The Luxury Name To Know For Engagement Rings

Most will agree that choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make – after all, it’s a piece you’re going to wear forever. In addition to their extensive offering of engagement pieces, bespoke fine jewellery brand Vashi guides couples through the entire journey from selecting the stone and the setting, to making a piece that is entirely unique – going so far as to involve the couple in the co-creation process, which is signature to the brand's ethos. Here’s why Vashi should be on your radar…
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When it comes to creating special pieces of fine jewellery to mark the milestones in your life, fine jewellery brand Vashi puts you at the very heart of the process. The brand celebrates true emotion, placing emphasis on the journey of co-creation between yourself and the brand's makers, built on the belief that something you've made means more than something you've bought. 

In addition to their website, Vashi has six stores throughout the UK, each with a workshop, where you can see their craftspeople at work – and even join them at the workbench to co-create a bespoke piece. You are placed at the very centre of the journey, where you can work alongside the brand's designers who will help to realise your vision through sketch, before moving onto selecting your metal, setting, diamond or stones, and any further elements of personalisation (such as an engraving). You can be as involved as you wish to be in the actual making of the piece, even helping to physically set the diamonds or stones within their bespoke piece. The brand's mission statement is ‘better jewellery in a better way’. That means no more faceless, impersonal customer service when it comes to making this kind of investment.

The team knows the importance of the 4Cs. In the jewellery world, the 4Cs are carat, clarity, colour and cut – the four essential aspects when choosing a diamond. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond; clarity to the flawlessness of the diamond; colour refers to the absence of colour (the less colour, the more expensive or rare the stone); and cut refers to how the diamond is cut to produce sparkle. Even if the 4Cs are the same on paper, the diamond could still be different upon seeing it in person, and it's these details that Vashi's creators consider when guiding you through your decision making process. The team at Vashi will talk you through each of these aspects and explain how they work together – helping you to choose an amazing diamond within budget and according to your personal taste and preferences. 

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You can become involved in each and every stage of your bespoke engagement-ring creation – even sitting at the workbench with the makers for the final setting.
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It's not just the ring you walk away with - the brand will also create your own personal Love Story, a beautiful hardbound book, as a keepsake to remember your co-creating experience with the brand and to mark the story behind your unique piece. Whether you are making a piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift, Vashi will create a personalised book that captures your reason for creating it, together with images of your piece being made in the workshop. If you create a piece in one of Vashi's stores, your Love Story will include images of you at every stage of the process: selecting stones, engraving your piece and your hands-on role in the brand's workshop. If you’re buying online, Vashi will mark the creation journey with unique photographs of the craftspeople making your piece for you in the workshop. Either way they’ll invite you to add your own cherished photographs, memories and inspirations to make it truly personal. 

You can make your own ring online. The brand encourages digital customers to get creative too. Their engagement ring builder means you can make your own original design at home, or anywhere else. A customised ring is steeped in sentiment, and can represent anything from a partnership to a milestone to a moment you never want to forget. The symbolism is unique and personal to you, and the design should be the same. Start with a diamond or start with a setting, it’s entirely your choice, then make it your own by choosing every single design aspect yourself from the metal type, whether you prefer modernist, traditional, bold or understated style, which diamond shapes speak to you, and of course, what fits your budget.

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Phil Dunlop

Vashi also offers ready-to-wear engagement rings. At each of its stores and online, there’s a gorgeous and extensive range of rings that you can buy now. From beautiful solitaires to rubies and emeralds, these are ideal if you want a ring straight away. The best bit? Every ready-to-wear style is still entirely customisable, meaning you can put a personalised twist on it too.

Ready to begin your own journey in co-creating a bespoke piece of fine jewellery? Vashi’s unique experience is offered either as a virtual consultation online or in person at their six retail stores. Make a completely bespoke and original creation or personalise and customise pieces from the ready-to-wear collections. Find out more at


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