The Skincare-Make-Up Hybrid Range Insiders Swear By

‘Skin-minimalism’ is trending right now – think thinner, more hydrating foundations and luminous, brighter-looking skin. While several brands appear to be jumping on the bandwagon, there’s one name already ahead of the game – BY TERRY and its cult hyaluronic range. Formulated by beauty maestro Terry de Gunzburg – the brains behind YSL’s iconic Touche Éclat – expect to find a plethora of vegan formulas designed to nourish your skin and deliver impressive coverage. Here are five bestsellers from the line and why you should add them to your make-up bag…


Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer, £35

WHY IT’S POPULAR: This new concealer really lives up to the hype. Made using hyaluronic acid and chestnut seed extract, it de-puffs, hydrates and brightens – just like a traditional eye serum would. As for the coverage, it’s lightweight, smooth and dewy, working to conceal imperfections without suffocating the skin. It’s a dream to apply too, with a creamy texture that goes the distance – you won’t need to top it up come 4pm. What’s more, the shades are ‘auto-adaptable’, which means you can shop with confidence knowing you’ll find the right tone for your individual complexion. 

TOP TIP: A little goes a long way, so click this just twice. That will give you enough product to cover the areas that need it most – think under the eyes, around the nose and on the lids. As it’s formulated for use around your entire eye area, take it right up to the waterline for flawless coverage. 

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By Terry Hydra-Concealer

Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder, £42

WHY IT’S POPULAR: This is one of By Terry’s most iconic products – and for good reason. Designed to blur imperfections and lend skin a ‘soft-focus’ finish, it’s incredibly lightweight and completely invisible, controlling shine and grease without any chalky residue. The hydrating formula is brimming with hyaluronic acid, too, locking in moisture for a smoother, softer finish. It’s transparent colour means it works for all skin tones, too. 

TOP TIP: Apply a dusting all over your skin – focusing on areas that need it most, like your T-zone. A thin layer will mattify oiliness without any tell-tale powdery appearance, giving a soft veil of luminosity that sets make-up into place for hours. You’ll find open pores look visibly smoother, too. 

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Hyaluronic Tinted Hydra-Powder, £42

WHY IT’S POPULAR: The brand’s beloved Hydra-Powder is also available in a range of tinted hues. Boasting all the same benefits, it sets make-up into place, blurs imperfections and gives skin that ‘soft-focus’ glow. It’s incredibly lightweight, too, controlling shine without leaving your complexion looking dry or chalky. Despite its tinted tone, it never settles into fine lines, wrinkles or creases either. Wear it on its own, too, on those days when you just want a hint of something. 

TOP TIP: You can also use a small amount to sculpt the skin – think cheekbones, nose and any areas where the sun would naturally hit. Experts also recommend dusting a little on top of your skincare at night to create a protective veil that stops your products from evaporating.

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Tinted Hydra-Powder

Hyaluronic Pressed Hydra-Powder, £38

WHY IT’S POPULAR: Make-up artists, including Caroline Barnes, swear by this iconic formula. With a finish unlike anything else on the market, it skims the skin, controlling shine, but maintaining good glow, too. With zero chalky residue, you’ll find it quickly mattifies, while the universal translucent shade is brilliant for all skin tones. Hydrating and smoothing, expect skin to feel soft and conditioned as a result, unlike other powders which can sometimes cause skin to feel caked and dry.  

TOP TIP: Use a stiff kabuki brush for best results. Load up your bristles, then tap off the excess before applying it all over your face, or where you need it most. Focus on the T-zone, or any areas that are prone to oiliness and shine. A little can be used underneath eyes to prevent mascara from smudging, too.

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Pressed Hydra-Powder

Hyaluronic Hydra-Foundation, £49

WHY IT’S POPULAR: Hybrid foundations don’t get much slicker than this. Brimming with hyaluronic acid and protective SPF30, it’s a great all-rounder. It works in time to prime, perfect and set, with buildable coverage that melts into the skin with a dewy, satin finish. It’s very viscous, too, so you’ll find you only need a small amount to cover your entire face. Any skin type can use it, but make-up artists recommend it particularly to those with dry or mature complexions. 

TOP TIP: Use the clever dropper to pipette two-to-six drops (depending on your preference) onto a brush. Start from the centre of your face – as this is where you tend to need more coverage – before working out towards the edges of your face, buffing as you go to prevent any tell-tale tidemarks.

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Hyaluronic Hydra-Primer, £42

WHY IT’S POPULAR: This skin-perfecting base is ideal for anyone concerned with skin tone irregularities. Its smooth, plumping texture fills in pores, scares and blemishes for an airbrushed effect. And yet, it never clogs pores or feels too  heavy on the skin. Instead, the skin-friendly formula feels hydrating and refreshing. It won’t cause your foundation to pill either, unlike some primers on the market. 

TOP TIP: You can use this everywhere – apply it to your entire face – including eyelids and around the eyes and lips to ensure smooth application of anything that follows. Apply it with brushes or fingers, although experts will tell you the latter is preferable. It will allow you to really push the formula in, working it right into the skin for seamless coverage that stays put. 

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