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Social Media Detox, New Netflix, NYC & Stories From A Fashion Insider

Jan 17, 2019 -
56 min

From social media detoxes to learning to say no, being kinder to the environment and top interiors tips, find out what's on the SL team's agenda this week. Plus, they chat through Elizabeth’s little black book, filled with her expert recommendations from London to New York. She also shares her insider tips on how to make it in the fashion industry, and what life is really like on the journalism front line.

Articles Discussed:

What I Learned In My Year Off Social Media

Coolest Lampshade Brands To Transform Your Rooms

What's In My Ocado Order

How To Reduce Your Waste This Year

How To Say No More

Healthy Snack Swaps

Elizabeth Parons Little Black Book


New Years Resolutions, Dry January & New Films

Jan 10, 2019 -
43 min

First up, the team discuss what kept them entertained over the holidays. From the films they loved to the latest cinema releases they've caught up on, find out what they're recommending right now. Then, chat turns to New Years resolutions and hopes for 2019. Whether they're looking forward to new series or making travel plans, the team share everything they have planned for the year ahead.

In-Laws, Christmas TV & The Best Games

Dec 20, 2018 -
45 min

Georgie Coleridge Cole hosts the last SL Hightlights podcast of 2018, along with Astrid Carter, Georgina Blaskey and SL’s beauty columnist Lisa Potter-Dixon. Christmas is the word on everyone’s lips as they discuss surviving the holiday with the family and the games they always play. Plus, Lisa’s shares some great tips on hair trends and colour correcting.

Articles Discussed:

How To Survive Christmas With The Family

7 Tips For A Guilt-Free Christmas

Hair Trends

Statement Tights

Lace-Up Biker Boots

How To Use Colour Correcting Make-Up

Christmas TV

Fragrance, Would You Ever Gift It? 

Top Chefs Share Their Top Christmas Dinner Tips

Best New Games To Play This Christmas

Surviving Christmas & If Money Was No Object What Would You Buy?

Dec 13, 2018 -
35 min

First up, the team chat staycations, as we reveal our top London hotels under £200. They share their tips for a successful mini break in the city, from unexpected hot spots to under-the-radar destinations to know. Then, Christmas is on the agenda. How to behave at the Christmas party, when to start your decorating and what to serve on the day itself are all hot topics of the day - the team discuss their failsafe ways to ensure a smooth, happy festive period.

Articles Discussed:

The Best London Hotels – For Under £200 A Night

The Most Expensive Christmas Gifts In The World

When Is The Right Time To Put Up Christmas Decorations?

Mina Holland: Christmas Traditions

SL’s Guide To Office Christmas Party Etiquette

Hottest Travel Destinations of 2019, Millennial Overspending & Best Jobs To Work Remotely

Dec 6, 2018 -
38 min

This week, SL's Charlotte, Heather and Astrid chat travel with special guest Charlotte Sinclair, from where the hottest place to travel in the new year will be (Bhutan) to the affordable ski resorts you need to know right now. Plus, we discuss millennial overspending - are we frivolous or do we get a bad rap? - the merits of working remotely, New Year's Eve plans and new season fashion, from leather shirts to velvet headbands.

Articles Discussed:

16 Spots To Book Now For NYE

Christmas Sandwich Taste Test

Podcasts To Boost Your Career

Millennial Spending Myths Debunked

Tips To Build Your Confidence As A Female Leader

Best Remote Jobs You Can Do Anywhere In The World

Wedding Diaries

Cashemere Care Products

Leather Shirts

The Topshop Skirts Back In Stock

Embellished Headbands To Buy Now

3 Ways To Own A Home, What To Eat At Wagas & Is The New 'The Sinner' Better Than The First?

Nov 29, 2018 -
44 min

Entertainment is on the agenda as the team recommend the TV shows and films they’ve enjoyed over the weekend. The ladies also talk about the struggle to get on the property market and the perils of commuting in the UK, as well as winter recipes we’re loving and what to eat at Wagamamas if you’re on a diet. Plus, how to make the most of your annual leave and the fashion updates we’re coveting this week.

