Product Spotlight: Tan-Luxe Face & Body Drops

Few products have caused the same stir as Tan-Luxe’s cult drops – and it’s easy to see why. Designed to create a flawless, streak-free glow without using any pigmented chemicals, they’ve been dubbed a game-changer. Mix them with your go-to creams, oils or even foundation for unbeatable radiance – here’s what else you need to know...

How They Work… 

Unlike other self-tanners, these drops don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they offer a tailor-made result, allowing you to develop a glow gradually and naturally – so even if you’re a novice you can use these with confidence. One of their biggest selling points is the skincare-rich formula: “The reason these drops have become so popular is because they allow you to tan at home without sacrificing your luxury skincare regime,” explains brand founder, Marc Elrick. Brimming with nourishing ingredients (think vitamin E, aloe vera and raspberry seed oil), they hydrate while giving good glow. What’s more, the brand has kicked out any nasty ingredients. “We only use the highest quality, naturally-derived DHA tanning actives. Everything is formulated without synthetic dyes, too, so you can apply it morning or evening without worrying about any transfer onto sheets or clothes.” 

Why Beauty Insiders Love Them…

It’s no secret industry insiders and make-up artists are big fans. Dubbed ‘a sun-drenched holiday bottled’, they’ve become hugely popular for their ability to lend luminous colour without the damaging rays. It’s not just the face and body drops that are in demand, either: “Tan-Luxe’s Hyaluronic Super Glow Serum gives instant plumpness and hydration,” says beauty journalist, Sali Hughes. “It develops into a golden glow within an hour. Add a few drops of it to your moisturiser first thing, or apply it before bed – especially if you know you won’t get much sleep.” No wonder the entire range continues to be a bestseller at both Cult Beauty and Space NK.

"Tan-Luxe has brought ultra-innovative, disruptive skincare-grade formulations and ingredients to the world of tanning.."
Marc Elrick

How To Get The Most Out Of The Drops…

One of the reasons these drops are so well-loved is their versatility. Add a few drops into your face moisturiser, oils, serums or body lotions for a natural-looking colour or, like make-up artist and beauty influencer, Cher Webb, mix a few drops with your foundation: “One of my favourite hacks for creating glossy, healthy-looking skin is to add two to three of these drops into your foundation or base. It’s a great way to perk up a dull complexion when you’re on-the-go. Use a brush and blend all over, right up into your hairline; over the next few hours, the colour will build, while also delivering great luminosity.” The drops work for all skin tones, too. Try light to medium for fairer skin and medium to dark for darker skin tones. You can also expect the colour to fade evenly – a huge bonus. 

What The Brand Says…

Tan-Luxe was founded out of a desire to push and innovate, creating formulas that are entirely customisable. “The self-tan industry used to be a very different place,” says Marc. “There were rules people stuck to and not many boundaries being pushed. We wanted to bring disruptive skincare-grade formulations and ingredients to the fore – which has been our biggest success. On top of that, the drops are tailor-made, so customers have complete control over the depth and colour of their tan, just like you do with make-up." Simply mix as many drops as you wish to create your desired look. The more drops you apply, the deeper glow you’ll achieve – anywhere from one to 12 is optimum. Another benefit? You don't need to be overly precise with your application, just massage it in as you would your creams and serums and you'll still yield the best results. 


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