The Skincare Products The SL Beauty Team Swear By
The Skincare Products The SL Beauty Team Swear By

The Skincare Products The SL Beauty Team Swear By

You may remember we told you about myBlend earlier this year – the luxury brand taking the beauty world by storm. Using the most advanced technologies and high-quality natural ingredients, there’s a reason the SL beauty team love it. From a nourishing hyaluronic acid to an anti-ageing peel offering instant results, these are the products they swear by.

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Beauty Director

“I’ve said it before, but what really sets myBlend apart is its textures – they all layer together so nicely and feel so nourishing on the skin. Previously, it was the Enzyme Cleansing Foam I loved using – I have emptied three since writing about it before – but I’ve recently discovered the Exfoliating Gel Cream too. Satisfying to use, it has a cooling texture that feels so good on the skin with tiny, enzymes inside that gently buff away at dead skin cells and unwanted dirt. A little goes a long way – you only need a dollop (something that helps justify the price) to see results. I love massaging it on while showering, letting it settle, then rinsing it off with warm water. Immediately, my complexion looks fresher with a rosy, healthy glow. It’s perfect before a big event or a night out when you want your make-up to look good – trust me, it will glide on like butter after using this.

“I’ve also kept up my use of the Superserum Hydration – it really does feel like it gets down deep into my skin for maximum nourishment. Nothing drinks up dryness and alleviates feelings of inflammation quite like this. To keep my skin balanced, I’ve also added in myBlend’s new Ceramide Serum to my routine. I am prone to redness and sensitivities – especially with the change of seasons – and this has helped to keep both those issues at bay, thanks to a hefty dose of skin-strengthening ceramides and peptides. I describe this serum like a vitamin drip for your skin – it feeds it with nutrition from the inside out, giving your complexion a quick overhaul, reviving it when it feels and looks both dull and lifeless.

“The final product I’ve been loving is the Cleansing & Exfoliating Brush. I’ve previously written these off as gimmicky and unnecessary, but this has really helped to loosen stubborn dirt and grime sat on my skin. It doesn’t cause irritation either, despite it being a bristle brush. It always leaves my skin looking brighter and diminishes the angry appearance of any spots that are stuck under the surface of the skin. The deep cleansing abilities are second to none, and I’ve really noticed fewer blocked pores the more I incorporate it into my cleansing routine.

There’s no denying that myBlend is a luxury product, but if you’re keen to try it, the brand’s My Beauty Ritual Kit allows you to try all its bestsellers for £65 – a great way to find out what you like before making the full investment.”


Journalist & SL Beauty Columnist

“Although skincare can sometimes be a confusing world to navigate, I love how easy myBlend has made it. The Skin Diagnostic Tool really helps whittle the collection down to a convenient and targeted regime, and if you do want to add a few more products into your edit, you’re given just enough choice without it feeling overwhelming.

“The first product in my new line-up is the Skin Renewal Peel. A wash-off mask, it’s full of AHAs and BHAs which work together to slough off dead cells and reveal younger, brighter skin underneath. The mask itself has a refreshing, jelly texture to it that feels so soothing once applied and I found I really looked forward to slathering a layer on at the end of a long day. The suggested way to use it is as an intensive treatment, applying it every other day for 30 days and the idea is that at the end of that period, you are so glowing that you barely recognise yourself. While I, sadly, remained recognisable as a slightly knackered mother-of-three at the end of the course, I do think my skin looked noticeably brighter. The main thing that impressed me though was how good it was at refining the texture of my skin and making it look more balanced and even. 

“Next in my routine is another mask, this time the Nourishing Mask which is loaded with collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and shea butter. I was looking forward to this, especially because it’s usually this time of year that the drier parts of my skin start to get even drier, and I find I really need that extra boost. Despite thinking it would be a thick cream consistency, the mask is more like a light lotion so if you’re worried it might be too heavy for you, I’d say you don’t have to worry. And although it isn't rich, it still managed to hydrate well and leave my skin feeling supple and elastic. The Matrixyl 3000 peptides (peptides that send messages to the skin’s surface to repair damage) also mean that over time firmness is restored.

“I’ve always used a vitamin C serum in my skincare routine so I loved trying the Superserum Radiance, which promises to supercharge dull complexions with a lightning bolt of brightness. It contains 12% vitamin C derivative so is nicely potent when it comes to imbuing skin with radiance and encouraging collagen production. It also includes an exfoliating enzyme and a radiance peptide to promote extra luminosity. The idea behind the Superserums is that you create a serum wardrobe, having a couple on hand depending on what your skin needs. I’ve got my eye on the Recovery one next, which helps reinforce the skin barrier making it ideal for vulnerable winter skin.

“The final product in my routine was the Revitalizing Emulsion, which I was keen to try as a good moisturising option for my combination skin. Aside from the results, this product was a joy to use with a silky lightweight texture that absorbed quickly but still managed to leave my skin feeling hydrated and conditioned. As well as a peptide complex that tackles the dreaded signs of ageing, it contains extracts which encourage a healthy and stable skin microbiome, and a fermented turmeric extract to boost radiance. The main thing I loved about this was that the benefits to my skin were both instant and long-term. Right after using it I noticed an immediate difference in the glow of my skin, but as time went on, I started to see a real change in how even my skin looked. Better still, it nailed the balance between hydrating the drier areas without overloading the oilier ones.”


Fashion, Beauty & LG Junior Editor & Broadcaster

“One of the main things I love about myBlend is its dedication to offering products that suit such a range of skin types and concerns. I have quite sensitive skin, so  it’s easy for products to feel too harsh both on my face and body. With that in mind, I’m always wary of trying new brands, however, with an array of lightweight textures and natural ingredients, my skin took to myBlend instantly.

“First up was the Universal Nourishing Oil. I’ve always loved using a body oil in both the summer and winter and this one masters that balance between being nourishing but still lightweight enough not too feel occlusive or greasy. I’ll typically apply this all over my skin post-shower while it’s still a little damp. This keeps my skin feeling moisturised, silky and soft throughout the day — thanks to a blend of organic camellia and sweet almond oil plus vegetable squalene. You can also apply this oil to your face. I don’t tend to do this every day as my skin is on the oilier side, however when it’s feeling dry or tight — for example post-holiday or after a night out — this is such a saviour.

“Next up, I’ve been loving the Hydragel Mask. It is one of those pampering steps I’ll always make time for.  It promises up to 24 hours of constant hydration which I can attest to – it kept my skin feeling fresher and supple throughout the day.

“Finally, I’m so glad I came across myBlend’s Glow Fluid. Full of hardworking skincare ingredients – such as hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants for brightness – as well as pearlescent micro-pigments, it gives the skin that fresh-from-a-facial glow. I’ve been wearing it both under make-up and on its own on those days when I just want some subtle radiance.”

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