How The SL Team Plans To Get Through Lockdown 3.0

The past year has taught us a thing or two about how to survive in isolation. But just in case you’re in need of some inspiration to see you through the next couple of months, we thought it a good idea to ask some member of the SL team how they’re feeling, what they plan to do differently this time around – plus, the lockdown essentials they wouldn’t be without…

Georgie Coleridge Cole, Founder & Editor

Quiet living doesn’t come all that easy to me and given I think – make that hope – this is the beginning of the end. Silly as it sounds, I sort of want to make the most of it this time.

My lockdown resolution: I want to make it a priority to spend more time doing fun stuff with my children – easier said than done when you are home schooling and working full time. Otherwise, it’s going to be about more backgammon, more baths, more sleep; fewer snacks, less stress and less wine… on weeknights.

What I’m loving: Classical pianists like Einaudi and Amelia Warner – their music is my meditation, especially when teamed with a good book, Aromatherapy Associates bath oil and plenty of candles.

Laura Black, Managing Editor

In all honesty, I'm finding the start of this lockdown harder. Perhaps it's the unknown of the new variant, or the fact that we all know what to expect this time. I'm already diving headfirst into work and home schooling again. Having said all that, I’ve made a promise to myself to change my frame of mind. Anxiety is so hard to control, but I’m using my favourite phrase of 'treading lightly'. 

My lockdown resolution: I'll focus more on my step count and family walks rather than big fitness goals. Overall, this time I’ll be putting less pressure on myself to keep everyone happy. I've learnt it's not actually possible and frankly, exhausting. 

What I’m loving: The Sh**ged, Married Annoyed podcast always offers some light relief. Plus, it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one getting irritated by my own family – it's laugh out loud. Also, Dry January isn’t my thing, but I am trying to stay off the booze Monday to Thursday. At the weekend, I plan to enjoy one of my amaretto sours with plenty of lime. We really nailed them over Christmas and if Covid-19 has taught us anything, it's that life is too short to save the best stuff...

Lu Hough, Style Director

While we all knew lockdown 3.0 was coming, it still feels like a shock to this system – stuck at home at the peak of winter was never going to be the best start to the New Year. However, I spent a lot of 2020 focusing on what we couldn't do, so I am making a pact with myself to focus my energy on what I can do. Everyone needs to be kinder to themselves, too. It's a challenging time and a lot of it is out of our control. Be positive where you can, appreciate the simple things but, equally, acknowledge its okay not to be okay all the time.

My lockdown resolution: We have loads of beautiful film photographs from memorable trips over the last decade that are sat on Dropbox, so my mission is to do something with them, whether it be making albums or printing up coffee table books. Finally, to force myself to disconnect, I want to start drawing again. I haven't really picked up a pencil since my Art Foundation course, but I always enjoyed it, so I’m pushing myself to dust off my sketchbook.

What I’m loving: I also plan to spend more time researching new recipes and expanding my vegan repertoire – currently I’m loving Saucy by Nina Parker. I was also given a new SodaStream for Christmas, plus everyone knows how much I love a jigsaw puzzle. My husband recently made one for me using a picture from our wedding. 

Charlotte Collins, Senior Fashion Editor & Head Broadcaster

I'm approaching this lockdown 80% as a rational adult, 20% as a petulant child. I spend the majority of the day feeling positive and productive but also have moments when I scream 'this is so unbelievably unnatural and scary' in my head. This time, I'm taking measures to make my working from a home environment more positive – I took my chair from the office which has been a lifesaver, am meal planning so I have good dinners to look forward to and am making the effort to put on some make-up and get dressed every day – no more barefaced Zooms and joggers for me. 

My lockdown resolution: This time, it's to move every day – it makes such a difference to my attitude. My husband and I have been taking the dog for a walk before work, too – it may still be dark, but I have a real spring in my step when I get back.

What I’m loving: Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix. It's a load of rubbish but I'm invested already.

Polly Sayer, Fashion Assistant

I feel more relaxed about this lockdown than the last two – perhaps it’s the familiarity of it all and while I have moments of feeling glum, I’m trying to view this as ‘the beginning of the end’ and the last push before we can finally start to claim our normal lives back.

My lockdown resolution: I’m going to take what I’ve learnt from the last two quarantines and make the best of it – for me and my husband, that means making sure we have one fun food or drink orientated activity per week to look forward to. That might be ordering a Pasta Evangelists kit, finding an indulgent recipe to cook or making a new cocktail – there’s so much out there now and it feels a bit more fun than just ordering a takeaway. I’ll also be making the effort to schedule in calls each week with friends – we’re all a bit fatigued by Zoom at this point – but I always feel brighter for having a chat; it does wonders for my mental wellbeing.

What I’m loving: My husband gave me an electric piano for Christmas (complete with headphones, so we stay on good terms with the neighbours). It’s already been such a joy to have an activity to do inside that doesn’t involve a screen and allows me to relax a little. 

Tor Cardona, Wellness Editor

Lockdown 3.0 feels familiar, yet something’s different. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but perhaps it comes down to the knowledge we now have about the virus, and the understanding that this could well be the new norm for the foreseeable. I’ve given myself permission to stop being so hard on myself. Easier said than done, but with so much out of our control, it’s the least we can do. Whether it’s doing an online low-impact class at home instead of pounding the pavements at 7am or ordering a takeaway for supper instead of the superfood salad I’d planned, I need to be kinder to myself this time. After all, stress has been proven to have negative effects on the immune system. Having had to postpone my wedding for the second time, I’m also determined to focus on what I can control and save my energy for what really matters – menu and flower planning for the big day yes, honeymoon planning, less so. 

