The Anti-Ageing Facials To Book Ahead Of Christmas

Whether you’re looking to address age spots, restore a youthful glow, or simply take a moment of self-care ahead of Christmas, few things feel more indulgent and restorative than a facial. Here’s our pick of the best for every budget and preference – plus, some expert advice on maintaining the results at home.

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Best For: Tightening & Firming

Radiofrequency facials are now hugely popular. Designed to tighten and firm your skin, they work fast and effectively – often you only need one or two sessions to see results. They’re a great option for anyone looking to soften fine lines – especially the ones from the nose to the mouth – as well as those wanting lifted cheeks and a tightened jawline. The treatment uses heat energy to create controlled injuries to your skin, which prompts collagen and elastin production for better bounce and tone. Expect the treatment to feel like a hot stone facial massage. It’s quick, requires no downtime and will take 30 minutes max. Once the radiofrequency device has been used, you’ll have a peptide serum – or similar – applied to your skin to minimise redness and enhance smoothness. 

Where To Get One: Lanserhof The Arts Club; Skin Design London; Teresa Tarmey


Best For: Boosting Glow

Laser facials have recently become the go-to solution for those suffering with skin ageing issues. In a single session they promise to boost collagen production, treat existing pigmentation and refine uneven texture. A laser facial also offers long-term benefits: designed to improve skin health, devices use concentrated, filtered light to remove the outer layers of skin from your face and encourage new, healthier cells to grow. This reduces issues like enlarged blood vessels, redness, pigmentation, scarring and – with regular maintenance – fine lines. There are several types of laser facial – discuss them with your therapist first to ensure you get the right results.

Where To Get One: Debbie Thomas; Skin Laundry; Dr. Maryam Zamani


Best For: Improving Tone & Texture

Known as the ‘non-surgical face lift’, the CACI facial has been around for a while but gained traction again recently for its legion of A-list fans. Throughout the facial, a micro-current machine transmits tiny electric signals through your skin, boosting texture and toning facial muscles, while red and blue LED light therapy works to stimulate collagen for a smoother surface. You can have it in different bursts too – anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your time constraints and preferences. Done regularly, it acts like a workout for the face, toning the skin and strengthening the muscles underneath for a tauter, firmer appearance. You can have it alongside other treatments too, including peels, microneedling and laser.

Where To Get One: Lisa Franklin; The Mayfair Hotel; Seduire Clinics


Best For: Quenching Dryness

A HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds worldwide for good reason. It works to cleanse, exfoliate and remove dirt trapped inside your pores. Once that’s been done, the treatment moves on to priming and smoothing skin before plumping it with intensive serums which brighten, protect and hydrate. The best part? The serums used are bespoke to you, so you’ll be getting exactly what your complexion needs. Primarily, a HydraFacial helps to nourish skin, rid dryness and boost a healthier barrier, but it also tackles concerns like age spots and bumpy tone. The results are instantaneous and last four to six weeks – it’s worth booking in a few sessions to really reap the benefits, though even one will vastly improve the appearance of your complexion.

Where To Get One: Thérapie ClinicSk:n Clinics; Medicetics


Best For: A Bit Of Everything

If you find the numerous options intimidating, there are plenty of bespoke treatments available. Many classic facials now come with tailored advice and plans of action to help you build a hard-working, anti-ageing routine. Whether it’s treatments that combine a number of the above or focus on individual preferences, there’s something to cover all bases.

Where To Get One: Natali KellyKMP SkinSkinesis

Maintain A Youthful Glow With These At-Home Tips…

Not got the time or money for regular facials? To boost radiance and hydration in the run-up to Christmas, follow this expert advice…

Apply Some Pressure

“Though treatments guarantee results, you can maintain them further by incorporating facial massage into your at-home routine. Taking the time to do this regularly will also help improve the efficacy of any products you do apply. The night before any parties or events, put any sheet masks or serums you own in the fridge and apply ahead of any make-up. This will help to awaken your skin and give you a hydration hit for a brighter, smoother base.” – Michaella Bolder, skin expert & facialist 

Try At-Home Exfoliation

“Gentle, regular exfoliation – or carefully controlled peels – will remove dead skin safely. This removal of the outermost layers of skin stimulates the deeper skin layers to thicken everything up. The result? A plumper, firmer-looking complexion, as well as a reduction in fine lines and uneven tone. You don’t need to do it every single day, but once or twice a week will be beneficial, especially in the run-up to Christmas.” – Debbie Thomas, celebrity facialist & skin specialist 

Keep Hydration Up

“A top tip I always follow is to layer up a hyaluronic acid serum at least two or three times before applying day cream or night oil. It’s so much better than just one layer as it packs a hit of hydration like no other, locking in glowing, dewy results for days. I also recommend using a rich balm like Weleda’s cult Skin Food. Wear it overnight to give skin an extra level of moisture. It’s perfect for soaking up winter dryness and giving your complexion a bit of extra bounce and smoothness.” – Michaella

Stock Up On Spoons

“Dessert spoons placed in the fridge are hugely beneficial. Use the cup side over your eyes in the morning and apply them with slight pressure. It’s a great way to reduce dark circles and puffiness when time is of the essence. You’ll find they quickly soothe blood shot eyes too – perfect for the morning after the night before. Tap a brightening balm on top to maintain some anti-ageing luminosity – I recommend DCL’s C Scape Eye Treatment. It has such a satisfying, cooling feel.” – Michaella

Don’t Forget About Ceramides

“If there is one anti-ageing ingredient everyone should include in their skincare routine, it would be ceramides – also known as the building blocks in your skin. They’re fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin, and which maintain your skin barrier by retaining moisture and hydration. When our skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions – including cold winter air – this can negatively affect the ceramides in our skin, so it is important to add ceramides in your skincare routine to maintain that hydration and bounce, and to help it withstand harsher conditions.” – Debbie

Incorporate A Facial Oil

“Our skin looks its most radiant in summer because it produces more oil in the heat. In the winter, the weather has the opposite effect, so it’s a good idea to add a facial oil into your routine. It doesn’t have to be a thick one – the latest formulations are lightweight enough to be used even on mature skin that’s prone to oiliness. Just add one into your night-time routine after cleansing or mix it in with your moisturiser a couple of times a week for the best results.” – Michaella

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