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Why The World Needs More Kindness, Wellness Supplements & Spring Fashion Tips

Feb 20, 2020 -
46 min

Georgie Coleridge-Cole is joined by SL's Tor Cardona, Lu Hough and Harriet Russell to discuss this week's biggest topics...

First up, following the sudden death of Caroline Flack, the team talk about what it means to be kind and why this shocking event could be the turning point we've all been waiting for when it comes to how we behave online. 

The team then turns to the world of health and fitness, discussing everything from which supplements should be top of the list, to the latest wellness launches which have got everyone talking... 

Finally, Lu chats to Georgie about how to incorporate spring fashion into your wardrobe now, and what we're most excited to be wearing when the weather eventually warms up. 

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Valentine's Day, Podcasts Worth A Listen & This Month's Luxe List

Feb 13, 2020 -
46 min

SL's Charlotte Collins, Becky Hull, Harriet Russell and Georgina Blaskey debate this week's hottest topics...

Today's episode is a bumper recommendation special, as the team shout out all the tv shows, plays, podcasts and films they've been enjoying this week. Plus, they run through the luxe list, SL's edit of the things to know about every month, and discuss how they'll be celebrating Valentine's Day.

What to watch:

Becky recommends: The Stranger, Netflix

Charlotte recommends: Booksmart (Amazon Prime), Animals (iTunes)

Harriet recommends: Three Sisters (National Theatre)

What to listen to:

Becky recommends: Beyond Today

Charlotte recommends: Hoste, More Than One Thing

Harriet recommends: The News Quiz, History Hit

Georgina recommends: How Did We Get Here?


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How To Beat SAD, Wedding Dilemmas & Alternative Health Tests

Feb 6, 2020 -
42 min

First up, food is on the agenda, as the team share their favourite brunch spots - plus, they divulge their under-the-radar top romantic restaurants. Then, chat turns to cooking, as they discuss the easy one-tray dinners they all rely on, with a game-changing rice-cooking tip on the cards.

Everyone shares their tips for combating Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Charlotte recommends the new alternative health test that can help diagnose complicated issues. Plus, wedding dresses are a hot topic, as brides-to-be Lu and Tor share their experiences so far.






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The Daily News In Brief | 30th January 2020

Jan 30, 2020 -
22 min

The coronavirus outbreak spreads and Donald Trump reveals his peace plan for the Middle East. 

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Expert Beauty: The Best Facials, Science Behind Beauty & Genius New Ways To Use Your Beauty Blender

Jan 30, 2020 -
49 min

SL's Charlotte Collins and Becky Hull are joined by industry expert and SheerLuxe contributor Lisa Potter-Dixon for a beauty and skincare special.

First up, the team discuss facials - Lisa explains why they're a necessary part of your skincare routine and reveals the very best ones to try up and down the country. Next up, retinol and night creams are on the agenda - the science behind them is revealed, along with the new and improved products to try.

Then, chat turns to beauty, from the insiders to follow for inspiration to the tools and tips you need to make your make-up last longer - plus, they share all the unexpected ways of using your Beautyblender.

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Being More Mindful About Food Waste, What's New On Netflix & Thank You Letter Etiquette

Jan 23, 2020 -
43 min

First on the agenda are the new TV shows the team are loving - from the Netflix docu-series they're hooked on, to last year's hit series that's back. Then, chat turns to the exhibitions they're excited for this year, including Picasso, Warhol and some unexpected names coming to London. 

Then, food is on the menu, as they share the dishes they will and won't eat past their sell by dates. Plus, they chat thank you letter etiquette and the lingerie they love.





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Best January Purchases, 2020 Food Trends & How To Dress The Part In The Office

Jan 16, 2020 -
46 min

After their TV and book recommendations, the team chat beauty, as Becky describes her favourite new January purchases. Plus, she explains skincare pastes, from what they are to why they're so beneficial.

Then, chat turns to food. Heather reveals the food trends that are set to be big in 2020 (hint: carbs and dairy are back on the menu) plus Georgina gives all her tips and tricks for storing leftovers correctly. Finally, Charlotte shares her advice for looking good but staying warm for the office this side of Christmas.







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The Best New TV, Sticking To New Year's Resolutions & The Team's January Recommendations

Jan 9, 2020 -
43 min

In the first podcast of 2020, the team reflect on everything they got up to over the Christmas holidays. TV, film and books feature heavily, as they share their recommendations - expect Netflix and cinema suggestions galore. Then, chat turns to the new year, as they discuss resolutions, goals for the year ahead, and the things they're looking forward to most.

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Our Beauty Ed's Most Used Products, How To Stay Healthy Over Christmas & Must-Read Autobiographies

Dec 19, 2019 -
42 min

In the final podcast of 2019, the team discuss the Strictly final and the films they're excited to see over the festive break. Then, chat turns to beauty, as they share the merits of using the beauty apps that are replacing traditional salons, and Becky talks through all the products she's finished this month. Then, they share their tips for staying healthy over Christmas, and the unexpected gifts to take your host. 

Articles Discussed:







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Podcast Special With Jo Good: Festive Hosting Rules, Things Dermatologists Want You To Stop Doing & Would You Go Vegan?

Dec 12, 2019 -
54 min

SL's Georgie Coleridge Cole, Laura Black and Lu Hough are joined by BBC Radio London presenter Jo Good to discuss this week's hottest topics. The team discuss the new Netflix documentary they're loving, and why it's making them consider turning vegan. Then, chat turns to festive hosting, as they share their tips for a great dinner party, plus their favourite new picks at all the best supermarkets. Fashion is also on the agenda this week, as Jo shares her style tips for petite women, and those in their 60s too.

Articles Discussed:









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