Two Natural Supplements For Better Sleep & Energy

If you struggle to fall asleep and feel lethargic during the day, British supplement brand Lumity has you covered. Having recently added to its hero healthy ageing range, Lumity is tackling both ends of the spectrum with its new booster formulas, designed to supercharge brain power and aid a restful night’s sleep. To give you a helping hand, whatever your day has in store, here’s a reminder why Lumity is such a cult product and what sets the new range apart…
Two Natural Supplements For Better Sleep & Energy Lumity


Lumity Is A Healthy Ageing Hero

Founded by a Cambridge-educated PhD and research scientist who became fascinated with finding a solution to waning energy levels and ageing skin in her mid-thirties, Lumity’s bestselling Morning and Night supplements are industry-renowned. The result of years of scientific research, Lumity’s hero product is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and botanicals designed to support skin health from the deepest level. Unlike your average supplement, Lumity goes above and beyond to support your body round the clock. Working as a two-step team (taken morning and night), the vitamin and omega-rich formula grants 24-hour repair and protection to your skin and immune system. With a focus on anti-ageing, they will repair oxidative damage as well as support strong bones, joints and teeth; and boost mood and energy levels. Lumity also contains selenium, zinc and vitamins C and D, all of which are critical for a healthy immune system, something which is more important than ever. 

It's Backed By Science

After a 12 week placebo-controlled, clinical study, 92% of Lumity testers (trialling the Morning and Night supplements) said they saw an improvement in their skin, nails and hair health; while 84% felt more energised and upbeat. Offering two formulas – one to take in the morning and one in the evening – there really is nothing like it on the market. Plus, each hero capsule is suspended in flaxseed oil for maximum absorption and means Lumity can be taken on an empty stomach without any side effects. 

“Modern life can leave us feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and under the weather. These boosters rebalance your system and upgrade regenerative processes to leave you feeling less tired and less stressed.”
Dr Sara Palmer Hussey

Meet The New Additions…

Lumity’s new booster formulas – Power On and Restful Nights – are set to follow in the original product’s footsteps. Brimming with high-quality functional nutrients for those days when life is stressful and you need a helping hand, the two new formulas will sit seamlessly alongside your current routine. The supplement world can be somewhat overwhelming, with many of us confused as to what to take and when, but Lumity has done the hard work for you, making boosting your health and mood easier than ever…

Restful Nights, £37

If your stress levels are getting between you and a good night’s sleep, Restful Nights is the booster to try. A scientifically calibrated combination of powerhouse ingredients, including magnesium, renowned for its anxiety-reducing properties, and Holy Basil, an adaptogen used for centuries to help the body better deal with stress, this intelligent formula will leave you feeling rested come morning. Added manganese also helps support the nervous system and psychological function, helping you feel calmer and in a better frame of mind the following day. Take one or two capsules before bedtime. Rest assured the formula is also backed science – in a four-week consumer trial of 60 subjects, 83% agree they fell asleep easier, and 79% said they had a deeper sleep – and is rated by users, too. One user said, "This product results in deeper sleep and less tiredness during the day. It just seems to contribute to my overall wellbeing. I feel better in a way that's hard to describe."

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Power On Booster, £37

A sure-fire way to kick-start flagging energy levels when you need it most, the new Power On Booster is ideal for those days when you need something extra. A unique blend of vitamins – think vitamins B6, B12 and C, plus riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid and iron – it will provide a gentle supply of energy throughout the day, with reduced tiredness and improved mood. Did you know that stress saps your energy levels? This clever supplement counteracts that, leaving you in a better and more balanced frame of mind, and also contains coenzyme Q10 and panax ginseng, both of which are prized for their fatigue-fighting powers. Simply take one or two Power On capsules as needed with a few sips of water.

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The Bottom Line

The new boosters have been designed to take alongside Lumity's hero formula – they are quite literally ‘boosters’ designed to give you the edge when you need it. Take all three together and you’ll have more energy and enhanced focus to do the things you love, with no more afternoon slumps by day and better rest and recovery by night.

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*The placebo-controlled, double-blind, two-cell clinical study was conducted on 50 female subjects, aged 35-65, for 12 weeks. Subjects ingested Lumity or a placebo twice daily. 

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