How To Manifest Your Goals & Make Them A Reality
How To Manifest Your Goals & Make Them A Reality

How To Manifest Your Goals & Make Them A Reality

Today is Blue Monday – supposedly the most depressing day of the year, it’s often linked to a mix of bad weather and the pressure of ‘new year new me’. But experts agree that one of the best ways to combat the January blues is to work on meaningful goals – and find ways to make them a reality. To that end, we’ve rounded up three easy manifestation techniques worth trying…
By Sapna Rao


Lucky Girl Syndrome

Lucky Girl Syndrome is a manifestation technique based on the ‘law of assumption’ – a term coined by American writer and mystic Neville Goddard. The idea is simple: what we believe to be true can become our reality – so in order to manifest our goals, we must assume them to be real already. When it comes to ‘lucky girl syndrome’ specifically, one must simply “believe they’re the luckiest person ever, and they’ll become it,” says TikTok’s @HotHighPriestess and author of spiritual poetry book From Within. In her video, she explains that mental conversations are what create our reality, and that’s what makes daily affirmations incredibly powerful. As Jordan Vyas-Lee, psychotherapist at leading mental health care clinic Kove, says, affirmations allow one to reconfirm goals, values, and direction every day, which is why they work best when said aloud. 

To put this theory into practise, TikTok users have been ‘manifesting luck’ by repeating affirmations such as ‘Everything works out for me’ or ‘I am the luckiest person alive’. We’re intrigued purely based on the thousands of videos that claim it really works. “I started by posting a TikTok last night. I didn’t think about it again until I checked my phone again this morning and it had over a million views,” says @MeganGuilbeax. You may or may not buy it, but seeing as it’s simple and quick to do, we’d say it’s worth a try. 



Blogs like The Manifestation Collective argue that Scripting encourages people to start journalling “as if your dreams have already happened – like a ‘dear diary’ moment for your dream life”. From a physiological perspective, Jordan explains that for many people, this is the first step towards bringing a new reality to life, especially as it’s an “internal, visualised mental map of behaviour”. By having a clear script written down that you can return to, the brain then has a roadmap to work from. He also references Bob Proctor, the Canadian success guru, who believes daily scripting and visualisation is “imperative” as the brain can’t deliver what it can’t see.

The method has been around for a while, but TikTok user @LauraGalebe has become a key spokesperson for the technique after claiming it changed her life. She starts her viral video – which has over 4 million views – by explaining: “I’ve done this since 2020 and have only had better and better years, with 2022 being the best one yet.” Arguing it’s her favourite and most effective way to manifest, she advises people start by forming a clear vision of exactly how they want their year to go. That includes focusing on personal goals, career goals, finances and friendships, and then using the ‘Memoir Technique’. This involves writing (as many pages as you want) of a mini memoir of how 2023 went – the important word here is ‘went’. Write it all in past tense as if all the goals, dreams and aspirations you’re striving for have already happened. Put the mini memoir in an envelope and store it away until this time next year. You can also take things to the next level by writing about your dream life in a daily journal, as if you’re already living it. We’ll admit, this one requires a bit more time and effort than some other techniques, but it’s great for writers, creatives and visually minded people looking for an alternative to a vision board. 


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The ‘Habit Loop’

Make this particular technique your go-to if you want to take a more proactive route to manifesting your goals – ideal when it comes to things like working out, learning a new skill or waking up earlier in the mornings. Jordan explains: “Habits are formed by repeating sequences of action over and over, and by subsequently receiving some sort of reward – triggering powerful neurotransmitters to teach the mind that this is an automatic process.”

TikToker and creator of the Sad To Savage online course, Shelby Sacco teaches her followers how to use the habit loop to their advantage. In her video, she explains why they have to stop relying on motivation and start creating habits instead. “When you say you want to start working out but feel tired and don’t want to – that’s forcing you to rely on motivation. To make things stick, you have to make them a habit.” Using the habit loop, she says, will help you make regular workouts a habit, rather than something you know you should do or have to do. Start by picking a ‘cue’. This can be a time or a day – for example every morning at 7am. The ‘process’ can be the type of exercise, i.e. going for a walk. Then you need to consider the ‘reward’ – be it the mental or physical benefits, or even buying yourself a coffee at the end of a full week of sticking to your routine. Rewards get bigger over longer periods of time – for example, buying a new workout set once you’ve worked out consistently for a month. 

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