The Woman Making Astrology Cool Again

Changing the way we read our horoscopes and pioneering a whole new take on astrology is Carolyne Faulkner. With 16 years of experience as a life coach using the stars as her guide, she’s the in-house astrologer at Soho House and Harrods, and boasts a loyal roster of A-list clients. Dubbed an “astrology guru” by Vogue, it’s no wonder she’s shaking up the wellness sphere. Ahead of the launch of her new book, The Signs, we signed up for a session to see what all the hype was about...

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On a mission to simplify astrology and make it a user-friendly and effective life coaching tool, Carolyne Faulkner’s insights will change the way you read your horoscope for good. By plotting your bespoke birth chart (the arrangement of stars at the time of your birth), she’ll analyse each aspect of your life – from career to relationships – with uncanny accuracy.

As she explains, “This isn’t a crystal ball in which to read the future, but a path guiding you toward a greater control of your life to increase happiness and enhance wellbeing.”

How’s it different to horoscopes?

Unlike horoscopes, which even loyal readers will admit can be vague and easily aligned to every possible equation, Faulkner’s method is totally bespoke. “Your star sign is only one part of a much bigger picture. Using the date, time and place of your birth, I can gauge the energy of the stars when you were born and how it has the potential to impact you and events,” she explains.

So does that mean horoscopes really are a load of rubbish? “No,” she says, “While your star sign is your ego self, the one that governs your self-identity, your rising sign is also crucial to bear in mind – this is the face we show others and heavily governs our personality.”

For example, we’re a Cancerian but analysing our chart it soon became clear our rising sign was Taurus and that our entire chart was heavily dominated by Taurus energy. This definitely resonates: “Gone right, you’re tenacious, grounded, dedicated and talented. At your worst, you’re stubborn, inpatient, greedy and materialistic.” It may sound generic, but to me it’s spot on.

Who’s it for?

Those keen for a quick answer into their future will be disappointed. Carolyne’s observations (she recommends you tape the session, so you can refer back to it at a later date) are detailed – it’s more personality observations than crystal ball reading and when we asked her to put a timeline on situations she was describing to us, it was pretty vague.

It’s also worth noting some of her observations are less welcome than others – she won’t hesitate to (accurately) highlight your flaws and weaknesses, but her logic is that knowledge of such elements of your personality can make you a better, stronger person.

Carolyne may not offer the instant gratification and reassurance of a tarot card reading, but this is intelligent stuff and, essentially, life coaching through the stars.

Want in?

Appointments with Carolyne don’t come cheap (from £180 for an hour’s session) but those keen to know more can buy her new book, The Signs, for £9.99, which explains how to plot your own birth chart (it’s surprisingly straightforward) and analyse it.

Her message for the sceptics? “Use the book for a week to the letter and if it doesn’t enhance your life, that’s fine by me. But you can’t discredit something until you’re educated about it.”

The Signs: Decode the Stars and Reframe Your Life by Carolyne Faulkner is available now on Amazon priced £9.99.

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