3 Expert Concealer Tips For Flawless Skin
3 Expert Concealer Tips For Flawless Skin

3 Expert Concealer Tips For Flawless Skin

From hiding dark circles to covering blemishes and evening out tone and sculpting skin, a good concealer can do so much. Enter the UK’s bestselling concealer: Maybelline’s Instant Eraser Eye Concealer. Creamy in texture and offering long-lasting hydration, here are three simple ways to use it.

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For Defined Cheekbones…

TRY: A Simple Sweep

Sculpting skin with concealer is easy – especially with Maybelline’s handy sponge applicator which helps you blend it properly. Get the look with these handy tips…

  1. Start by applying concealer at your temple, then make your way across to your inner eye.
  2. Swipe down the length of your nose, following the edge of your lips, taking your concealer back out underneath your cheekbone.

  3. Swipe under your lower lip, then repeat on the other side, blending as you go.

For A Lifted Effect…

TRY: The Rule Of Three

Concealer doesn’t just hide uneven tone – done right, it can give your face an instant lift in three easy steps…

  1. Apply a small sweep at the inner edge of your eye, then slightly down the edge of your nose.
  2. Take another small sweep to the outer edge of your eye, following its natural shape up and out.
  3. Finally, swipe underneath the edge of your bottom lip, taking an upwards motion when you blend. 

For Natural Contouring…

TRY: Concealer All Over

Concealer is one of the best ways to sculpt your complexion naturally. The trick is to use several shades. The ‘all over’ technique takes time, but it will enhance your features…

  1. Take your darker shade of Instant Eraser Eye Concealer and draw one circle around the outside of your whole face
  2. Repeat with one shade lighter to draw an inner circle. With this same shade, draw a circle around your lips.
  3. Using the same shade from step one, swipe from the top left-hand side on the bridge of your nose, right round to the other side.
  4. Finally, use your lightest concealer and draw a concealer triangle under both eyes – then blend and blend again for all over contouring.

Other Ways To Get More From Your Maybelline Concealer…

Know The Key Areas

Instant Eraser Eye Concealer

The nose and chin are areas that usually need a bit more coverage than anywhere else. Why? Because we touch these areas the most with our hands. Don’t forget these sections and if you feel you need it, apply a little more here so it doesn’t wear off so quickly throughout the day. The calming ingredients inside Maybelline’s Instant Eraser Eye Concealer will help take down any redness in these areas, as well as minimise enlarged pores.

Use Your Fingers

Fingertips are ideal for blending concealer. Once you’ve dabbed it on, use them to warm up the concealer’s texture to melt it into the skin. However, if you want to cover spots, use a brush to precisely apply product for longer-lasting results.

Finish With Powder

Sweep on a translucent powder – like Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte – to lock everything into place. Use a big brush or press it on with a sponge. Light and sheer in texture, it is ideal for a feathery, soft finish that doesn’t leave behind a ghostly trail. Plus, it brightens skin for instant glow.

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