The Benefits Of A Digital Detox

Whether you browse your Insta-feed at your desk, or get your Facebook fix while watching TV, you’d be horrified to know how many times a day you check social media. And have you ever stopped to think what it’s doing to your health and wellbeing? From improving your sleep to quashing anxiety, here are eight reasons why a digital detox could work wonders. Officially logging off now…

You’ll Get More Sleep

In her book The Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington explores the relationship between technology and sleep. Phones before bed are big no-no, and you should turn your phone off while you sleep too. That way, you won’t be interrupted by constant messages buzzing through the night. Phones, laptops and tablets all stimulate the brain and the blue light on your smartphone disrupts your natural body clock, making it increasingly difficult to drift off naturally. 

You’ll Think More

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook or splurging on ASOS, taking a look at your phone, tablet or laptop takes your mind away from the here and now. It’s a distraction that interrupts your thought process and almost encourages you not to think – the tech does the thinking for you. Try taking a walk without your phone, you’ll notice your true surroundings rather than what’s on your screen.

You’ll Be More Sociable

Not checking your phone every two minutes will give you more time to fill your day with things you enjoy. If you add up your total weekly tech binge, you’d be surprised how much free time you have. Use it wisely. Instead of spending an evening Insta-stalking on your sofa, book in for dinner with the girls. Having real conversations will help you to feel more connected to the people around you, and you’ll feel so much better you’ve seen your friends in person rather than on their Instagram feeds.

You’ll Be More Productive

The majority of us work behind a computer every day so it can be difficult to take a complete tech break, but you can still log off from your personal devices to give yourself a much-needed breather. Try not taking your phone to work for the day (if you can handle it), that way you’ll be free of distractions, and you’ll be much more productive.

You’ll Feel Happier

A survey last year found that one in five people feel depressed as a result of using social media, and there’s plenty more research showing regular use can lead to anxiety and low self-esteem. If you’re not feeling particularly good about yourself, scrolling through someone else’s seemingly perfect life isn’t going to help. You won’t believe how much happier you’ll feel after taking a break.

You’ll Be More Creative

It’s all too easy to rely on Google when we’re conjuring up creative ideas, but taking a break will push you to formulate your own thoughts and beliefs. It’s useful to learn about other people’s ideas and opinions, but it’s important to feel confident with your own. Detoxing is a great way to channel all those creative thoughts into something really innovative.

You’ll Have More Time To Yourself

Whether it’s curling up on the sofa with a glass of wine and your favourite box set or submerging yourself in the tub, logging off from your laptop, phone or tablet will allow you to indulge in much-needed ‘me-time’. Be indulgent. Make sure those extra few hours are spent doing the things that you love. You’ll be able to plan your adventures with a much clearer head when you’re relaxed and without any distractions.

You’ll Recharge Your Brain

It’s important to give your brain a break from digital processing. Information overload can have a serious effect on the way that you think and your general wellbeing. Taking a break to recharge and reboot will keep your brain healthy, happy and full of creative ideas.

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