What’s New At The Supermarket For Veganuary

Those keen to see Veganuary through will be glad to hear there are plenty of delicious swaps to make, a lot of which are not only healthier choices but better for the planet, too. Here are some of our favourite supermarket new-ins to add to your trolley this month.
 What’s New At The Supermarket For Veganuary

The Groovy Food Company Cooking Sprays

Award-winning British brand, The Groovy Food Company has expanded its range of convenient one calorie cooking sprays with three new editions: Organic Butter Flavour Cooking Spray, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Spray and Organic Sunflower Oil Cooking Spray. Produced by blending the finest plant-based ingredients, the easy spray format makes them ideal to use every day.

Available from Waitrose.com

Stacks of Goodness

Following months of research and taste testing, Stacks of Goodness founders Philipa and Tanya have created a range of tasty pancake mixes. Unlike other pancake mixes, Stacks of Goodness focuses on the good stuff – all mixes are vegan, low in sugar, gluten-free, and high in protein. Choose from Strawberry, Double Chocolate or Vanilla & Blueberry.

Available from Ocado.com 

Saclà Vegan Chilli Pesto

This new pesto recipe has swapped the usual cheese with tofu, making it the ideal choice for plant-based and dairy-free foodies. Made with chillies, juicy ripe tomatoes and sweet red peppers, use it straight on veggies, or in tacos, pasta, sandwiches, noodles and rice.

Available from Waitrose.com

Tanya’s Just Real Sauces

The only cold-pressed, fresh cooking sauce on the market, Tanya’s Just Real Sauces are packed with natural ingredients and full of flavour, in one perfectly formed recyclable bottle. With zero preservatives, additives or manufactured stabilisers, they are also gluten, wheat, lactose, dairy and salt free. Choose from Fiery Fiasco, Smokey Cokey, and Teriyaki Malarkey.

Available from Waitrose.com 

The Collective Plant Yoghurts

This new range of plant-based Greek-style yoghurt alternatives from The Collective is now available in four delicious flavours – Natural, Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Fudge. Made with a unique blend of oats, coconut and rice to create a thick and creamy base, then layered with delicious low sugar compotes, it’s perfect for those who like to switch between dairy and dairy-free or want to avoid dairy altogether.

Available from all major supermarkets later this month

No.1 Living Kefir Water

This lightly sparkling fermented drink has added live cultures and comes in two flavours – Strawberry Water Kefir With Rhubarb, and Lemon Water Kefir With Yuzu & Mint. The recipe combines water kefir with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to create a refreshing, lightly sparkling soft drink that is 100% natural, sugar free and full of live cultures, clocking in at only four calories per 100ml, providing a dairy-free alternative to milk-based kefir and a caffeine-free alternative to kombucha.

Available from Sainsburys.co.uk

Mr Lee’s Noodles 

This new instant noodle soup makes a perfect quick-fix meal and comes in two vegan flavours – Dragon Fire Vegetables and Zen Garden Vegetables. Low in sugar, salt and saturated fat, the entire cup is under 208 calories and is made using 100% recycled packaging. A comforting but healthy winter warmer.

Available from Ocado.com 


Crafted from cold-ressed pea protein to retain both flavour and nutrients, Crackd The No-Egg Egg is the UK’s first vegan liquid egg replacement. Rich in vitamin B12 and allergen-free, this new replacement product has been crafted especially for those who don’t want to compromise on taste or convenience. 

Available from M&S Foodhalls nationwide and at TheVeganKindSupermarket.com 

Beleaf Shots

Beleaf Cultured Shots are fortified with Vitamin B6 and four strains of live active vegan cultures to support overall gut health, boost your immune system and help fight fatigue. They’re available in a strawberry flavour, exclusively at Asda.

Available from Asda.com

Violife Cocospread

Cocospread has just a quarter of the sugar, half the fat and half the calories found in other chocolate spread products on the market. What’s more, as well as being free from dairy, it is also free from allergens, nuts, palm oil, preservatives, GMO and cholesterol. Try it on toast, pancakes, ice cream and waffles, and it’s perfect for baking in cakes, tarts, muffins and brownies, too.

Available from Asda.com 

Hellmann’s Vegan Baconnaise

Best served with a vegan burger or in a meatless BLT, this plant-based spread is rich, creamy and tastes almost like the real thing, so flexis missing their bacon fix can fill the gap. There’s also new Garlic Vegan Mayo and Chipotle Vegan Mayo to try as part of the range.

Available from Ocado.com

Doughlicious Lite Bites

Made in the UK, Doughlicious Lite Bites are a new range of ready-to-eat cookie dough bites. Chocoholics will love Coco Delight, Chocolate Peanut Crunch and Orange Chocolate, while traditionalists will adore the classic Chocolate Chip. There’s also Apple Crumble and Lemon Raspberry for a fabulously fruity treat – all with 52% less sugar than comparable cookie dough brands. 

Available from PlanetOrganic.com 

Moving Mountains Plant-based Fish Fingers

Moving Mountains, the pioneering British food tech company that launched the UK’s first plant-based bleeding burger, is set to launch its first plant-based fish offering. The ‘Fish Fingers’ have a succulent, flaky texture and are coated in crunchy golden breadcrumbs, and – best of all – can be cooked from frozen in just five minutes.

Available from Waitrose.com

Fancy Plants Silky Pots

For a guilt-free dessert, try a Fancy Plants Silky Pot – plant-based puddings which are available in Chocolate and Chocolate Salted Caramel flavours. Named after its smooth as silk texture, they’re delicious and every pot contains prebiotic fibre to support better digestive health.

Available from Tesco.com

Minor Figures Semi Oat M*lk

The first barista semi product on the market, Minor Figures new oat m*lk helps those of us who are consciously seeking to reduce our sugar intake and seek out lighter products, without compromising on texture and taste. Try it in your next cup of joe.

Available from Waitrose

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