The Iconic Cream That Promises Your Best Skin Yet
The Iconic Cream That Promises Your Best Skin Yet

The Iconic Cream That Promises Your Best Skin Yet

Whether you’re looking to firm, plump, boost glow or overhaul your complexion, La Mer’s Moisturizing Soft Cream delivers on all fronts. Newly reformulated for advanced benefits, this moisturiser, with innovative technology, science-backed ingredients, and an ultra-soft texture is suitable for all, including sensitive skin. To find out why it’s the only moisturiser you’ll ever need – and why it’s worth a regular place in your skincare routine – we asked two leading experts, La Mer’s Lead Scientist Dr Jaime Emmetsberger, Ph.D and dermatologist Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, to answer some key questions.

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Introduce Us To La Mer’s New Moisturizing Soft Cream…

“There have been many new discoveries in the delivery of ingredients to help skin renew and rejuvenate itself. La Mer’s newly reformulated Moisturizing Soft Cream was created with this in mind, with new technology that allows for even softer skin. With this newly reformulated cream, the team also set out to re-introduce the concept of ‘soft’ to customers, allowing the brand to advance its existing core moisturiser family with new innovation. It’s a light yet luxurious cream that delivers the same benefits as our classic Crème de la Mer, but in a supple, soft texture. It still contains our key ingredient – Miracle Broth™ – and has a lighter feel that everyone will love.” – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger

You Mention Miracle Broth™ – How Does This Benefit The Skin?

“We are continually unlocking the power and potency of Miracle Broth™, which is the youth-renewing ingredient at the heart of the Moisturizing Soft Cream and all La Mer treatments. We’ve now discovered through new research that Miracle Broth™ helps support skin’s barrier lipids, which are essential fatty acids that are vital to a youthful look. With the power to help reverse and resist the look of signs of ageing, this updated take on a new formula now features a powerful delivery system to help Miracle Broth™, our key ingredient, plump skin from within the surface for a firmer, fuller
look.” – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger

Can You Break Down That Delivery System & How It Speeds Up Results?

“Through a high-energy, high-speed process, the new formula in the Moisturizing Soft Cream brings together potent activity and rich cream emollients to form multi-sized moisture spheres. Miracle Broth™ is encapsulated within these spheres, which are held together by gentle, cohesive bonds which all combine to create the ultra-soft texture. These moisture spheres – now graduated in size – burst onto skin with every touch to deliver moisture deep into the skin’s surface. They penetrate the skin's surface layer by layer with the potent effect of Miracle Broth™, lipid-based crème emollients and lime tea. Upon application, the bonds break and the spheres melt, delivering essential moisture to help soothe dryness and renew the skin’s barrier." – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger


Why Is It So Important To Nourish Your Skin Barrier?

“The skin barrier is one of the most important elements of our skin. Our skin barrier also helps prevent water from leaving our skin. If you notice it’s feeling dry or irritated, then back away from actives and lean into products and ingredients that hydrate and moisturise – like the ones in the Moisturizing Soft Cream.”  Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme

Speaking Of The Barrier, How Does Miracle Broth™ Help Protect It?

“At the heart of the new Moisturizing Soft Cream is our ‘youth-renewing ferment’ which works to support the skin’s essential fatty acids that are vital to a youthful look. Our next-generation formula allows the Miracle Broth™ to reach skin's surface in the areas where it needs it most, renewing and strengthening the skin’s barrier to protect skin from outside stressors. These key ingredients help support skin’s vital barrier lipids on the inside which then helps skin look healthier on the outside.” – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger

How Does The Formula Resist The Look Of The Signs Of Ageing?

“The Moisturizing Soft Cream has powerful anti-ageing benefits that create what we call a ‘soft skin effect’. After just one use, 91% said their skin felt softer and smoother*. It penetrates skin's surface instantly and the ingredients inside help deliver a refined, youthful look and firmer-feeling skin. From the first touch, skin is plumped and infused with essential moisture to help it better resist the look and signs of ageing.” – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger

La Mer Has Led The Way For Some Time With Anti-Ageing Solutions – Why Is This?

“Crème de la Mer is the moisturiser that started it all. It is renowned for its anti-ageing and transformative powers as the formula immerses skin in moisture and transforms it with the promise of new radiance and the look of youth. The original Moisturising Soft Cream was inspired by our founder Dr Max Huber and his pioneering work. The Max Huber Research Lab scientists had a dream of advancing The Moisturizing Soft Cream in a luxurious, new formula. They wanted the soft, sumptuous texture of the original with elevated ageless benefits to help skin take on a firmer feel and a more lineless look on the outside.” – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger

How Does The Moisturizing Soft Cream Prevent Signs Of Ageing Specifically?

“For years, La Mer’s Max Huber Research Labs have been a pioneer in the analysis of lipidomics – also known as barrier lipids. These are essential for healthy, youthful-looking skin and play a vital role in helping skin maintain its moisture, fullness and density. Certain barrier lipids are involved in protecting against stressors that cause the irritation that can lead to the signs of ageing. As skin ages, our natural barrier lipid density depletes which takes away from a full, plump, youthful look, and weakens the skin barrier, thereby leaving skin vulnerable to signs of irritation and accelerating skin’s ageing process. Our latest discovery reveals Miracle Broth™ helps support skin’s barrier lipids, helping deliver protection against the look and signs of ageing. With a strengthened barrier, skin not only resists current signs of ageing – it helps delay the further signs of ageing tomorrow.” – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger

Technology & Ingredients Aside, What Else Makes The Cream So Good?

“The fact that it renews your skin’s barrier for vibrant radiance – all in a sumptuous soft-touch texture. Studies showed 86% said their skin looked more youthful and 88% said their skin felt firmer**. Featuring a lightweight, silky-soft texture, the formula deeply moisturises and comforts from deep within the skin.” – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger

Finally, Do You Have Any Tips On How To Use It?

"I love the texture of Moisturizing Soft Cream and the way it feels on my skin. I like to use it morning and night, taking a small amount between my fingertips and gently pressing into my skin. Sometimes I like to mix The Moisturizing Soft Cream and The Concentrate to create a mask-like treatment for a more velvety, luminous finish." – Dr Jaime Emmetsberger

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