The Beauty Supplement To Know For Your Wedding Day
The Beauty Supplement To Know For Your Wedding Day

The Beauty Supplement To Know For Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to be the best version of herself on her wedding day, and the right supplement can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to enhancing your glow, supporting optimal energy levels and improving the quality of your sleep. An industry favourite that’s loved by the likes of Savannah Miller, Vanessa Kirby and Helena Christensen, Lumity gets our vote. Here’s why their Morning & Night supplement is worth taking ahead of your big day…

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Why Savannah Miller Loves Lumity...

“I’ve been taking Lumity Morning & Night for around four years, and it came into its own in the run-up to my wedding. I love that it contains everything I need in one easy-to-take formula. Prior to taking Lumity, I’d never been able to grow my hair or my nails – they are now strong and healthy, while my hair is shinier than ever. My skin is much more hydrated and my eyes are brighter, all of which were welcome additions in the run-up to my wedding. The subscription option was a huge help too, as it meant I never had to worry about running out, especially in those final few busy months of wedding prep.”

Savannah shares images of her wedding below, here are the other reasons why to try Lumity for your big day...

It Has All Your Needs Covered

If there was ever a time to follow a solid supplement routine, it’s the lead-up to your wedding, and Lumity is the name to know for gold-standard formulas that promise results. Known for its science-backed formulas, Lumity’s Morning & Night supplement works at a cellular level to support your health and beauty on all fronts – think healthier skin and shinier hair, stronger nails, better energy, improved sleep, greater mental focus and newfound clarity, as well as enhanced stamina, hormonal balance and immune strength. In short, it ticks every box on your pre-wedding checklist.

It Works Round The Clock

Going above and beyond other supplements, Lumity’s hero Morning & Night supplement provides the right nutrients exactly when the body needs them. The morning softgels, for example, gently support the body with specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids to enhance brain power and cellular function, allowing you to fire on all cylinders. The night softgels, meanwhile, harness the regenerative mode of sleep, and gently support the body as it repairs and rejuvenates overnight. Working in tandem, the unique formula also boosts cognitive function and helps lower stress levels, which can help calm a busy mind. Lumity is the only supplement brand that works to support the circadian rhythm in this way. 


It’s A Must For Glowing Skin

Formulated with antioxidants to counteract inflammation, iodine and vitamin A to enhance radiance, vitamin C to support collagen production, and selenium to contribute to hair and nail health, Lumity’s hero formula promises radiant skin from within. The softgels also work to keep your cortisol levels in check, which in turn will support the health of your skin. When we’re stressed, cortisol levels remain high and interfere with beauty sleep, affecting the skin’s ability to repair itself overnight. When cortisol is balanced, the skin’s cells can get to work on regenerating and building resilience. The Morning & Night softgels also contain selenium and zinc to support hair growth, strength and thickness. 

It'll Support Your Fitness Routine

All brides want to feel glow-y, toned and strong. If you’ve recently raised your exercise game – or plan to do so – Lumity can help supercharge the results of that. Lumity’s night softgels – best taken around an hour or so before bedtime – naturally stimulate the youthful release of the body’s human growth hormone. Healthy levels of this hormone regenerate and rebalance the entire body, support muscle recovery and help build lean muscle. Lumity also contains vitamin C, magnesium and iodine, which can support energy, and keep the tiredness and fatigue typically associated with a new fitness regime at bay. 


LUMITY came into its own in the run-up to my wedding. MY SKIN FELT HYDRATED and MY EYES WERE BRIGHTER than they’ve ever been.

It Gets To Work Where It’s Needed

Think of Lumity as the ultimate pre-wedding wellness solution. Take it daily and you’ll reap the health and beauty benefits. After a 12-week, independent study, 92% of participants noticed a significant shift in the condition of their skin, hair and nails; 84% reported they had more energy and fewer instances of waking up in the night; 88% noticed fewer energy slumps throughout the day, with increased immunity and improved emotional balance also scoring highly among the findings. 

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