Your May Horoscope

From relationships to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
By Fiona Graham /

Brainstorming various ideas with friends and workmates achieves some productive results. Focusing on the bigger picture in terms of your future is May’s main mission. To achieve the kind of progress you really want, it’s wise not to get bogged down in too much detail. From the 9th an opportunity will arise which involves travel or spreading your wings in other ways. This requires decisions with repercussions both personally and professionally – without doubt it’s time for you to be adventurous. Inevitably you’ll feel torn between the urge to speculate and the need for all kinds of mundane, yet vital, decisions. It seems as if a big break is on the horizon - there’s everything to play for if you remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Early this month you’ll get to the nub of how someone feels, and how this affects you. Clearly, it’s time to figure out the direction this important relationship needs to take; especially any differences between what you want and what you need. Simultaneously taking on board some sound financial advice may result in an unexpected breakthrough, so be prepared to embrace changes when they come along. After the 20th it’s time to invest your energies in partnerships of all kinds – get set to be clear and candid as well as diplomatic. Using your best people skills will also help you find brilliant solutions to problems you had almost given up on. May will reveal many hidden treasures, including the discovery of the key to someone’s heart.

This May you will learn much about who your friends are, and who you can count on. Plus, significant others will shed valuable light on your own motives and desires. From the 10th you’ll feel inspired to maximise new opportunities and this could entail reinventing an old friendship. Without doubt midmonth promises progress in all kinds of personal connections. By engaging with others truthfully, and with love, you’ll find you are at the beginning of exciting new times. After the 23rd you’ll feel ready to share your most private hopes and dreams with those you trust. You’ll be moved by the supportive and generous response you receive. A leap of faith is clearly required now, and it’s wise to avoid worrying too much about the unknown.

You are poised to take important steps forward this May, which means being prepared to instigate inventive and bold changes to routine activities. Ultimately this will make life easier to manage and much more fun! From midmonth stay on alert to maximise a brand-new opportunity – you’ll be able to give this your best shot and could amaze both yourself and others. Meanwhile, the heat is likely to rise in a passionate relationship until it may seem almost too hot to handle… If you approach this with care, by the 18th you’ll know what you really want and are prepared to accept. Now is the time to demonstrate your fighting spirit, yet also to make the most of your innate emotional intelligence. Before long there will be cause for celebration.

Now is the season to give yourself the chance to follow your heart. Feel free to have fun and prioritise what gives you pleasure, as well as personal fulfilment. How you feel about someone else is becoming increasingly clear, so by midmonth you may well feel inspired to make a significant move. Meanwhile, you’ll also need to take risks and rise to new challenges in various areas of life. It will prove wise to avoid being too assertive, as this may backfire in some situations; after the 20th a softly softly approach is the key to success. Personal and professional life will be so much more rewarding if you focus on the people and projects that genuinely deserve you and all the energy you expend on them. Without doubt you are on a winning streak.

Early May is perfect for exploring plans that are bound to have repercussions in your personal life. You’ll know exactly how to keep your loved ones onside. It will be easier than you think to create positive changes that appeal even to the most resistant individuals... Small decisions you make now will have a potent influence on much bigger ones. After the 21st you, and others, will be ready to rise to new challenges and will soon feel inspired by immediate signs of progress. From the 23rd just steer clear of anyone who wants to draw you into futile disagreements. As you start seeing the options more clearly, you’ll find you quite naturally strike a balance between your own and other people’s wishes. This is a time when collaboration and mutual respect will really win the day.

From early May it seems that the scene is set to pursue some of your favourite schemes, and dreams. As new ways forward emerge, they will need plenty of attention, and discussion with those you trust. Around the 10th a money-making idea just might be more lucrative than you had imagined, so is at least worth investigating no matter how many doubts surround it. After midmonth it shows common sense to examine the facts when it comes to an especially ambitious new project. Your unique brand of creativity is essential to make this work. It may now be your time to bite the bullet and step into your role at centre stage. You will succeed in style if you don’t spend too much time procrastinating and seeing obstacles that simply don’t exist.

This May you’ll make your presence felt in impressive ways. It’s also clear that self-confidence and belief in your talents are attractive qualities. You’ll know how to make the most of these. By the 9th you’ll gain a new perspective on old cash concerns too. When it comes to material and emotional issues, you’ll demonstrate your strengths, including the staying power to reach the finishing line. However, you’ll achieve far more by adopting a measured approach; moving too quickly could mean you overlook key details. After the 21st an overdue heart-to-heart helps you shape sound strategies for your long-term future. Of course, you want action right now, but rushing things may mean you have to rethink certain decisions, and redo quite a lot of work later on

What you want and what you need are perfectly aligned just now. This should mean you have the energy and confidence to go for your true priorities. Feeling you are on track will give you the courage to show someone how much you care. From midmonth the key to success is having clear and focused objectives, so try to avoid spreading yourself too thinly. Directing your energies effectively will result in an amazing breakthrough, which takes everyone (including you), by surprise... From the 22nd an overlooked scheme takes on renewed appeal but be sure to watch out for another person’s vague promises. Take the opportunity to show you are more than capable of avoiding old mistakes and can make this work brilliantly.

Whatever life unexpectedly throws at you this May, never lose sight of your desire to figure out what you really want at both a personal and a professional level. A little soul-searching will produce some dazzling revelations. You will see that a new era is dawning for you, which is all about becoming your best self – only you know exactly what this means. After the 14th the pace picks up socially, and don’t underestimate the relevance of an invitation from someone you may recently have lost touch with. Late May could be a game-changer too when it comes to a very special relationship – by facing up to some of the trickier issues, you may find that your prospects here will change dramatically. This should give you a momentous sense of achievement.

Other people – friends and/or colleagues – can help you gain a clearer perspective on your current situation and how to manage some of your changing goals. Handling relationships as effectively as possible will lead to all the best stuff this May. An intriguing stranger is likely to welcome you with open arms and you’ll also discover you have real friends who you may have underestimated until now. You are poised to make a fantastic impression in a work-related scenario, so be sure to make the most of this. After the 25th you’ll reap the rewards of recent bold actions and know for sure where you have made the most headway. Meanwhile, simply ignore foolish gossip concerning an affair of the heart – you are far too wise to be swayed by this. Mostly congratulate yourself on each and every one of your recent achievements.

Try not to let other people’s perceptions of you take up your precious time – this means filtering out any pointless chatter. May is your time to be true to yourself. From the 4th nothing stands in the way of pursuing one of your most prized goals – intriguing developments will have a positive knock-on effect in various areas of life. As a result, you’ll be much closer to fulfilling some of your most heartfelt desires. After midmonth you will know you are truly appreciated for all the love and care you have offered others. Yet you may also need to referee a dramatic encounter between a mysterious figure and someone you know only too well… You’ll handle this with sensitivity yet must remain determined not to let other people’s problems faze or distract you.

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