The New Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment To Know

Interest in non-invasive procedures is at an all-time high, as many of us seek to make subtle improvements to our appearance without looking overdone. Enter Endolift x Profhilo – a non-surgical alternative to a facelift. Designed to boost elasticity and counteract the signs of ageing, it’s a combination treatment that involves little downtime. Curious to know more? Dr Nina Bal sat down with us to explain the treatment in full, who it works for and why you won’t need regular top-ups.
The New Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment To Know

First Things First Nina, Can You Tell Us About The Treatment?

“Dubbed a ‘non-surgical facelift,’ this treatment uses a combination of Endolift + Profhilo – the former of which prevents skin laxity and the latter which uses hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and plump your complexion. I introduced it to my patients who were noticing early sagging of the jawline, lower face and areas under the chin. Combining both these treatments gives the patients the best non-surgical results when it comes to skin tightening and fat melting. The Endolift part is performed on the skin’s dermis. This part focuses on tightening and melting fat, while Profhilo addresses the epidermis – your skin’s top layer – by providing a boosting of hydration, and in turn, smoothing the skin. Once the treatment has been completed, we advise a second Profhilo top-up four weeks later – this has yielded incredible results for our patients.”

So, What Is The Process? How Does It All Work? 

“The treatment involves tiny micro-optical fibres which are inserted into the skin to create something called ‘micro-channels.’ These channels act as a light path for micro-fibres to transmit laser energy to heat tissue within the skin. It all sounds very ‘scientific,’ but in the simplest terms, this process works to encourage new collagen production and better skin elasticity. Collagen is the structural protein found in the skin – it’s what gives the skin its structure and stretch, so we need to keep it stimulated, especially as we age. When combined with Profhilo, the treatment takes no longer than 60 minutes and we perform it under local anaesthetic for patient comfort.”

In Terms Of Pain Then, Can You Feel Nothing Throughout? 

“Ironically, the most discomfort experienced is from the local anaesthetic which we used to numb the areas that we treat with Endolift. Most patients report feeling nothing – at most, it’s the crackles of their fat melting that’s the worst part, and that I can assure you is easy to get past.”  

What About Downtime – Is There Any & If There Is, How Long?

“Initially, there is a 72-hour downtime period with some minor swelling. The type of swelling that yes, you will notice, but your loved ones and perhaps work colleagues may struggle to. Sometimes the skin can appear a bit flushed during this period, but that all depends on your individual skin type. In regards to the Profhilo, there are some little – almost mosquito-like – bumps after the injections, but these resolve within 24-48 hours. The areas I treat with Endolift may feel a bit sensitive or numb for up to six weeks – don’t let this alarm you.” 

In Terms Of Eligibility, Who Is Best In Your Opinion For This Treatment?

“The ideal candidates are those noticing early skin laxity over the lower parts of the face. With any treatment, a consultation must take place first with the patients’ medical history and aesthetic goals lined out. It’s important in these consultations we address expectations and ensure the treatment is safe and suitable for that individual.” 

The ideal candidates are those noticing early skin laxity over the lower parts of the face.

When It Comes To The Results, How Quickly Can You Expect To See A Difference?

“Initially, once the swelling reduces, there will be a reduction in the fat and some skin tightening. But the best results are seen around 6-9 months after your treatment when new collagen has formed in the areas that were focused on. It may seem like some time, but it’s so worth the wait, especially given results can last up to two years.”

So, Unlike Some Treatments, Would You Say It Doesn’t Require Any Top-Ups?

“Endolift can only be repeated after two years, but Profhilo after three months. In terms of top-ups, we are directed by what the patient’s goals for treatment are. However, as mentioned, you should see results last for at least two years, so generally speaking, you won’t need to revisit regularly.” 

Is This A Treatment You Expect To Become More Popular?

“Now dubbed a ‘non-surgical face lift,’ it’s no secret it offers little downtime and longer-term results than filler/threads, which is a big part of its appeal. It also works in the deeper layers of skin, which other technology – such as Morpheus8 doesn’t offer as it’s a topical treatment. We are certainly seeing a rise in patients looking for treatments that address their lower face, so we expect it to grow in popularity. Initially these clients may come to us for fillers, but these – as mentioned – are very temporary, which in some cases, actually make the lower face skin laxity worse. By providing a longer-term option, which doesn’t add volume, but instead tightens the skin’s many layers, it’s bound to become a more popular choice – especially for those serious about skin ageing.”

We’ve Covered Who Is Suitable, But Is There Anyone That Should Avoid It?

“Every patient is subject to a consultation – it could be that they have allergies to local anaesthetic, or perhaps too much skin laxity, so their best option could be surgical intervention instead, but it’s always key to have a consultation first to help you get the right guidance. At the end of the day, we want all our patients to be delighted, so if we feel they’re not suitable for whatever reason, we wouldn’t recommend the treatment to them. Nowadays, people see ‘results’ on social media and desire the same, but in reality, everyone has a very different face, so what works for one, may not work for the next.” 

Finally, What Should Everyone Consider First If Keen To Undergo This Treatment?

“Anyone thinking about this should ensure the practitioner who is performing it has had the adequate training and experience. This year, I’ve performed over 80 treatments alone, so I can assure you, you’re in very safe and capable hands with me. The other side of any non-surgical treatment is to ensure the patient has realistic expectation – this combined procedure will not give you many centimetres of lift as it’s not removing excess skin. Likewise, as with all non-surgical treatments, you should remember the importance of a good skincare routine alongside it – this will only improve the overall results. Finally, if you’re deemed a good fit, all the associated risks with be discussed with you prior to treatment. Bruising and swelling is always a potential factor, but this will of course be kept to the minimum as and where possible.” 
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