12 Wedding Day Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know
12 Wedding Day Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

12 Wedding Day Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

From the benefits of ice and lymphatic drainage facials to why you should forget about trends, celebrity make-up artist and bridal beauty expert Kelly Dawn has all the advice you need for feeling and looking your best on the big day.
By Rebecca Hull

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Forget About Trends

“Your wedding day hair and make-up should make you look and feel like the most confident version of yourself. I often advise avoiding make-up trends for the big day – more often than not, brides regret this as they want more of a timeless look that they connect with. I advise really thinking about what that is and presenting it to the person doing your look. A good make-up artist will want a thorough understanding of what you’re after to give you the most elevated version possible.”


Don’t Forget About Temperatures

“It sounds obvious, but different seasons bring about weather challenges that need to be considered when visualising your hair and make-up looks. For example, if you’re getting married somewhere hot and humid, make sure you select products that will prolong the wear of your make-up and not melt under the heat. The same goes for hair. If you don’t have the right products – like an anti-humidity spray and a setting mist – everything can quickly slide into a real mess. A good make-up artist will help you select the right products, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.”


Avoid New Treatments

“If you’re going to have a fake tan, lash lift or any tints done, try it out at least three to six months before your wedding day. I have seen a lot of disappointed brides who have had disasters when leaving these appointments too late in the day. Fake tan is a key one that needs a proper trial because if it goes wrong, it’s very challenging to fix on the day. I recommend seeing a tan expert for at least two trials before the big day and always use barrier cream on hands and palms – you don’t want orange knuckles or hands. The same goes for any make-up trials. Have these well in advance so there are no shocks and take as many pictures as possible in natural light, then again in the evening with the flash. This lets you see how you look throughout the day, but also in different lighting.”


Try Lymphatic Drainage

“I am often asked whether lymphatic drainage facials make a difference. They do. They change your entire facial framework by depuffing your skin with clever massage techniques. If you can’t afford to have them done professionally, try doing it yourself at home using the pressure of your fingers and hands. Work on the skin daily, taking your index and middle fingers on each hand on either side of your neck, just below the earlobe. Stretch your skin gently by gliding the fingers outwards and up. Repeat a few times.”


Never Underestimate Water

“Sleep and water are two of the biggest game-changers for skin health in the run-up to your wedding – better still, they are both free. Getting enough sleep in the lead-up to your wedding can be hard, but water intake is easy. I recommend getting a bottle that is marked with numbers and lets you see the amount you’ve consumed to ensure you’re upping the ante. You’d be amazed how much water can impact the appearance and smoothness of your skin. Dehydration will lead to dullness and dryness, which make-up doesn’t love.”


Remember to Prep Lips

“Lips are often forgotten. I recommend using a lip scrub a few weeks before your wedding and certainly the night before. I love the Sugar Lip Scrub by Fresh. Use this in combination with a warm facecloth to buff off dead skin cells, then follow with a rich, restoring overnight lip mask like Alleven’s Lip Balm. Use the latter again on the morning of your wedding. It’s the perfect base underneath lipstick and ensures the colour lasts. Another tip for ensuring lipstick lasts is to use a waterproof lip liner all over the mouth before applying your lipstick. It really does prolong wear and, as the shade wears off, there’s a soft tone underneath.”



Utilise Ice

“If you wake up puffy on the morning of your wedding, reach for some ice. It’s one of the best ways to depuff and invigorate skin at speed. I often keep the Current Body Cryo Roller in the freezer overnight and use it on brides come morning. I also recommend keeping eye masks in the fridge overnight – the best ones are by MZ Skin in my opinion. These help to cool, hydrate and depuff the delicate under-eye area, prepping skin for any make-up application.”


Look For Waterproof Formulas

“As I say, make-up artists will help you choose the best products for your individual look, but there are a handful of products I think everyone should try. That includes Armani Beauty’s Eye To Kill Waterproof Mascara – it’s the best and doesn’t budge. I love the Dior Waterproof Eyeliners too, as well as Charlotte Tilbury’s Setting Spray – it’s the best I’ve used.”


Remember The 3Cs

“When it comes to the complexion, I always think about the three Cs: care, colour and coverage. With ‘care’ you are considering the formula and textures you use, ensuring they work with your skin type and any concerns you may have. For ‘colour’, ensure it’s matched not just to your neck, but flawless from head-to-toe – be sure to raise this with your make-up artist. Finally, ‘coverage’ should be customised to the different areas of your face. For example, if you have breakouts on your jawline or cheeks, but the skin on your forehead is clear, you will only need very natural coverage on the forehead before applying a little more to the areas that need it most. This way, you’ll get a flawless finish that’s natural.”


Know What’s Popular

“There are a few products that are often beloved by my bridal clients. That includes Dr Peter Thomas Roth’s Eye Patches, Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation, Sweed’s Lashes ‘No-Lash-Lash’, Dior Backstage Glow Highlighter Palette and Alleven’s Beauty Colour Shield. For powders, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder is very well loved, as is Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Powder.”


Work With Your Natural Look

“Make-up is very personal, so what would feel like a natural day look for some could feel very strong for another. If you’re someone who normally loves wearing eyeliner, you’ll likely want some element of it in your bridal look. On the flip, if you don’t wear any eye make-up, you probably want a very natural look and so forth. The point is, you don’t want to feel as if you don’t recognise yourself, so give yourself time to think through your look. My favourite way to enhance a bride’s eyes is with individual lashes. They work on all eye shapes and enhance the eyes gently – don’t be scared of them, I recommend giving them a go. I never use strip lashes as they can look heavy and OTT.”


Remember It’s A Long Day

“Even with the best make-up artist and products, you need to consider touch-ups throughout the day. There might be tears and (hopefully) lots of kissing, eating and dancing. Powdering down shine, reapplying lipsticks and making sure everything stays in place is essential. This may sound obvious, but I have had a lot of brides and clients tell me stories of friends who have forgotten to see if the beauty team can stay on hand for these issues throughout the day. If it’s a no, ask for help sorting out your own touch-up kit, so you’re well-armed and can leave it under the responsibility of your bridesmaids.”

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