Becky’s Guide To myBlend – The New Skincare Brand To Know
Becky’s Guide To myBlend – The New Skincare Brand To Know

Becky’s Guide To myBlend – The New Skincare Brand To Know

myBlend is the luxe brand taking the skincare world by storm. Backed by science and known for using the most advanced technologies and ingredients, it stands out for its efficacy, but also for its unique online skin diagnosis tool, which offers tailored recommendations and advice on your routine. Our senior beauty editor Becky Hull jumped at the chance to try everything herself – here’s how she got on…

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First of all, a bit about the mySkinDiag tool…

A first of its kind, myBlend’s online mySkinDiag tool takes personalisation to new heights. After a quick lifestyle questionnaire, it uses face-scanning technology to assess your skin’s characteristics and produce a unique prescription for your individual needs – all in under a minute.

What do the results reveal?

The tool can detect and analyse up to 11 different issues on your skin, including slackened skin, acne, age spots, wrinkles, dark circles, redness, dullness and dryness. To do this, it uses OTSTC technology which is the result of over 25 years of research in dermatology, imaging and AI – in other words, you can trust its accuracy.

The mySkinDiag tool showcases the issues with an easy-to-digest number system and a traffic-light colour code. For Becky, dullness and dryness were the top concerns. Immediately a prescription is given, as is a set of advice that’s useful regardless of whether you follow through with purchases – for example, ways to boost your diet to counteract dryness, tips on ingredients to meet your needs, and what hydration should look like – internally and externally – daily.

And what does the prescription itself look like?

Everyone’s skin varies, but typically myBlend will recommend four to five products based on your mySkinDiag results. For Becky, the prescription included the myBlend Enzyme Cleansing Foam, two serums –the Superserum Radiance and the Superserum Hydration – and its cult Revitalizing Cream. It also recommended using its myLEDMask – the tool everyone’s talking about for its anti-ageing benefits and firming results.

Over to you, Becky…

“Firstly, let me say how impressed I was at the accuracy of the mySkinDiag tool. To my mild horror, it showed my skin’s dryness level was in the 80s – with 100 being very bad. My skin has always been this way, but it’s also incredibly sensitive, so striking a balance in my routine can be difficult. A gentle approach is key, and I think that’s something myBlend gets. The textures of its products are some of the best I’ve tried. They’re luxurious and sensorial, but more importantly they’re lightweight, soothing and easy to tolerate, even with a soft fragrance inside. 

“Thinking of texture, I loved how well each product worked together. With some skincare brands, I find the products can interfere with one another and not settle – myBlend’s products are the opposite. You can tell each one has been carefully curated to layer up well and absorb nicely into the skin to deliver speedy, gratifying results.

“The quickest results for me came with the myBlend serums – Superserum Radiance and Superserum Hydration. Thin and light, they sunk in fast, and that alone made them feel as if they were getting right down deep to solve my issues. The Radiance formula gave my complexion a smoother, more luminous look ,while the Hydration formula drank up all my dryness at speed.

“The Enzyme Cleansing Foam worked fast, too. At first I was cautious this would feel abrasive, like some foams can, but it is the opposite. It foams up and transforms into a milky texture that cocoons skin while fruit enzymes dissolve dead cells – the result is smoother, more refined skin. It also worked well to minimise a few of my blackheads.

“As for the Revitalizing Cream, I’ve nearly finished my pot and I can see why it’s a bestseller. Just the smell had me at hello. It has a nostalgia to it and you can tell it’s going to become a staple at French pharmacies. It offers the perfect balance too: expect juicy, quenching hydration, delivered in a lightweight formula that doesn’t suffocate or cause irritation.

“I have to give a shout out to the Firmness Roller as well. Unlike others on the market, this comes with nodules that deeply massaged my skin as I moved it over the contours of my face. Even better, the head rotates gently to get deep down and stimulate skin properly. Let’s be real, it didn’t give me a facelift, but it did boost my skin’s tone and certainly gave my complexion a lifted appearance – even if only for a short time. It’s a great tool for minimising tension too, especially around my jawline.”

And if you had to choose just one of those products…

“It’s hard to choose a favourite given they were all easy to tolerate and satisfying to use. If, however, you’re on a budget or just want to dip your toe initially, the one I’d recommend above anything else is the myBlend Superserum Hydration. It’s unlike any other hyaluronic acid-based treatment I’ve tried. Cooling, plumping and seriously quenching, it works fast and immediately alleviated the tightness I get on my forehead and chin. The jelly texture is what I can’t get enough of – it does the job while drying quickly, meaning you can get to work with other products. The glow it gives is a bonus – think fresh-from-a-facial with a bounciness that’s impressive.

“It would be remiss of me not to add the myBlend LED Mask to my ‘must tries’ from the brand. There’s no denying it’s an investment, but clinical studies show it helps skin look up to three years younger within a month of use, making it a worthy investment if you’re long-term inclined. I haven’t shaved the years off yet, but I have noticed my skin seems tauter and less red in tone. It’s easy to use and provides a little calm, too, so I’ll be sticking with it for the foreseeable.

“All told, even if you’re not ready to commit, it’s worth trying the mySkinDiag tool to equip yourself with some knowledge of your own needs. It’s quick, easy to do and you gain free, in-depth advice without having to visit an expert or an in-store counter.”

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