The Dentist-Approved Way To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

The Dentist-Approved Way To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Most parents will tell you they have to constantly remind their children to brush their teeth. But Spotlight Oral Care is working to making it easier to help parents keep their children’s mouths and teeth clean with minimal faff. Here’s what you need to know, including an exclusive discount for SheerLuxe readers…
Photography: ISTOCK
Photography: ISTOCK

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It Has Great Eco Credentials

Founded by sisters and dentists Dr Lisa and Dr.Vanessa Craven in 2016, Spotlight Oral Care has fast become one of the UK’s biggest oral hygiene brands, renowned for its gentle yet results-driven products that make luxury dental hygiene accessible to all. When the sisters set out to create Spotlight Oral Care, their aim was to revolutionise the industry by creating a range that was cruelty free, vegan friendly, free from toxins, ocean safe and 100% recyclable. To this day, Spotlight Oral Care remains one of the most eco-friendly dental brands out there, making it a great choice for families and little ones.

It Makes Brushing A Breeze

If your child – or toddler – refuses to brush their teeth, or do it properly, Spotlight Oral Care's solutions promise to make oral care a seamless part of their daily routine. If your little one’s toothbrush needs an upgrade, the Sonic Toothbrush is a great place to start. Harnessing the power of sonic technology, which mimics the gentle feel of a manual toothbrush alongside a deep clean effect, it delivers high-frequency brush movements that ensure both toothpaste and oxygen are delivered to every corner of your child’s mouth.  

It Has Everything You Need

From gentle toothpastes specifically formulated for growing teeth to plaque disclosing tablets to help your children with brushing germs away (and making it fun in the process), Spotlight Oral Care has you covered from all angles.

Here Are Some Of The Products That Get Our Vote...

Toothpaste, £5.95

Why We Rate It: Fluoride plays a crucial role in your child’s dental health – it helps reduce cavities and hardens enamel to keep teeth strong. With the perfect amount of fluoride and a soothing formula that won’t irritate gums, just a pea-sized amount of this toothpaste is all you need to keep teeth strong and healthy. Available in strawberry and mild mint flavours, it’s the perfect way to encourage stubborn toddlers to brush regularly.

Available here

Sonic Toothbrush, £69.95

Why We Rate It: The child’s iteration of Spotlight Oral Care's bestselling adult toothbrush, this clever brush uses the same sonic technology for a gentle-but-powerful clean – only it’s smaller and features a textured grip for ease of use. It has two speed settings to keep everyone happy, and a two-minute self-timer to keep little ones engaged in the brushing process. Each brush comes with three heads and a travel case, and has an impressive battery life.

Available here

UV Sanitiser, £34.95

Why We Rate It: Designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria in less than five minutes, use this genius sanitiser once a week to keep brush heads germ-free. Perfect for busy homes, it features a built-in, quick-drying fan that leaves toothbrush heads clean and dry, making it safer for little ones to use straight away.

Available here

Plaque Disclosing Tablets, £2.95

Why We Rate It: If you’re looking to help educate older children on brushing technique, these disclosing tablets are worth the investment. Containing a safe dye that works to identify any plaque missed during brushing, the blackcurrant-flavour tablets will show little ones where they’ve missed so they can brush again. Use them once a week and as their technique improves, the tablets can be used less frequently.

Available here

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