Your April Horoscope

Aries  (21st March – 20th April)

April is your time for taking decisive steps forwards, while figuring out a sound strategy for this. After Easter you’ll be able to invest energy into a promising fresh start. With a diplomatic touch, you’ll overcome complex issues: even on-going cash problems can be solved now. By midmonth you’ll nail down your priorities, and bold moves reap rewards. New responsibilities also involve facing up to surprising revelations. A unique opportunity is yours, so don’t let petty distractions get in the way. It’s time to focus on the real deal. When handling a tricky personality, patience will pay off. Success right now is largely due to your fine intuition. Someone will soon be eating out of your hand, and this has obvious advantages. It is largely because you know yourself, and your strengths, that you’ll win hearts and minds. 

Taurus (21st April – 21st May)

Embracing opportunities involves taking a gamble on the future. This month is full of promise for your personal growth, so seek within for new answers to old questions. Dilemmas are quickly resolved, and you’ll know when to include other people in your efforts. From the 12th you’ll make waves, and as a result be prepared for strong reactions. When developments take you by surprise, just go with it... However, be sure to look at the detail before taking a huge leap forward: a glamorous offer needs careful scrutiny. Meanwhile, loved ones accept that you are on a roll. After the 21st a mystery admirer makes an entrance... in time you’ll know what to do about this. There is extraordinary wisdom on offer, with real insight into your needs.  Genuine understanding of how much you are loved is a precious gift.

Gemini (22nd May – 21st June)

Soul-searching helps you maximise your talents, yet also means resisting hasty moves. Over Easter other people offer fabulous advice, encouraging you to experiment. A unique individual will guide you, especially with new ideas. On the 16th listen to a stranger too – their take on things is also inspiring. However, less is more when it comes to broadcasting your intentions. Soon enough your own hunch will set you on the right path. By the 22nd you’ll see great results from earlier efforts, but you can’t avoid some conflict. You’ll also rekindle an old flame if you are willing to delve deep and confront buried issues. You’ll be respected for this and should congratulate yourself, too. However, you could waste breath by arguing with someone who has petty objections... It’s time to show you are the adult in the room. 

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

Connections with others become even more meaningful, and your input is highly regarded. You’ll navigate complications at work when they arise; plus, flattering feedback will increase your belief in your own potential... By the 15th new plans and shared objectives are looking positive; but some opportunities take time to bear fruit. Be prepared to consider an expert’s take on new developments – you will be pleasantly surprised. Around the 22nd you’ll be on fighting form, so go for what you really want. Another person’s behaviour will remain mysterious for now… just give him or her some space and don’t take it personally. Before long, your personal life will show signs of changing in ways you’ve waited for. Strong feelings are likely, but take care not to get entangled in someone else’s power trip. 

Leo (23rd July – 23rd August)

Daily life has altered dramatically, with a whole array of long-term repercussions. Future possibilities, including longed-for adventures, are more clearly in your sights. Various tasks at work, which stretch your talents, are bound to boost your confidence. After the 14th exciting prospects are on the horizon – possibly a promotion, and/or an improved understanding with colleagues. By late April, you’ll know you are on a winning streak, despite some unwanted interference. You’ll realise you have been cast in a starring role by someone you admire too. Sudden changes reveal how flames of passion can blaze when you’re simply going about your routine business. It’s clear that being true to yourself, and communicating frankly, is far more seductive than anything you could fabricate.

Virgo (24th August – 22nd September)

A creative approach to life is vital for self-fulfilment now. It’s time for new beginnings, and the best approach to this entails a leap of faith. A cash risk is worth taking if you pay attention to someone’s wise advice. It’s time to broaden horizons rather than play safe. By the 16th lively exchanges will take things forward and you’ll pull out all the stops to follow through on plans. Yet demanding too much too soon could cause unnecessary conflict, so don’t pressurize anyone who is less invested than you. Your love life will also intensify, as you finally crack an enigma… be sensitive to a loved one’s idiosyncrasies to achieve the results you truly deserve. You’ll connect deeply with others, and there may be some sexual tension, so watch out for someone’s jealous streak. Ultimately, you must trust your instincts now.

