Got Engaged This Summer? You Need To Read This

Got Engaged This Summer? You Need To Read This

When it comes to wedding planning, creating your gift list has to be up there as one of the most fun parts. Enter The Wedding Present Co., a dedicated personal gift service complete with a Chelsea showroom filled with ideas and inspiration. From when to do it to what to add, here MD Georgie Evans tell us everything you need to know about setting up a gift list of your own...


Why Should Couples Opt For A Registered Gift List?

Ultimately your guests will want to buy you a present to celebrate your marriage. A gift list is a brilliant way to make sure you get what you actually like and need, while also making your guests’ lives so much easier. They just don’t need the uncertainty of wondering if you need it, want it or already have it when shopping for something off-list. A gift list offers the perfect opportunity to receive some beautiful presents that will stand as a lasting memory of this amazing time in your life – and it’s fun. 

What's The Best Way To Set Up A List?

Online via our website, over the phone, or in person at our London showroom in Chelsea. We really recommend coming in for a showroom appointment – it’s an amazing experience that many of our couples cite as one of their highlights of wedding planning.  

How Far In Advance Should This Be Done?

We recommend you set up your wedding list approximately four to six months before your wedding day. 

How Is The Wedding Present Co. Different To Other Gift List Companies?

We are the only wedding present company dedicated to personal service. A small, family-run business, we have been helping couples build their wedding lists for over 25 years. Almost all our couples come to us on a personal recommendation from friends or family, and half of our London showroom team started working here after building their own wedding lists with us. 

Everything we do is focused around creating a tailored experience for our couples. We work with an amazing selection of brands – all the big-name must-haves like Soho Home and Le Creuset, but also smaller artisans you won’t find anywhere else. Every couple gets their own wedding list advisor who is on call throughout the entire process. 

As a small business, we pride ourselves on our personal approach and are delighted to help couples build a wedding list that’s heirloom-worthy. From a sustainable angle, we believe your wedding list should be something that you love and use forever. 

What’s The Benefit Of Coming Into Your Showroom In Person?

Arranged by room over two floors, we have thousands of presents available for couples to see and feel in person. An interactive experience, couples can experiment with how presents sit together and imagine how they might look in their own home. It’s so important to see certain items, such as glassware and china, in person because they often look so different in reality. We’re located in the Furniture & Arts Building in Chelsea and offer private appointments with our wedding list advisors after work during the week and on both Saturday and Sunday. The champagne always flows freely.

Tell Us: Which Are Your Most Popular Stockists?

Le Creuset is a perennial favourite with our couples. With its iconic status and lifetime guarantee, it is the definition of a present you will love for a lifetime. Wicklewood and Sarah K are also hugely popular; their beautiful block-print patterns and homewares such as bed linen and vases make wonderful wedding presents. 

And The Bestsellers?

The White Company’s ‘Breakfast in Bed’ tray is by far our most popular wedding present. Imagine how lovely it will be to spend long, lazy mornings having breakfast in bed as a newly married couple? Glassware by The Vintage List is also incredibly popular. Its striking champagne coupes are a firm favourite. 

What Have Been The Biggest Trends Of The Year?

We love how all our couples have such individual tastes. Their lists look like they could come straight out of House & Garden. We have definitely noticed a consistent trend in couples looking for sustainable options for their wedding list. Our couples are really interested in the back story of a brand, and what its manufacturing process is. We’re proud to work with suppliers that have a totally transparent process, such as Weaver Green (rugs, cushions and throws made entirely from recycled plastic) and Rise & Fall bedlinen.

Chloe Winstanley

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Chloe Winstanley

Are More Couples Starting To Request Money Over Presents?

Certainly. It’s also possible to set up a fund at The Wedding Present Co. Couples can add it to their wedding list, with a personal description, so their guests know what they are contributing to. Popular funds include honeymoons, art, wine, charity and furniture. We had one couple add a boat fund, which we thought was a great idea. We always advise our couples to also add tangible presents to a gift list because some older, more traditional guests prefer to buy these over contributing cash to a fund. This ensures you don’t end up with a present being bought off-list that might not be suitable. 

How Much Does A Wedding List Cost?

Our service is totally free of charge, from start to finish. 

And What’s The Difference Between Fixed And Flexible Packages?

With a flexible wedding list, you put your wedding list together, guests buy from it and you then review it after your wedding. This means you can change your mind on presents, swap things around (great if you want to complete a part-bought set, or avoid any duplications if someone has bought something similar for you off-list). We then order your presents for you. It does take slightly longer for presents to arrive with a flexible option, but 99% of our couples choose it. 

With a fixed list, you put your wedding list together and, as your guests purchase your presents, we order them. You’ll get your presents a little faster, but you cannot make changes to your wedding list once a present has been bought.

Can Couples Order Something That Isn’t From One Of Your Listed Suppliers?

Absolutely, you can add anything with The Wedding Present Co., provided we can source it in the UK. 

What's The Optimum Number Of Gifts To Go For?

This really depends on how many guests you’re having for your wedding. Our wedding list advisors are experts when it comes to this sort of thing and will happily suggest the right number of presents for your gift list. It’s also important to have a good range of price points to cater for all your wedding guests’ budgets – again, this is something our advisors can help with. 

Can Guests Pool Together To Buy Pricier Items?

Absolutely. Couples can make any item on their wedding list a ‘group gift’ at the switch of a button. This means their guests can make individual contributions towards those extra-special presents. 

Can We Leave Our List Up Until The Last Minute?

We generally advise that couples close their list four weeks after their wedding. This allows any last-minute purchases to be made by guests: you’ll be surprised how many guests buy minutes before or after the wedding. This is totally flexible though – it’s up to the couple. 

Do Couples Have To Buy Up The Remainder Of The List?

Not at all! We do, however, offer all couples the opportunity to buy any presents that were not bought from their list at a 10% discount. This discount is then with them for life – perfect for replacing breakages or topping up collections. 

We Want To Open Our Presents On The Big Day. Can You Deliver Before The Wedding?

Yes, we offer couples the opportunity to pre-order presents from their list. Really handy if you want luggage for your honeymoon. 

And What About Afterwards?

We offer nine months of free storage to all our couples – we are the only gift-list company to do this. All presents are stored securely in our Wiltshire warehouse and delivered to you when you’re ready. 

So if you've just got engaged, make sure to book an appointment with one of The Wedding Present Co's in-house experts at its beautiful showroom at 533 King's Road, Chelsea, SW10 0TZ.

Visit to register and create a list.

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