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SheerLuxe Success Stories: Holly Tucker, Founder Of Notonthehighstreet

Feb 11, 2019 -
39 min

As a mother, MBE and founder of Not on the High Street, Holly Tucker is a force to be reckoned with. After pumping over £600m into the UK economy with her business, Holly wants to help other women do the same with her book, Build A Business From Your Kitchen Table. Listen now to find out more about the highs and lows of her journey, the key to finding the right investor, and balancing motherhood with a booming business.

SheerLuxe Success Stories: Anine Bing

Dec 17, 2018 -
26 min

Founder of her eponymous, internationally renowned label, Anine Bing is a regular source of inspiration with her chic-meets-rock-chick style and boss-lady attitude. Here, she tells us how she created her empire and became one of the fashion elite…

Chances are, even if you’re not into fashion, you’re familiar with Anine Bing’s clothes. Whether it’s a lace camisole on Kendall Jenner or the studded ankle boots Gigi Hadid lived in over 2017, the Danish native’s designs have become synonymous with cool, it-girl style.

So what was the catalyst to her creating her ever popular brand, and what are her goals for the business in the future? From business investments to the importance of Instagram, we discover all in Anine’s episode of Success Story.

SheerLuxe Success Stories: Nina Campbell, Interior Designer

Dec 3, 2018 -
32 min

With a style she describes as “comfortable and suitable”, Nina Campbell is one of our country’s best-known interior designers. Globally renowned for creating rooms which are quintessentially English, she is the leader in how to marry bespoke and antique with contemporary, aiming unlike so many others, not to match. She has designed interiors from the Royal Albert Hall to Rod Stewart’s home, created fabric and wallpaper with Osborne & Little, written countless interior books and run a shop in central London for over 40 years. Here, in her SheerLuxe Success Stories podcast, discover how she first found a passion for interiors, the highlights of her illustrious career, and her advice for those starting out in the industry today…

SheerLuxe Success Stories: Kristina Karlsson Founder Of kikki.K

Nov 19, 2018 -
44 min

It was 3am, ten years ago, when Kristina Karlsson woke with the epiphany it was time to run her own business. Spotting a gap in the market for design-led stationery, she persuaded her boyfriend to sell his house for funding and set about creating the brand we know and love as kikki.K

With over 100 of their own stores globally, stocked in another 250 and sold online to stationery and design lovers in over 147 countries worldwide, Karlsson’s brand is one of the biggest names in stationary. And for good reason – created to empower and inspire, her planners, diaries and notebooks are like nothing else out there.

So just how did she go from her humble beginnings on a small farm in Sweden to a global success? SL found out.

Here, in her Success Story podcast, the international business owner, entrepreneur and now author shares her fascinating rise to the top – from what led her to launch kikki.K and the inspiration behind its ingenious marketing, to how she transformed a simple business plan into a global empire.

We also learn all about her first book, Your Dream Life Starts Here – a simple-yet-powerful guide to making your wishes come true, inspired by Karlsson’s own journey and filled with her unique insights. Whether you want to get the most out of your personal life, career or business, her words of wisdom may be some of the most important you’ll hear this year. 

A Beauty Special: Lisa Potter-Dixon

Oct 15, 2018 -
31 min

Bestselling author, Instagram influencer, YouTube star Make-Up Lisa Potter-Dixon is one of the beauty industry’s most respected names. After graduating with a degree in English literature and theatre, Potter-Dixon decided to pursue her life-long love of make-up. It was after taking a job managing the Benefit Cosmetics boutique in Covent Garden back in 2007 that she began to sow the seeds of her professional success. Today, she holds the title of Head Make-Up Artist for the brand, and has amassed a strong social media following thanks to her ability to take a catwalk trend and apply it to real women; creating everyday looks that enhance their natural beauty, not hide it. Listen to her Success Stories podcast to hear all about her inspiring beauty ethos, along with her advice for those starting out in the beauty industry; including tips for getting in the door and how to boost your social media following.