My lockdown resolution: With months of weekends without plans on the horizon, I’m looking to learn some new skills. I’ve just ordered an at-home fermentation kit (peak wellness, I know) and can’t wait to start making my own kimchi and sauerkraut. I’ll also be sticking with my low-impact classes – I recently discovered Louisa Drake and am totally hooked. It’s a fusion of Pilates, low-impact cardio and barre and the difference in my energy and stress levels (compared to running) is unbelievable. The classes have also had a real impact on my arms – a bonus for the wedding day, whenever that comes. 

What I’m loving: I just restarted my Pact Coffee subscription, which makes mornings at home feel like a treat. 

Becky Hull, Beauty Editor

Despite how hard it is, it’s clear this third lockdown is more needed than ever. But we also have more reason to feel hopeful and positive. Not only do we have an existing set of coping mechanisms, we also have a better understanding of how to ease the strain on ourselves. I plan on throwing my energy into various projects that are in my control, like finding my boyfriend and I a new place to live, as well as the smaller things like finding more time to read.

My new lockdown resolution: While it’s important to stay informed, I don’t want to consume news as endlessly as I did before. Information overload took control in March and November (and still does, at times). Instead, I want to stay connected by talking to my friends and family and be much more present and engaged. We’ve got to appreciate the simpler things in life – like fresh air at lunch time, a good hearty meal, and socialising online. 

What I’m loving: The Vertue Method videos, by yoga trainer Shona Vertue. I downloaded them on Vimeo a while back and try to do these at least three times a week every morning before work. A mixture of yoga and circuits, it’s the ideal balance – with some relaxing meditation thrown in, too. Second, my Neom Wellness Pod – it’s incredibly soothing. 

Harriet Russell, Features Editor & Sub-Editor

Despite this being the third time around, I actually feel remarkably positive. Okay, so I had a little cry on the Monday when Boris announced it – I think it was just a bit of shock and it felt like a step backwards – but the next morning I soon realised how well-equipped I was (mentally) to make it through this. I’m lucky as a single-person household to be able to support bubble with my mum who lives close by but Zoom and FaceTime are also a lifesaver when it comes to speaking to the rest of my family – all of whom live abroad. Also, the vaccine news might be a bit all over the place, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m determined to keep my gaze on the horizon. 

My new lockdown resolution: If you ask me, routine is key to surviving lockdown – and I’ve pledged to stick to one this time around. For instance, every day at about 4:30pm – when it starts to get dark – I completely transform my home. I turn the lights low, light some candles and make it really cosy. It helps me feel better about the days being so much shorter. I also have a bath most evenings – I really rate these bath salts and the Beauty Pie candles are beautiful. I’m also aiming to do yoga twice a week with Laura Lychnos – you can sign up to her classes via the Café Mila website.

What I’m loving: Films and television are how I shut my brain off at the end of a busy day. If you haven’t seen the new release from Pixar – Soul – then I highly recommend it. Not just for kids, it has the most beautiful message woven throughout – one which is so relevant for the current climate. 

Georgina Blaskey, Interiors Editor

Because I’ve done it before, I can draw on my resilience to get through it again. Yes, I still have two children at home learning online, but we know what that will look like – tech disasters, scavenging for art materials and improvising science experiments. Last time I didn’t film or photograph much of what happened, I was just surviving day to day. Now that I’m hopeful we’re locked down and home schooling for the last time, I want to record it so my children can look back and tell their own children what living through the pandemic was like. 

My lockdown resolution: For Christmas I was given a personalised productivity planner from Papier. I’m going to use that to help structure my time, in the hope it will help me avoid spiralling into unhealthy patterns. It’s strange, but with so much time on our hands, and yet no physical division between work, home and school, everything can quickly merge and get quite messy mentally. I also want to prioritise sleep – winter is naturally a time to hibernate, so I want to establish some good habits to keep me balanced.  

What I’m loving: Schitt’s Creek. I didn’t love the first series (but my husband did, so we kept watching), but I slowly warmed to the characters in series two and three, and now I’m a total convert. Just 20 minutes at the end of each day sends me to bed with a smile on my face.

Winnie Malcolm, Content Coordinator

It may be round three of lockdown, but I can't help but think that how we tackle this virus and its impact on our lives has shifted. For now, however, I'm trying to focus on learning. Whether it's listening to podcasts about physics and higher consciousness, or taking online make-up courses, I'm enjoying the feeling of absorbing new knowledge. 

My lockdown resolution: In uncertain times, it’s so easy to get overly self-absorbed. With that in mind, my lockdown resolution is to become a better friend. For me that means going beyond what’s expected of me – more than a quick FaceTime call that ends up with both parties complaining, but really listening and being there for my friends in more ways than one. I recently woke up feeling rather deflated after a long week to find my best friend had sent me a new lipstick in the post. It transformed my day. Whether it’s a handmade gift or simple thank you, the little things can be so powerful.

What I’m loving: Recently, I’ve fallen back in love with my NutriBullet, it makes any health kick that little bit more manageable. As long as I have some fruit, veggies and plant-based milk in the house, I can whizz it all up for a nutritious snack or liquid lunch.

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