Articles Discussed:

The Sinner 2 Is Here – And This Series Might Be More Addictive Than The Last

These 3 Women Bought Homes In London- Here's How

#MillennialProblems: The Cost Of Commuting

How To Get More Days Off Using Less Annual Holiday

What To Eat At Wagamama According To A Nutritionist

How To Make Your Hands Look Younger

Why You Could Be At Risk Of Pneumonia This Winter

Esther Walker’s Real Talk: It’s My Christmas And I’ll Be Crazy If I Want To

These Are The Charlotte Tilbury Products That Always Sell Out

21 Pairs Of Velvet Trousers To Buy Now

15 Gold Buckle Belts On The High Street

Tricky Interview Qs To Nail, Cool Xmas Party Ideas, Do You Still Wear Thongs?

Nov 22, 2018 -
41 min

First up, some serious business is on the agenda as the team reveal the hardest interview questions they’ve ever been asked, why women are saving for future breakups and whether or not they’ve each made a will. Plus, there’s a dose of fashion as they debate thongs vs knickers and high street vs high-end tights. And, of course, some festive chat – hear their thoughts on this year’s John Lewis ad, office Christmas parties and what they’ll be wearing to this season’s events.


Articles Discussed:


13 Tricky Interview Questions & How To Nail Them

Why Women Are Saving For Future Breakups

Everything You Need To Know About Writing Your Will

Would You Wear A Thong?

7 Things To Know About The John Lewis Christmas Ad

17 Cool Office Christmas Party Ideas

34 Pieces For Party Season

Getting A Dog, Hollywood's New Leading Man & Our Thoughts On Victoria's Secret

Nov 15, 2018 -
43 min

First up, entertainment is on the agenda as the team reveal recommend the TV shows and activities they’ve enjoyed over the weekend.

They also debate the Victoria's Secret fashion show - can you still be a feminist and enjoy it? Plus there's a new type of leading man in Hollywood; find out the reinvented heartthrobs seducing the team. Then the discussion turns to buying a dog; they share everything you need to consider before taking the plunge. Finally, the vinyl trend and what to wear to a winter wedding add a dose of fashion.

Articles Discussed:

9 Things We Loved From The New Prince Charles Documentary

Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Dog

The New Leading Man In Hollywood

Can You Be A Feminist & Watch The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

5 Ways To Wear Vinyl

What to Wear To A Winter Wedding

Dining Etiquette, Country V City & Adult Gap Years

Nov 8, 2018 -
39 min

First up, entertainment is on the agenda as the team reveal recommend the TV shows and activities they’ve enjoyed over the weekend.

They also share their top tips on dining etiquette, from pet peeves to their own shortcomings. They debate whether life is really better when you up sticks to the countryside, plus they chat travelling alone and adult gap years - would you consider one?

Then, the discussion turns to fashion, from our obsession with pockets to wedding dress dilemmas. 


Articles Discussed:

Everything You Need To Know About Good Dining Etiquette

Considering Moving To The Country? Read This First

10 Tips For Solo Travel

Should You Take A Grown-Up Gap Year?

Why Are We So Obsessed With Pockets?

The Wedding Diaries: The Dress

Boozy Habits, House Invaders & Career Advice

Nov 1, 2018 -
42 min

After some career advice? You're in the right place, as the team discuss defining your own personal brand at work and maximising your LinkedIn profile. They also share their tips for cutting down on the booze (or not) and debate staying in vs going out at weekends, and, as usual, there's plenty of fashion and beauty.

Articles Discussed:

Should We Be Downsizing Our Social Lives?

How To Trim Your Hair At Home

Autumn/Winter Fashion Advice From NET-A-PORTER's Buying Director

How To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine For Winter

Is Feng Shui Still A Thing?

How To Drink Less Without Stopping Altogether

Have You Defined Your Own Personal Brand At Work?

How To Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile

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