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Our Favourite Foundations, How To Politely Disagree & Is Joaquin The Best Joker?

Oct 17, 2019 -
42 min

After the team share their thoughts on the new Joker film, chat turns to the new Michelin guide, and the best restaurants in London and the rest of the UK - plus, Heather shares her top recommendation for a tasting menu and a night away. Then, beauty is on the agenda - the team share their favourite foundations, and discuss the merits of hair extensions. Finally, they discuss their techniques for having tough conversations without it escalating into an argument.

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Sober October, Confidence Hacks & What To Do With Kids This Half Term 

Oct 10, 2019 -
40 min

First up, there's some serious TV chat, as Charlotte and Georgina share the new series that have them hooked. Next up, from what to do with kids over half term to how to spend sober October, they discuss the activities they're looking forward to over the next few months. Then, confidence is on the agenda - everyone shares the ways in which they give themselves a boost in uncomfortable situations. Finally, they chat fashion, from the new trend they're loving to how to tackle the smart/casual dress code.

Watch the Westfield Autumn Winter Haul here.

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Best High Street Make-up, Florals In Autumn, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Routine

Oct 3, 2019 -
37 min

First up, TV is on the cards, as the team share why they're all hooked on Netflix's Criminal. Next, chat turns to beauty - Becky shares her favourite cream blushers, and the conversation takes a tangent as they all wax lyrical about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's seriously enviable beauty routine. Plus, they discuss their affordable make-up recommendations. Next, Heather divulges her top dumpling restaurants in London, and the team chat floral fashion for autumn.





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Sex Special: Best Positions For Reaching Orgasm, Sex After Babies & How To Give A Good Blow Job

Sep 2, 2019 -
64 min

Everything you've ever wanted to know about your sex life, answered. Here at SL we like to address the questions you're too embarrassed to ask, and when we put out a survey about sex, relationships and everything in between, your responses came back in their droves. So, naturally, we put your queries to Psychotherapist & agony aunt Lucy Beresford, who answers them in this special edition of the SheerLuxe podcast.

We address...

How to improve your sex life

What to do if it hurts to have sex  

How to tell your partner what you do and don’t like

Which are the best positions to reach an orgasm

The right time to start having sex after a baby

How to give a good blowjob

How to bring excitement back to a long-term relationship

Maintaining your sex drive during menopause 

And much more!

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Notting Hill Hot Spots, At Home Manicure Tricks & Cleaning Hacks

Aug 22, 2019 -
36 min

First up, the team discuss this summer's most hotly anticipated cinema release. Did they love or hate Once Upon A Time In Hollywood? Find out why the film divided their opinions. Next, they discuss Notting Hill's latest openings; find out why it's their favourite area in London right now. Then they chat nails - from their tips to making a mani last longer to their favourite colour trends right now, they share their tips. Finally, autumn fashion is on the agenda - get their advice for making your new season wardrobe work now.

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Staying Sane In The School Holidays, Renting Fashion & Would You Try A Moon Cup?

Aug 15, 2019 -
40 min

First up is the new TV show that has the team talking. Then, talk turns to the summer holidays, as Tamara shares her tips for keeping five children occupied and staying sane whilst school is out. Periods are up next, as the team respond to horrifying figures about the environmental impact of sanitary products. From moon cups to Thinx knickers, they share their alternative tips. Then farm shops are on the menu; from what to buy to the coolest ones to know, they share their tips. Finally, Polly tells the tea what happened when she tried out new fashion rental sites.

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In Flight Beauty Hacks, Lisa Potter Dixon's Makeup Secrets & Embarrassing First Live Gigs

Aug 8, 2019 -
44 min

First up, beauty is, of course, on the agenda. Becky and Lisa share their tips for keeping your skin hydrated whilst flying, and tell us the stateside beauty brands worth checking out. Plus, Lisa explains how to make bright shades work in your make-up routine; from blue eyeliner to coral blushers, she divulges her secrets. Entertainment is also on the menu; the team share their top Desert Island Discs episodes, and they also chat concert, from their embarrassing first live gigs to the artists they'd queue for today.

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A-Z Beauty Glossary, Would You Go On A Fitness Date & How To Plan The Perfect Hen

Aug 1, 2019 -
44 min

First up, the team have some stellar TV recommendations, from the Netflix interiors series that will have you hooked to the new documentary you have to watch. Plus, they divulge the book they're all loving this summer. Next, beauty is on the cards, as Becky dissects her A-Z glossary of the beauty terms you need to know, plus she runs the team through the coolest, quirkiest London destinations to know for hair, make-up and more. Plus, would you go on a fitness date, and how to plan the perfect hen.





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Foodie Special: Date Night Ideas, London Hot Spots & Dinner Party Hacks With Nina Parker

Jul 25, 2019 -
33 min

In this foodie special, the team grill Nina on her favourite recipes - from prawns to pasta, she explains how to make cooking at home simple. Restaurant recommendations are on the cards, as the team share their favourite London Italian hot spots, where they head to on date night, and the new openings they've been trying - plus, they all divulge their top dinner party hacks.

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Staycations, The Team Debate Flip Flops & How To Find Swimwear For Big Boobs

Jul 18, 2019 -
38 min

First up, the new Lion King film is on the agenda - Pascale has had a sneak peek, so hear her thoughts before it's released. The team share what they've been up to this weekend, then chat food, sharing their favourite starters. Then, it's all about fashion - from finding swimwear for different body shapes to the sunglasses that suit your face shape, the team offer their tips.






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