on a budget, this all-in-one formula earns rave reviews. Designed to keep torn nails intact, it helps to prime, smooth and prevent staining. Apply a few layers for a hard, chip resistant layer that locks in moisture, and to keep peeling and dryness at bay. You can use it on top of any nail polish, too, and still get the same optimum results. 

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The Daily Hydrator: CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment, £12.92

We were recommended this to treat yellowing nails – and it works. Created with keratin protein (a main component of the natural nail) it works to strengthen it and the surrounding skin to prevent further infection. Jojoba and sweet almond oil are key ingredients, both of which work to reduce peeling, yellowing or white spots for healthier-looking nails. You’ll notice a difference within a week – providing you stick to the guidelines to use it twice a day for two weeks. 
Top Tip: “Formulas that contain ingredients like jojoba oils and shea butter are essential for providing much-needed nourishment,” finishes Loui. “Known for their softening benefits, they work quickly to remedy scraggy nails and withered skin. Don’t be afraid to mix things together, either, and always keep up with the treatment every single day – your hands and nails will come out stronger for it.” 

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The All-Rounder: Duri Rejuvacote Heal & Cure Split Cracked Nails, £11.53

Created with better growth in mind, this is the treatment regularly spied in the pros’ kits. Formulated with the proteins keratin and calcium, it penetrates deep down into the nail to seal in moisture, while fatty acids prevent dry flakiness. It has a pretty pink tint to it as well to give your tips a healthy glow. A must-try if you regularly use polish or gels.

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The Nourishing Cream: Leighton Denny Renovate Nail Repair Cream, £8.40 (was £12)

It’s not just your hands that require extra nourishment, creams for your nails are just as essential. Leighton Denny’s is widely known to be one of the best on the market, thanks to a host of vitamins and essential oils that nourish and repair both the nail and skin around it. Apply a generous amount all over, every day, to see results. The handy tube is easy to throw in your bag too, for days where you’re on-the-go. 

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