Libra (23rd September – 23rd October)

You are reshaping your life, and this means cutting out any deadwood to make room for new growth. After Easter being upfront with your allies is the key to future success. New associations are especially rewarding, and it seems you have a magic touch. However, for once your enthusiasm could make you – of all people – a little too direct. From the 20th seize a unique opportunity when the truth about someone is revealed; your natural tact and charm are your trump cards now.  Yet before you sign on any dotted lines be sure to double-check the facts. Love is on the agenda as lines of communication improve – you are poised for a breakthrough with someone very special. However, by the 28th you must dig deep to unearth hidden issues. Passions run high as you and another finally speak your truths.  

Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November)

Your thinking is razor-sharp, especially at work, and what seemed like a slog gets so much easier by the 7th. You’ll turn over an impressive new leaf, which entails throwing out old assumptions and being truly inventive. Allow your vivid imagination space to manoeuvre and you’ll surpass all expectations. After the 13th you can trust others who share your vision, as joint projects are likely to thrive. So don’t think you must go it alone. Welcome some surprising new sources of information too. Personal relationships show stunning potential, as a wise, genuinely mature individual pinpoints your talents in inspiring ways. Yet be prepared to hear some home-truths too. Taking a walk on the wild side is good for the soul, and it’s a sign of respect when someone wants to get to the bottom of your real motives. 

Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December)

The goal posts are shifting, and you’ll reassess what you need both personally and professionally. You will conjure up some brilliant ideas, which are instantly popular. A conversation on the 15th blows your mind and you’ll see it’s time to act. Yet you must also focus on your well-being to guarantee that life is fun, too. Your flexibility catches a boss’s eye, and you’ll show you’re on top of your game. Others’ cash issues must not get in the way of your dazzling performance, nor should anyone’s pipedream cloud your decisions. You are in the driving seat and must treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. A spontaneous connection is a real bonus, so make the most of it. Praise on the 22nd should mean far more than an ego boost. Your courage makes impressive inroads but take care not to tread on anyone’s toes. 

Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January)

Fresh challenges require a stealthy approach in early April, as important changes are in the air. A new approach proves to be a stroke of genius, but you may overlook one proposal that actually makes life easier. From the 8th your creative thinking will lead to ambitious schemes for the future. You’ll see how collaboration is far better than trying to run the show alone. Stay focussed on the important stuff and you’ll nip potential opposition in the bud. You are demonstrating your top skills, which attracts just the kind of approval you need. Yet it’s wise to be extra discerning about whom you spend your time with. Progress at home makes more room for romance by the 21st, but sparks could fly as a result of old commitments. Emotions may get strained among those who want your attention. With tact you’ll handle this brilliantly. 

Aquarius  (21st January – 18th February)

April’s transformation occurs at a deep level, so don’t let self-doubt creep in or expect instant results. On the 9th tactful words will smooth the way towards a victory. When feeling under pressure, it’s tempting to dig in your heels with those who challenge you. Instead spot your chance to change things. After the 19th you’ll be on solid ground and will know how to handle anyone who tries to wield too much power. Getting back to basics helps you fly high, and you’ll find you can rise to any occasion. You’ll realise that someone’s mind is their sexiest asset, so enjoy listening to what they have to say now. The penny will drop on how to make the most of an intimate understanding, and with a little faith success will come naturally. Someone is falling under your spell and there really is no need to force the issue.

Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

A dark horse may be the one to enlighten you this month. While you are working on your own agenda, innovative ideas will come from elsewhere. You are richer in talents and inner resources than you knew.  After the 12th a new contact is a lucky omen, but it’s up to you to maximise this. You’ll know what success means for you by focussing less on superficial distractions. From the 22nd you can’t delay key decisions; an ally is unusually demanding but is really gunning for you. Someone with an amazing network of contacts proves to be a godsend too. This enigmatic figure demonstrates the power of mind over matter, as well as self-belief. All your relationships will thrive on clear messaging, so be open to all kinds of viewpoints. You’ll be blown away by the spirit of generosity which surrounds you.

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