SheerLuxe Success Stories: Carmen Tal Co-Founder Of Moroccanoil

Sep 17, 2018 -
29 min

It was after a hair disaster at a salon, that she then owned, that Carmen Tal went on a subsequent trip to Israel and went to remedy the hair disaster that she came across the miracle product that is Moroccanoil. She saw the opportunity to take the product global and in ten years the brand has become a cult beauty must have and one of Sephora’s best selling hair brands - raved about by beauty editors, models and it’s thousands of worldwide customers alike. In this podcast SheerLuxe founder Georgie Coleridge Cole finds out how Carmen launched a household brand, from the highs and lows to acquiring investment and more - Carmen tells all. 

SheerLuxe Success Stories: James Averdieck, Gü & the Coconut Collaborative

Sep 2, 2018 -
37 min

In 2003 James Averdieck founded the dessert business Gu, renowned for their glass ramekin souffles 7 years later he sold the business for £32million and turned his attention to a healthier dessert option. Ditching the decadence James bought a share in a small dairy business, rebranding the company into the Coconut Collaborative. With a range of dairy-free yogurts & sweet treats, James turned the business into a global sensation with a turnover of nearly £12 million. 

SheerLuxe Success Stories, Marcia Kilgore Founder Of Soap & Glory, Beauty Pie & More

Aug 20, 2018 -
57 min

A serial entrepreneur, with five multi-million pound businesses under her belt, you more than likely have a few of Marcia Kilgore’s brands’ beauty products on your bathroom shelf. With just $300 in her pocket, Kilgore moved from Canada to join her sister in New York, and soon found herself giving facials to friends in a bit to pay off her student debts. But it wasn’t long before, aged 26, she launched the now world-famous Bliss Spa – endorsed by the likes of Oprah, Madonna and Demi Moore. But selling Bliss for a reported $50million years later was just the beginning for Kilgore – who has spent the last two decades launching global brands Soap & Glory, FitFlop, Soaper Duper and, her most recent, Beauty Pie; the brand heralded for ‘driving a truck through’ the luxury cosmetic industry. Listen to her Success Stories now to discover how the beauty guru built her businesses, what’s next for her new venture and the secret to how she always knows what women need (before they even know they need it).

SheerLuxe Success Stories: Cassandra Stavrou, Founder Of Propercorn

Aug 6, 2018 -
34 min

Leaving a graduate job in advertising to work in a pub and live with your mother doesn’t sound like an obvious start for success, but that’s exactly what Cassandra Stavrou, Co-Founder of Propercorn did. Spotting a gap in the market for healthy-yet-tasty popcorn, Stavrou launched her business in 2011; a brand now synonymous with exotic flavours and standout packaging – with a team of 40, a business turning over £13m a year and sales of popcorn at 3m bags a month. Listen now to discover what led Stavrou to create the ingenious snack, how she saved the money to make her dream a reality, the secrets behind Propercorn's unique flavour combinations and the ways she ensures the business stays ahead in such a competitive marketplace – including what's coming up next for the foodie-favourite brand.

SheerLuxe Success Stories: Trinny Woodall

Jun 25, 2018 -
46 min

This week’s Success Stories looks at the extraordinary career of Trinny Woodall.


From her days as one half of the nation’s best-loved style duo Trinny and Susannah, to the book deals and TV shows that went global, Trinny Woodall has been ingrained in the world of British fashion since the 90s.


Styling and helping thousands of women the world over, be it sartorial or emotionally, first-hand or through our TV screens, she fast became a darling of the TV fashion world, and still is to this day.


In her Success Story Trinny talks candidly about her big break, working with Susannah and what it’s like to go it alone and build your own company. Swapping women’s wardrobes for their make-up bags, the last few years has seen Trinny start her own beauty brand, Trinny London. From getting investment to the power of digital, here’s her story so far.

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