Luxe Skincare Heroes Worth The Money
Luxe Skincare Heroes Worth The Money

Luxe Skincare Heroes Worth The Money

Leading beauty journalist Olivia Falcon knows exactly where you should spend your money. From transformative facials to skincare that really delivers, here, she shares the professionals, products and places that are really worth the investment.
By Olivia Falcon

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The Spring Clean

The latest dermatology research suggests excessive cleansing could be doing your skin more harm than good, stripping it of the natural oils it needs for healthy barrier function and causing – in some cases – inflammation and irritation. Delo’s Rx Hybrid Cleanser is a hybrid cleanser designed for those breakout prone skin or anti-ageing concerns. Formulated by top London dermatologist Dr. Stefanie Williams, it also soothes peri- and menopausal skin conditions including adult acne, rosacea, and POD (perioral dermatitis) using carefully curated ingredients such as salicylic acid and Bisabolol – a calming chamomile extract that supports skin’s healing abilities. 


The Professional

There are so many reasons you’ll love Jasmina Vico, but it’s her signature Vico Glow Facial that gets our vote. A bespoke ritual customised to help your skin look the best it ever has, the procedure includes brightening peels, microneedling for acne scars or large pores, and a laser with multiple settings to firm, lift and lighten – all delivered in the most minimally invasive way possible. Based in Fitzrovia, the house of Vico looks like it belongs in Architectural Digest with fun art, deep green velvet sofas and rows of Vico’s signature supplement jars. All her treatments (she sees teens and men, too) are punctuated with brilliant practical skin tips –who knew if you’re a bit flushed the day after a party all you need is a few drops of The Disciples Miracle CBD to take down redness and inflammation? Try it – it works a treat. 


The Range

From Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair to Augustinus Bader’s The Cream, most beauty brands have one or two hero products we all know and love. Few consistently release hit formula after hit formula quite like Revision Skincare, though. Dominating America’s most prestigious dermatologist offices, its range of high-tech formulas feature patented ingredients that target specific ageing concerns. Of particular note is the Nectifirm Advanced neck cream that uses the brands own prebiotic technology in combination with five peptides to reinforce and plump thin or sagging skin. It also reduces the depth of platysmal bands which are caused when the two strips of muscle that run vertically down both sides of your neck weaken. Launching this month is Revox Line Relaxer – an upgrade to your usual eye cream, it visibly works to smooth crinkling and crow’s feet around the eye area in just 15 minutes. 


The Quick-Fix

There are face masks and then there’s Skinporter’s All In One Facial Kit. It’s a slightly surreal paint on gel that vacuum wraps your face, temporarily lifting jowls, brightening skin and tightening up large pores to make you look five years younger. The secret lies in mixing the lifting serum with a peptide gel as carbon dioxide in the air fuses into the formula creating the O+ complex; this reaction causes the mask to solidify onto the skin, creating an intense tightening effect. Wash the mask off ten minutes later and you’re good to go. 


The Supplement

Based on peer reviewed patented ingredients, such as ashwagadna –an adaptogen that promotes better sleep, more energy and clarity of mind – Lyma supplements are a bit like the iPhones of the vitamin world, as they get an annual update as new ingredients become available. The latest ingredient to be added to the deck is Levagen, a protein found naturally in the body that acts as a painkiller; toddlers have lots of it, hence playground scrapes are significantly more bearable than if you were to have the same sort of injury at an older age. Having personally road-tested the new, enhanced supplement over two heavy perimenopause menstrual cycles, I can report it did indeed work just as effectively as ibuprofen to alleviate intense cramps. Taking Lyma long-term has also eased anxiety, PMS and cleared up those rosacea-based breakouts, too. 

04  Skinporter’s All In One Facial Kit
04 Skinporter’s All In One Facial Kit
05  Lyma Supplements
05 Lyma Supplements

The Gadget

This pink silicone mask may look like a prop from a horror film, but it’s what lies beneath that will really excite you. More powerful than its competitors, the LightMax LED is the only FDA cleared LED Mask for skin rejuvenation and the treatment of acne. Ideally used daily in short ten-minute sessions, improvements are visible after just a couple of treatments (think more radiant, clearer skin) but keep going daily for a few weeks to see more tangible changes – lines and wrinkles will appear smoother and skin will take on a more uniform tone. Ocularplastic surgeon, Maryam Zamani has also created larger cut outs around the eye area to prevent any LED going into the eyes, as studies have found LED radiation can cause significant damage, including increased risk of age-related macular degeneration.


The Body Reboot

For the ultimate body inspiration, look no further than supermodel Tatiana Korsakova; with skyscraper legs and nearly a million Instagram followers, she’s the millennial’s answer to Elle Macpherson. Now bottling the routine she uses to maintain her flawless figure, she’s teamed up with Ila spa founder Denise Leceister to create the Scentiana body range to tone and deeply hydrate the skin. The Body Mask Peel is the standout product of the collection and should be slathered over dry skin ten minutes pre-shower. The formula combines lactic and phytic acid to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate leathery skin. Also in the mix are some plant-derived oils such as blue chamomile, orange blossom and geranium that work on brain receptors to lift your mood. 


The At-Home Treatment

If winter has left you looking grey or sallow, Prevage’s Progressive Renewal Treatment is the closest thing you’ll find to an in-clinic resurfacing treatment you can enjoy in the comfort of your own bathroom. Primarily focused on brightening the skin, the four-week kit includes bottles with click down caps that release idebenone (Prevage’s super powerful patented antioxidant) into a mix of alpha hydroxy and the lesser know polyhydroxy acids that gently help to increase cell turnover. This treatment should be applied before bed, and at the end of week one you should look significantly less tired. By week two, fine lines will be less noticeable, and by week three, skin should be smooth and sparkling. Just make sure you stick with it. 


The Location

Set in a former church, Teresa Tarmey’s Notting Hill Clinic has seen the pews replaced with deeply comfy 1980s De Sede leather chairs and sofas. Instead of incense, there’s now the steady burn of Bella Freud scented candles and the vaulted ceiling looks down on a covetable array of Guy Bourdain prints. It’s a super chic yet friendly space and ‘TT’ – as she is affectionately known to industry insiders – alongside her excellent team deliver facials that focus on the rejuvenating powers of fractional radio frequency. Microneedling is also on the agenda here, done with Teresa’s own kits that can be taken home to use with a potent blend of serums including niacinamide, vitamin C and biotin. There are also plans to host a series of regular beauty masterclasses, dinners and events to draw out some of TT’s A-list fans, such as Poppy Delevingne and Sienna Miller. 


The Unexpected Hero

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit but this one is likely to be easier to adopt. Stop washing your face in the shower. Why? Hot showers may feel fabulous to soak away the stress of the day but it can play havoc with your skin – stripping it of oils, causing redness, dryness, and in extreme cases, broken capillaries. Lukewarm water is always better. If you want to go the extra mile, invest in a Hello Klean filter. It’s a handy screw-on attachment that softens hard city water removing chlorine, hard minerals and impurities. As a result, skin and hair will be imbued with bounce and feel noticeably softer. 

09  Teresa Tarmey’s Notting Hill Clinic
09 Teresa Tarmey’s Notting Hill Clinic
10  Hello Klean Filter
10 Hello Klean Filter

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