The Easiest Route To Full, Fluffy Brows

We all know well-groomed brows add structure and definition to your face, but it can take a fair bit of trial and error to get the colour and shape right. Thankfully, Charlotte Tilbury has just launched a new set of fool-proof brow products guaranteed to get yours looking good with zero faff. Here’s how they work and how to use them…


The Hype:

The name Charlotte Tilbury is synonymous with easy-to-use, iconic make-up products. So, it only seems fitting she’s expanded her current brow offering, not only with improved formulas, but two new products as well. Brow Fix and Brow Cheat are designed to be used as a ‘three-step system’ – available as a ‘Supermodel Brow Kit,’ use Brow Cheat to fill, Brow Lift to add density and Legendary Brows to smooth and fix everything into place – or buy them individually, the choice is yours.  Either way, expect full, fluffy, feathered arches that don’t budge.

“I developed my signature Supermodel Brow throughout my 28-year career as make-up artist to supermodels and stars," says Charlotte Tilbury. “It’s unlike any other brow shape because it’s full, fluffy, feathered, and fixed. It’s a modern, flattering brow shape that stays in place all day and will suit everyone!"

The Technique:

‘Fill, feather and fix’ is the motto behind these new launches. Each one was designed to bring shape and structure to your face, but also to define your natural brow hairs. The new Brow Cheat Micro Precision Pencil is exactly what it says – precise, with a fine tip that fakes fuller-looking brows at speed. As for the revamped Brow Lift Pencil, the creamy formula is easy to blend and diffuse, with zero grey or ashy residue left behind. Take a light-handed approach as you apply it, using deft, upward strokes to create your shape. Despite its blendability it lasts for hours and is totally budge-proof. From there, achieve the ‘feathery’ effect with Legendary Brows. It has a new, improved formula and brush to coat and define every hair with a natural finish. Lastly, set everything in place with the brand’s new Brow Fix. It’s a clear gel that locks your hairs into place for hours, but without any flakiness. What’s more, it hydrates at the same time, boosting hair growth and softening the entire area, too. 

The Hero Products...

Brow Cheat, £22

What It Does: Replicates The Look Of Fine, Individual Hairs

How To Use It: This caters to everyone – even those with thin, sparse brows. It comes with a superfine nib that allows you to create defined, natural-looking strokes, too – just be sure you apply it lightly and focus on the sparsest areas first to prevent your brows from looking overdrawn. Use feather-like strokes in the direction of your hair growth, towards the tail of your brows. Smudge-proof, waterproof and sweat resistant, it sets fast, but emollients like carnauba wax keep it creamy, so you have time to play and get the results you’re after. Extra bonus points go to the added vitamin E, which works to nourish wayward hairs.

Available here

Brow Fix, £19

What It Does: Sets Brows In Place With A Glossy Formula

How To Use It: Designed to lock everything in place, this long-lasting gel offers impressive hold without any tell-tale residue. It’s meant to be applied as the last step in your ‘brow routine,’ but you can also use it to buff brows up without any other product – it works especially well if your arches are quite dark. Meanwhile, the silky formula works to condition, soften, strengthen and moisturise, too, thanks to added silk thread, panthenol and hydrating watercress extract. Sweep the gel in the opposite direction to your natural brow hair growth, then work backwards in the correct direction to brush everything up for more of a ‘boy brow’ finish.

Available here

Brow Lift, £22

What It Does: Sharpens, Lifts & Shapes Brows

How To Use It: Similar to ‘Brow Cheat’ but with a thicker tip, this has a slanted edge that allows you to mimic natural-looking hairs. It’s a cream-wax-pencil hybrid, so it’s easy to blend and diffuse, depending on your individual preferences. We love the brush it comes with, too, which allows you to distribute any leftover product. To use it, brush your hairs upwards to see where needs filling out. Then, use the pointed end of the pencil to create short regular strokes. Finish by combing through the brows to even out the product and smooth the arches into shape.

Available here

Legendary Brows, £19

What It Does: Adds Bulk, Texture & Fullness To Brows

How To Use It: Recently updated, Legendary Brows now comes with a new brush which catches every hair to add bulk, density and texture. It gives brows a feathery, fluffed-up effect we love. Plus, it’s waterproof and long-wearing, so it won’t slide off come 4pm. The built-in castor oil and vitamin E means it glides through hairs seamlessly, too, with zero stickiness. Use this on top of your pencil, or on its own to sculpt and shape. Like Brow Fix, try running it backwards against your brows, before taking it the other way for a fuller-looking finish.

Available here

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